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Buying a home in Germany? Get Vastu checked by a professional Vastu Consultant.

Everyone deserves great things and happiness in life. With good Vastu and putting extra effort into your endeavors, you can make a greater success in your life. Whether you believe it or not, every area of life is influenced by the Vastu.

Luck (Earth Vastu luck)  is obviously an important consideration if you are aiming to be successful in everything.

Many decorative sounds too good to be true is usually energetically garbage. Do not worry whether your home décor is good-looking. The goal is to simply get the Vastu element balanced. It is time to find out what is good and what is not for your new home. It is impossible to live a great life without positive forces.

Benefits of Vastu

  • Make spaces more comfortable, and meaningful
  • You will do exceptionally well. It will put you in achievement mode.
  • Your life will have tremendous intellectual and mental energy.
  • You can do miracles.
  • Be healthier, happier, and more energetic
  • Improve sleep, concentration, clarity, and decision making
  • Increase your finances, career opportunities, and reputation
  • Improve your family relationships or help you find a mate

You need immediate Vastu advice- If you find more yes than no?

  • Lack energy, low sex drive, bad health, always feeling tired and run down
  • Lack of confidence
  • You are feeling tired, even when you sleep 8-9 hours a night.
  • Too many arguments and bad relationships
  • Brain fog, need more mental clarity, difficulty concentrating
  • Difficulty saving. The problem is that every time you think it’s a good idea, something happens, and bam! Your money goes away again.
  • Stepped over for promotions, always taken for granted, don’t get the recognition and respect for your hard work. You have to work so much harder than others to get anywhere.
  • You’ve been trying your best to achieve and it feels like there is always something that gets in the way.
  • Negative Vibes in the house that don’t go away

A quick assessment of a home in Germany, by Vastu consultant

Apartment  Vastu


Findings on the above plan

(A) Entrance of the home is good as per Vastu door chart 
Positive impact:- Good prosperity
Negative impact:- Low Mood

(B) Shape of the house shows an extension towards the south of the southwest which is negative as per Vastu.
Impact:- It may produce some stressful situations in the house

(C) Location of the kitchen in the northwest is neutral.
Impact:- It has not had a negative impact. As per Vastu, the best location for the kitchen is towards the southeast of the house.

(D) Location of the toilet and RCC wall indicates heaviness in the center.
Impact:- Imbalance life. Polluted energy.

(E) Location of the bedroom towards the northeast is not a good location for couples.
Impact:- It does not give good strength physically and financially.

(F) Location of the master toilet at the east is negative.
Impact:- Frequent health issues.

(G) The room in the northwest is excellent.

(H) The living room in the southwest is ok, ideally, this should be a master bedroom area.

(I) The location of prayer is in the SSE zone is not an ideal place but not highly negative.

(J) The office location is good but the desk is placed incorrectly. When you work from home, it is essential to have space energetically supportive to your work

(K) The guest room location is good.

Vastu Suggestions


  • The door opening clockwise is good. It indicates energy flow in the positive direction.
  • Since there is a wall immediately facing the door, place a colorful painting of blessing buddha or an endless path. The importance of entrances is paramount, as the entrance to a house establishes what type of vibes come inside. The doorway also determines how much luck and happiness that family will experience in their lifetime.
  • Write your name at the entrance in wooden effects or wooden colors. The Colour and material to be used in the name placed is decided based on the location of the front door.

Living & Dining Area

  • Use natural rocks or crystals to enhance the earth sector of the house.
  • Face east, West or North while using a dining table. Avoid facing south while having a meal in order to have a comfortable meal and eating healthy. Mealtime is the most important moment of our day.
  • The best color for living and family area is yellow and brown. These colours are related to the earth element.
  • Place an image of a bamboo tree with a cork frame or cane frame on the wall sharing a bathroom.

Home Office

  • At desk face east while doing work from home. Performance is always better when you face east.
  • Place a few work crystals near the desk. It can help infuse your workspace with balance, focus, and productivity.


  • The location of the sink and stove is good as per Vastu in the existing kitchen.
  • Since the kitchen is in the northwest zone, use some silver or white shades. These colours are more supportive in the neutral zone.

Master Bed Room

  • Change sleeping position by keeping head towards the east. Sleeping with the head at the west is not negative but does not give quality sleep.
  • Place a  couple of photos on the west wall of the bedroom.
  • A master bedroom in the northeast zone needs strong corrections. Keep a cork sheet under the mattress. Keep flower crystal on the side table of the bed (on the southwest)
  • White and silver shades are good in this room. Avoid yellow and red in this room

Other suggestions

  • Keep some aromatic plants or an aroma diffuser in the open space area.
  • Add some honey to the paint while renovating a current home.
  • Donate some amount regularly in the hospital to protect house members from illness.

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Why Vastu remedies are recommended?

In modern living, where the environment at the macro level is highly influenced by many factors beyond our control, micro-level energy correction done with empowered remedies can effectively bring in and retain health, wealth, harmony, and happiness in life.

Mankind, throughout history, has created rich, culturally specific symbols with meaning. These symbols impact our subconscious mind which makes up about 95% of our mind frame. When these symbols are of specific geometric shape, size, colours, and meaning, it results in the transforming of energy- the vital force that governs the entire universe.

Paintings and artwork for Vastu corrections?

We all love painting. Painting includes all sorts of creative impressions. People’s interest in art or painting can be said to be as old as the history of mankind. The Discovery of cave art shows clearly that the love for art has passed from generation to generation. The real purpose of painting has been to communicate a message. During ancient times, art has been used to express ideas that were not acceptable in society. Many messages are conveyed through colours, symbols, artwork, and also by way of

quotes in painting.  Many people do not realize how much of a role art plays in our life.

Why do we use crystals in Vastu?

Crystal is a tool for communication, between humans and the earth. It connects our place elements with the earth’s energies. Crystal stimulates the atmosphere and energy flow, making your space more enjoyable. One of the main functions of crystals is to cleanse and transmute negative energies. When you use a crystal for Vastu i.e. your space healing (Vastu corrections) , the crystal’s vibration tunes in to the malfunctioning emissions of the affected area and gently corrects them, making you feel healthier and re-energized.Consultation with Team Vastuplus

We have successfully done numerous long-distance email consultations in many countries like the USA, UAE, UK, Germany, Thailand, Oman, Srilanka, China, Canada, Nairobi, East Africa, etc. Our team also guides you on concrete action steps and practices which can lift your life to a higher experience of health as well as wealth. We are also constantly researching new things that match with Vastu elements.