Vastu Consultant in Borivali Mumbai, a case study

Vastu principles are not just rules for creating good surroundings but also keeping away from the bad environment.

Vastu Consultant in Borivali Mumbai, A Case study

The modern practice of Vastu has traveled a long way from its origins. If you feel that good energy helps you to improve your life, consider Vastu as your way of life.

People in Mumbai are overworked.  You will find them always busy and working all the time including holidays. Mumbai has been a pioneer center for spiritual enlightenment and Vastu is not an exception. People of Mumbai are well aware of the Vastu concept. Many of them have already consulted with Vastu Consultant in Borivali either for an existing or new home to strengthen their Luck and  Fortune. Vastu environment is always refreshing and peaceful.

A  client called us to audit the apartment he had bought recently  He wanted to have all Vastu inputs before the architect prepares an interior design plan.

Key Vastu Findings and Impacts about an Apartment in the Borivali:-

  • vastu-reading-borivaliThe main entrance of the house is located towards the “Inauspicious Zone”. The main entry is very important in the Vastu analysis because it is through the main door that the house absorbs its flow of energy. We call it nourishing energy. The front door is the entryway to prosperity and opportunities. Physical verification shows the door towards the south-west zone. As per Vastu, it causes a short life and invites very serious bad luck, if not corrected.
  • House has an irregular shape. Vastu always recommends buying rectangular or square shape premises. The irregular shape creates an imbalance on the premises. Most of the imbalances spell trouble for the occupant. The irregular house also creates a deficit i.e. something missing.
  • The kitchen in the south-west predicts trouble for the female member of the house. According to Vastu, the south-west is governed by the earth element. Locating fire in the south-west zone brings serious illness as well as financial worries.
  • A prayer room is planned in the center of the house. A toilet opposite to the prayer room is highly inauspicious & a bad Vastu arrangement. As a result, the pollutant energy of the toilet area disrupts the tranquility of the prayer zone.
  • A sleeping direction with head towards the west needs change because it causes a lack of quality. Sleep is important because it enables the body to repair and be fit and ready for the next day. Also, good sleep can maximize problem-solving skills and enhance memory.

Our advice – Vastu Rectifications and  remedies corrections 

  • Neutralize a defect of the main door by concealing copper microchips inside the door frame. Also, a Dakshin Mukhay yantra should be placed above the door duly blessed by learned purohit. We have suggested installing a  Vastu clockwise arrow since the door has an anti-clock movement.
  • Keep a  painting of an endless path on the wall facing the door. It gives a feeling of depth towards the north. FIx metal microchips in the painting frame.
  • Place natural yellow aventurine pebbles under the flooring of the south-west zone to enhance earth element energies. In addition to the above, the citrine rock in the south-west of the master bedroom will enhance the earth element in the personal area.
  • Counterbalance a  defect of the Southwest door with a pearl & marble pot in the northeast zone.
  • Fix a  copper Vastu corners in four corners of the ceiling to create energy for an independent Vastu of the room B.
  • Balance the shape or missing an area by concealing a Vastu copper bricks on the wall having a missing area.
  • Other important placements have been marked on the Vastu plan like Bed Location, room specification, Money location, Kitchen arrangement, study desk, colors for each room, and also temple specification.
  • Enhanced North-east (Vastu element-water) by placing multiple water features like water crystals, fountains, water pyramid, etc.
  • In addition to the above, Energize house by installing various Vastu enhancers. It brings more prosperity, growth, and also a success.

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Consult with team, World’s premier Vastu domain

Consult Nitien Parmar, Principal Vastu Consultant in Borivali, Mumbai. He has successfully provided numerous online as well as onsite consultations.

Every Vastu consultation includes:-

  • vastu-planningAn in-depth Vastu analysis of the plot or house
  • The explanatory report detailing each area of the site based on Vastu principles
  • Recommendations for rectification using natural elements, artwork, symbols, and colors.
  • Enhancing the space for more prosperity and success.
  • Graphs, Tables, and Charts to understand the recommendations.
  • Rating of the site i.e. A+, A, B+, B, C+  or C

About Borivali:- Highly popular suburb Borivali is located in the North-West section of the Mumbai island of Maharashtra. It has tourist attractions like Kanheri Caves, Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Gorai Beach, Water kingdom, Essel World, Global Vipassana Pagoda & Fish Park.

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