Vastu and Sleeping Direction

Which is the Best Sleeping Direction as per Vastu Shastra?

When you are not sleeping in the right direction, it disrupts the rhythm of your sleep. The ancient principles of Vastu Shastra can be easily applied to the sleeping position while planning an interior layout for a new home or remolding the existing one. 


Sleep means the resting state where our body is not active and the mind is in the unconscious state. During this time we are unaware of our private surroundings as well as sleeping directions. The brain is generally more analytical at night and more creative in the morning. You need a mental release from the work.

A sound sleep rejuvenates the mind and body for the next day. It will keep your energy level paired with the important task of your daily routine. We all spend one-third of our lives in bed. A person who is 30 years old has already spent 10 years in bed. You needed to be fresh and rested and full of energy.

Why do you need a good sleep?

Getting enough sleep is important for staying healthy and alert and can affect how you feel throughout the day.

  • Sleep is the best way to keep a strong fitness level.
  • It makes you happier and keeps you in a joyful state throughout the day.
  • It prevents major illness issues. Sleep is the elixir of life.
  • Sound sleep protects from depression.
  • Good sleep helps in keeping the mind alert and making sound decisions.
  • Deep sleep makes a person more productive and therefore able to focus on work. Our brain does important work during sleep i.e. repairing
  • You can perform at your highest every day.
  • You will be in a state of balance.
  • Quality sleep makes you much more productive at work and happier. Yet often overlook this one simple but important rule of life.
  • You will not feel tired the next day. You’ll wake up and start your morning feeling energized, invigorated, refreshed – ready to take on anything!

Why you should follow Vastu in the sleeping position?

Vastu Shastra – The ancient system of harmonizing your lives in your physical surroundings. It is a traditional Indian system of architecture. The physical space where you sleep plays a large role in the quality and duration of your sleep. Vastu aims to create living spaces that align energetically with nature to create a harmonious environment.

Why you should sleep in the right direction? 

A true Vastu guideline helps you to experience better sleep in your private place.  A bed is an important component in the bedroom. Correct positioning of the bed according to the direction is very important to help you keep healthy and energetic. Everyone should ideally follow the right direction to sleep, as choosing the wrong direction for sleep may give rise to sickness and misfortune. Incorrect sleeping direction leads to brain damage, aging, and sleeping complications. Therefore, you need to know the best and worst sleep positions or directions to sleep.

Which direction should we keep our heads while sleeping?

Head direction while sleeping is a key consideration as per Vastu. It is necessary to know which side you should keep your head while sleeping. There’s more than one direction in which we can find comfort while sleeping and they’re all important for different reasons. 

Sleeping with head towards the north – Bed Direction to sleep as per Vastu


Can we sleep towards the north?

It is necessary to know which side we should not sleep according to Vastu. The worst sleeping position is to lie down with the head towards the north. This direction can obstruct energy flow leading to mediocre sleep at best. 

Why you should never sleep with your head towards the north?

According to Vastu rules, the human body acts as a magnet with the head as the North Pole. If the head of a person points towards the north while sleeping, the North Poles of the body and Earth will repel each other, affecting the blood circulation. Due to the strong magnetic field of the earth, there will be a serious energy drain for you. It causes stress, and illness, and also disturbs the mind. It may even make you stressed and exhausted. All these are unwanted side effects of the wrong sleeping position as per Vastu.

What are the side effects of a negative sleeping position?

In many traditions, the body of the dead person is always kept with the head pointing towards the north before cremating.  It is strongly advised to avoid sleeping with head towards the north. It can make the next morning miserable.  You will experience energy drops and your productivity will suffer.

In our years of Vastu consultation, we have seen large numbers of people suffering from mental sickness due to incorrect sleeping directions. Even in Japanese tradition, Sleeping with your head facing north is called Kita makura. Anyone who sleeps with their head towards the north will receive bad luck as a consequence. It is believed that sleeping with your head towards the north will reduce one’s life span.  

Sleeping with head towards the East – Best direction for sleeping

vastu sleeping with head east vastu consultant

Is it good to sleep facing east?

East represents creativity and innovation. Everything, including creativity, begins with the East-facing head of your bed. Sleeping with head towards the east increases memory power, concentration, and also good health. Students, scholars, teachers, authors, and even people on the job should sleep with their heads towards the east. It showers the person with new career opportunities, promotions, and higher grades. It will give your mind room to begin creating ideas for your next morning. Your mind will be more active.

As per Vastu, the sleeping direction east is a health-supporting direction. This is the position suggested for those hoping to overcome any health-related problems. This direction allows positive energy to flow through your entire body, making you sleep peacefully. 

Sleeping with head towards the West-Neutral direction to sleep as per Vastu Shastra


Is the west direction good for sleeping?

According to Vastu, the guest should be given a room that has a  bed rest towards the west.

According to the practitioners of Vastu, it’s a neutral sleeping direction. As a result, the neutral direction does not give the quality sleep required for freshness for the next day. These people snooze till 8.30 to 9 am or even later. It may delay their next day’s appointment. 

Because sleeping with your head towards the west brings about laziness and low motivation, starting a new job while your bed is facing this direction might not be the smartest choice.

Lack of quality sleep will keep you away from reaching your full potential. There are no benefits to sleeping in the west direction. You are sleep-deprived. You will have trouble getting enough quality sleep. Sleep deprivation has been recognized as a serious problem for many years and routinely disrupts the lives of many. According to the study by Vastu experts, when it comes to sleep, it’s quality – not quantity – that matters most. Sleep, food, and water are the three important fuels for the human body.

