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Americans are very passionate about wonderful architectural design in their living as well as the work environment. Incorporating Vastu concepts into their dwelling will bring more joy and success into their lives. A good architectural design with Vastu elements makes your house filled with good vibes.

The United States is the most advanced, most developed, and richest country in the world. American homes are amongst the biggest in the world. According to the popular reality firms Redfin and Zillow, American prefers bigger living space with bigger rooms. People think that it is a part of American culture. For them, the home is the biggest asset that could appreciate in the long term.

Vastu home improves the relationship


In the USA, many people are suffering from arguments, aggressiveness, or disturbance in their relationships. Space aligned to Vastu removes those negative influences from the relationship. Your home environment shapes your personality and also your love life. Balancing a space enormously improves positivity in all areas of life.

Healthy American homes

In America, a lot of money is spent on medical care as well as wellness. The modern American culture is very different from the culture of a few decades ago. Creating a home that is filled with healthy vibrations and spiritual activities takes the fear of sickness out of your space.

It’s no secret that your surroundings influence the way you think, feel and act. People who desire to have good health should harmonize the home environment that they spend the most time in. Everyone deserves to live a joyful, healthy life so why not start to achieve this by creating a home space optimal for health? The purpose of the Vastu is to adjust and tune your physical environment to be in harmony with nature. A House layout plan made as per Vastu principles gives comfort, health, and safety in your home and significantly reduces work stress.

Flourishing home

When you are the captain of the ship, you should be cautious about the energy of your house. Wealth, Love, Joy, and peace cannot flourish in an energy-polluted environment. If you want to attract extraordinary success in life, go with the Vastu flow. A home needs to be in tune with all Vastu elements that hold the promise of bringing a smile. A large percentage of American homebuyers prefer to pay more for a house that follows Vastu principles. 

Why follow Vastu?

The five Element System is basic to the understanding of Vastu Shatra. In actuality the Five key Elements ( Water, Fire, Earth, Wind, and space) function as agents of change to stimulate the healthy flow of “energy or life force”. Every space has energy. Vastu reading help in identifying the key “power energy spot” in your home. It assists in correcting sudden life problems. Vastu can be a magic ingredient. It gives you prosperity, expansion, joy, and confidence. 

Benefits of good Vastu in your house

  • You make swift progress.
  • There will be significant growth and you can achieve the impossible. You will be able to embark on an adventure that will take you beyond the boundaries of your imagination and unleash a potential hidden within yourself capable of changing lives, breaking records for success, and achieving anything it takes!
  • You will be able to attract true success instead of chasing success.
  • You will be in a state of bliss.
  • It will help you to grab every opportunity and surge ahead.
  • You’ll be able to get anything done in the fastest, most efficient way.
  • The stress level in such a house will be much lower.

One of our clients from Chicago has sent us a floor plan of an independent villa as well as a few apartments for quick evaluation and advice on a buying decision. Staying in Vastu friendly home is more relevant nowadays since modern gadgets and technologies have changed the energy equations in our personal environment.

Case Study-1

Residential Consultation-1 Chicago, USA, Villa

Vastu Consultant in Chicago, Vastu for Independent Villa


A quick assessment of Villa in Chicago by Vastu consultant, USA

Findings and  suggestions for the property

Structure Vastu

  • The door to the house is located on the north side of the northeast, which is viewed as fortunate. The primary entryway is especially significant since this is the spot where positive energy flows in.
  • Fix Vastu mistakes that concern a column situated in the middle of the home.
  • According to Vastu, the kitchen located in the southeastern part of the house is especially commendable.
  • Moved the fireplace closer to the southeastern part of the room.
  • The garage located in the northwestern part of the area is in a prime spot as per Vastu.
  • According to Vastu, the position of the bedrooms is beneficial, which will enhance interpersonal relationships, physical well-being, and the standard of living.
  • The bathroom fitting and their directions are good as per Vastu.

Plot Vastu

  • A Gaumukhi (Cow shape) plot is seen as being extremely fortunate for a home and has the potential to bring great wealth. This type of plot is narrow at the front and is shaped like a cow.
  • It appears that the road in the northern direction has a beneficial impact on monetary accomplishment. Studies have demonstrated that those living along the north-facing road have a solid financial standing.
  • Correct the plot slope towards the south direction. When the level of land towards the south is lower compared to other directions, you are on a slippery slope.
  • Create a new boundary to cut off the plot extension towards the southwest. An extension may lead to diminishing progress and severe health issues in the family, if not corrected.

