Vastu Services

Quick Vastu Consultation – Online Vastu service

Opinion & evaluation of a new or existing property

Buying a new home or office ?  Do you need an evaluation of existing premises? Vastu Services

Choosing the right property that supports your future life goals is a must before you sign a paper on the dotted line. Even existing property can be evaluated under virtual consultation. Many of our out-of-town clients schedule a Virtual Consultation with Nitien Parmar, Chief Vastu Consultant from Vastuplus International, who has been in practice for over three decades.

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vastu property analysis

Long Distance Email consultation, New Vastu Planning

Vastu is simple & easy to implement

vastu plans for home

Whether you live in London, Dubai, Chicago, toronto, Bangkok or in the next town but just can not get away, we offer you the unique opportunity to receive authentic Vastu services without leaving home. We have provided services by email & skype for many years. Get complete Vastu plan for residential, commercial or industrial premises.

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Vastu Onsite Consultation Services

Onsite visit by vastu experts

Experts at will provide you with high quality, authentic, reliable, professional consultation service, with advice based on a deep assessment of your space based on traditional vasthu combined with modern space healing techniques. For new properties, our team will guide you along from day one you get the possession  till the whole project completes. Our focus is on long term relationship.

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vastu plans for home

Advance Vastu-Space Healing

Prosperous and healing vibrations


Space healing is a  unique combination of ancient and modern energy alignment techniques. These advanced Vastu techniques are practiced to make your body and mind more clear and awaken. Disease or disharmony strikes, when the energy around you is highly polluted.

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Vastu Second Opinion Services

Recheck your Vastu

If you are really concerned about your home after being consulted Vastu expert for more than a year and things does not move the right way, you can seek a second opinion about your property.

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second opinion vastu consultant

Vastu Personal Consultation

Walk in to our office with appointment

personal vastu consultation

With more than 30+ years of experience in the field of Vastu Shastra, our expert under the guidance of Mr.Nitien Parmar, Chief Consultant, Vastuplus International, provides personal consultation at his office in Mumbai with prior appointment. Bring your property plan along with your list of queries and concerns to guide your on Vastu planning, suggestions, remedies  and rectifications.

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