Sleeping with head towards the South- Correct  sleeping position


Can we sleep head towards the south?

According to the Vastu principles, sleeping with the head towards the south is one of the highly recommended bed directions. The study also confirms that it reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.  It brings prosperity, good health, good fortune, and quality sleep.

People in the business or professional field should ideally sleep with their heads towards the south since they are more stressed and busy throughout the day. This results in an improvement in their efficiency and decision-making ability. It will make your waking hours inviting, radiant, and pleasant. You will be able to get an uninterrupted sleep of 7 to 8 hours.

When it comes to productivity, getting enough sleep is essential. Everyone should know the right direction to sleep. Sleeping with your head towards the south is the best way to wake up feeling well-rested in the morning. Remember, “The early morning has gold in its mouth “ Benjamin Franklin.

Diagonal  sleeping  Directions-Corner Axis

Avoid sleeping with your head towards the Northeast direction. As per Vastu, the magnetic field may harm sleeping patterns.  South-west and Southeast are considered good sleeping directions for the diagonal bedroom directions. The remaining north-west is considered as a neutral sleeping direction as per Vastu.

Research-Scientific Study on the  sleeping position as per Vastu

“A group of 40 female medical students between 18-25 years in the Department of Physiology at Himalayan Institute of Medical Sciences was recruited for the study and they were asked to sleep for 8 hours in different directions viz, North, East, South, and West directions for about 12 weeks. After then their Systolic Blood Pressure (SBP), Diastolic Blood Pressure (DBP), and Heart Rate (HR) were recorded and the Serum Cortisol (SC) was estimated.

On comparing the parameters in different directions it was observed that those who were instructed to sleep with head in the South direction for 12 weeks had the lowest SBP, DBP, HR, and SC which was found to be statistically significant. Though the study demonstrates that lying in different directions has a definite effect on heart rate, blood pressure, and serum cortisol, further studies are needed in different age groups, especially with the age of 40plus  to understand the mechanisms and implications of this phenomenon. 

Important Tips for Vastu sleeping direction

  • Sleeping in the corner of any room is a poor Vastu arrangement. It does not allow energy circulation in the room. Always place the bed with a space on both sides of the bed. Poor sleep architecture decreases your ability to sleep deeply at night.
  • Vastu also guides you on sleeping positions for the couple. The husband should sleep on the right side of the bed and the wife should be on the left side of the bed.
  • bed-sleep-vastuIf you get up multiple times every night, you need to improve your sleep environment.  Sleep deprivation causes absenteeism and affects productivity. 
  • Poor sleep patterns harm your health, relationships, and even career. In order to be truly productive, you also need to optimize your sleep schedule as well as the quality of your sleep. Even small sleep during a day works as a reset button. 
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A metal bed – Why no as per Vastu?

  • Avoid metal beds. Metal beds are unhealthy because they may cause metal allergies or sensitivities and make you more susceptible to restlessness. The element of metal is a conductor of electricity and therefore if you are having electronics like mobiles, computers, etc. surrounding you when sleeping, it creates easier transmission from those gadgets

Why is it considered bad luck if your feet face the door while sleeping?

According to ancient tradition, dead bodies used to be carried out of the room with their feet first. This position is known as the death or coffin position. Hence sleeping position with feet facing the entrance is considered bad luck.

What to avoid

  • Avoid sleeping under the beam. A beam carries the burden of the whole building structure, which causes pressing down the luck. You will be constantly worrying if you are sleeping under the beam.
  • Avoid storing junk under the bed as this will create negative energy. You’ll be tossing and turning all night long.
  • It is not a good idea to sleep with your legs facing toward the bedroom entrance. This may cause you to have bad dreams, as per the Vastu study!
  • Along with sleeping direction, it is necessary to occupy a bedroom in a specific zone. Plan bedrooms for the elders, couples, children as well as guests in the Vastu allowed zones only.
  • Do not place a bed with bathroom drainage pipes or gas pipes running through the wall.
  • Modern electronic gadgets and various social media applications are taking over your life, which is causing you to have a terrible time sleeping. This can lead not only to unhealthy sleep patterns but also to other symptoms such as low energy levels or mood swings! As Vastu centres around the natural world, anything technological thing can reduce the level of life force in our environment and therefore start to disrupt our sleep and relaxation.
  • Finally, avoid the bedroom which has a kitchen exactly on the lower floor. It may cause a sleepless night for the person. Sleep deficiency impacts your career, relationship, and health. Also, ongoing sleep deprivation can also cause severe, long-term health conditions.

Balance and enrich your life through Vastu Shastra

Contact experts if you want to know which directions to sleep? Which sleeping directions as per Vastu are highly negative?  Bed position according to Vastu. Which direction do you sleep better as per Vastu? How to draw a house plan so it follows the correct sleeping direction as per Vastu?

Check your sleeping position according to the Vastu before finalizing a home interior design plan with your architect. Vastu experts have long emphasized that developing a good Vastu sleeping position can help to maintain our physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Sleep needs to be restful to be rejuvenating. 

Contact us today to schedule your off-site consultation and quickly understand how Vastu can dramatically improve your home and your life. Get expert advice from Vastu Shastra Consultant, Nitien Parmar, email Vaastu Consultation available.

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