Vastu Strength


Detailed  Vastu report indicates Vastu Rating A, Vastu strength 75 %, which is good as per Vastu.

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Case Study-2

Apartment Consultation-2 Chicago, USA

Vastu Consultant in Chicago, Vastu assessment for Apartment

A quick assessment of Villa  in Chicago by Vastu consultant, USA
Findings & Suggestions

Vastu Consultant in Chicago

A quick assessment of an Apartment in Chicago by Vastu consultant, USA

Apartment No. 5/6

Findings & Suggestions

  • According to Vastu, the entrance to the apartment located in the southern part of the south in Part-3/4 brings luck. The main door is the portal for allowing all beneficial energy to enter your residence.
  • The placement of the bathroom in the Eastern corner of the house could possibly have a negative effect on the social relationships of whoever lives there. Due to its positioning in an area that has an effect on health, the bathroom is viewed as a major source of energy loss. Nevertheless, straightforward Vastu remedies could be useful in rectifying Vastu problems.
  • If the kitchen is located in the southern area of a house, it could cause major health problems and make the person feel drained of energy day in and day out . Utilize healing kitchen crystals to reinforce the energy of the kitchen.
  • According to Vastu, the living room and bedroom being situated in the southwest and northeast respectively create an opposition between them. This causes the energy of water and earth to become weakened.
  • Because of a number of issues, this house is not Vastu compliant and therefore should be stayed away from.

Detailed  Vastu report indicates Vastu Rating C, Vastu strength 55 %, which is not recommended as per Vastu.

Apartment No. 11/12

Findings & Suggestions

  • The entrance of the apartment is in the southeast zone of the south. The door in zone 3 is auspicious as per Vastu.
  • A bathroom at the south corner is in a neutral zone as per Vastu and is not much harmful.
  • The kitchen in the southeast zone is correct as per Vastu. This may be the strongest point in the above apartment, and probably enhancing the Vastu strength of the house.
  • Finally, the Living room in the Northeast and the bedroom in the Southwest zone are placed as per Vastu requirements.

Detailed  Vastu report indicates Vastu Rating B+, Vastu strength 70% (Recommended subject to Vastu corrections & Vastu remedies)

Case Study-3

Apartment Consultation-3

Vastu Consultant in Chicago, USA, Vastu assessment for Bellevue

Vastu Consultant in Chicago

A client has purchased the above apartment in Chicago, USA, and has requested Vastu consultation for the correction few Vastu defects:-

  • Entrance towards the north indicates growth in career. It brings unlimited opportunities as well as financial gain to the owner of the house. In addition to this, a door opening in a clockwise manner indicates life in the right direction.
  • The bathroom towards the northeast is a serious Vastu defect. It should be removed and this area can be used for a walk-in wardrobe. Bathrooms & toilets often have a bad reputation in terms of Vastu planning as they are seen to drain energy when placed at the divine corners. Therefore it requires serious attention & a bullet Vastu remedy. Living in Vastu -friendly premises & carrying out Vastu space healing correction is the easiest way to enhance good fortune.
  • Good health comes from more than daily food. An ancient tradition teaches us how to organize the spaces we live in harmoniously, in a way that is healthy for the body and mind. Correct kitchen defects by putting the Vastu fire paintings on the east wall. You will not find any American home without any painting.
  • Place bed with head towards the east wall. Avoid sleeping extremely in the southeast zone (fire element) because it could affect your health seriously.
  • Since there is no window or opening towards the east, a beautiful painting of the sun is recommended on the east wall of the bedroom located in the southeast.

Shades as per Vaastu Shastra

  • Use pistachio green shade in the southeast bedroom. Hence it could reduce the severe impact of fire elements in the southeast bedroom.
  • Finally, a brown or yellow, either or a combination of both is a good color for the southwest master bedroom, since they represent the Vastu element of earth. As a result, this is an average space to stay according to Vaastu, and therefore good for a short period of stay.

Detailed Vastu report indicates Vastu Rating B+, Vastu strength 70% (Recommended by using Vastu space healing methods)

Remember, The state and quality of your life are a direct reflection of the space that you possess. A bad environment will be going to hold you back. But if you are keen to get ahead in life these are some of the best Vastu advice that you can harbor. Focus on these, and watch your life blossom while you realize the fruits of your hard work.

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