Case Study, Vastu for Apartment at Slovakia, Vastu consultant, Europe

Case Study, Vastu for an apartment, Vastu consultant in Europe, Slovakia

Vastu, a space healing science has gained popularity internationally over the last decade. The popularity of the Vastu has even extended beyond those with an Asian background. The magic ingredient for good fortune comes from your personal environment.

Happiness and abundance are bursting to come into your life, but you have to align your environment. All you have to do is to implement simple Vastu rules.

People have lost connectivity with the natural environment, which is the biggest loss to the people especially those staying in metro cities.

Many of our clients are following Vastu in their home and business locations. It has helped them in creating a peaceful harmonious environment. Most importantly, it improves the flow of positive energy in the space. New opportunities are on the horizon for people who invest in themselves and their surroundings.

A client from Slovakia, Europe has opted for our virtual consultation services (Vastu services)due to the remote location. They could not find a Vastu consultant in their city in Europe. We have received all inputs along with an apartment plan for us to assess and analyze the house according to the Vastu. The client has two specific questions:-

  • Does wifi has any effect on my home?
  • Can Vastu help in making my space healthy?

Client Concern:-

  • Feeling overwhelmed may be due to the highway close by and too many WiFi routers.
  • Feeling like a body is not resting.
  • Seems my head hurts a bit.
  • Please note that  I can’t change the location of the bathroom, toilet, bedroom and also the living room. But I can change the furniture and alter the space differently.

Vastu for apartment key findings and effects:

  • The apartment was in a rectangular shape. This is a most auspicious shape according to the Vastu. Since it has no missing corner, it has the ability to attract multiple benefits like financial gain, joyful life, and prosperity for a long time.
  • The location of the main door in the west (gain zone) indicates financial gain for the owner. The door opens in an anti-clock manner is a Vastu defect. Anti-clock movement disrupts the rhythm of the energy entering the house.
  • The location of the toilet towards the southwest indicates relationship problems. It falls under the major Vastu defect category.
  • The kitchen towards the northwest is considered a neutral location.
  • The location of the bedroom towards the southeast indicates sickness to the female member in the house. Fire is the dominant element in this sector.
  • Minor missing corner towards the North West is considered to be a  medium type of Vastu defect.
  • Lift opposite the front door is a Vastu defect. It is called a “Vastu Vedha (kup vedh)”.

Rectifications – Vastu suggestions:-

  • Introduce painting or idol of blessing Buddha facing the main door. It will bring tranquil and healthy energy into the home.
  • Keep water element (Marble pot with water) to enhance the Northeast zone. The water element is directly associated with the flow of money and career opportunities.
  • Keep bowl containing kitchen crystals near the stove for stress-free cooking.
  • Minimize the defect of the door facing the life by keeping a few plants on both sides of the entrance. Alternatively, you can use hematite rock above the main door.
  • Shift bed towards the southwest zone as much as possible from the southeast corner. Use the painting of green bamboo in the southeast zone for a peaceful sleep. It helps in creating a tranquil atmosphere in the house.
  • Introduce fire elements in the balcony area to substitute a fire element. You can use a salt lamp as well as a fire crystal- an alternative solution.
  • The bathroom in the southwest needs a strong correction. Keep natural crystal tumbles stone in the bathroom area to neutralize the negative impact on the house occupant. Also, install three Vastu partition strips on the door to protect the house from the negative energies.


  • We find  WiFi routers everywhere. They blast radiation constantly 24 hours a day seven days a week since they are always turned on. Few studies have recorded that certain crystals can reduce the radiation emitted by such devices. Keep natural fluorite rock near the window for strong protection from electromagnetic pollution. (Many Wi-Fi routers in the surrounding). Fluorite crystals can also be used to detoxify the space.

Wind Element

  • Finally, keep a nice aroma freshener in the North West (kitchen) zone to harmonize the wind element.

The space around you affects your performance, health, and relationships. Simple space healing techniques for your home or business bring more positive circumstances in your life.


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