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What is Vastu Shastra?

Vastu is an alignment of cosmic forces with five key elements (Water, Fire, Earth, Space & Wind)  of nature.

Vastu is a Vedic system of architecture & design from ancient times recorded in various vastu Puranas. It consists of rules for designing and constructing the buildings in a systematic manner. Vastu has a  very basic concept, that every space has a soul of its own & a flow of the positive energy would exist around it if that soul is harnessed in the right way.

The concept of Vastu Shastra revolves around the central space, a brahmasthan & its four main directions i.e east, west, north & south and four sub-directions i.e. north-east, south-east, south-west and north-west. Vastu survives as manuals on design, layout, measurements, ground preparation, surroundings, space planning and also other aspects of architecture.

What are the elements of vastu shastra?

Five Elements of Vastu Shastra can help you to balance your environment, foster personal growth and connect with nature. By studying these five elements theory we can gain valuable insights as to why our lives are out of balance by looking at the elemental imbalances in our homes or business locations.

Five elements i.e. Water, Fire, Earth, Space & Wind are the foundation of Vastu Shastra and understanding them is a key in Vastu Shastra. Each element represents different kind of energy based on its direction. It is crucial to understand how they relate to each other to create auspicious or inauspicious energy in the surrounding.

Is south facing home of offices are bad as per vastu ?

A lot of properties having a south entrance are widely available in the market. Very few people prefer to buy such south facing properties. This trend is just a myth and there is no truth. In fact, south facing property can bring a huge amount of success if certain vastu arrangements are followed very carefully.

A success of any south facing properties depends on the location of the main door. Every direction has a positive and negative location. Even some east or north facing properties are equally harmful if a door is not located in the auspicious block.  Many people are doing extremely good by making their internal vastu planning as per vastu rules though their door falls in a negative block of south direction.

What are the benefits of Vastu Shastra?

Many people are fascinated with the Vastu Shastra and with many good reasons. The good thing about the different options pertaining to Vastu Shastra is that even the layman can actually be able to understand and implement it quickly in their homes without having to spend too much.

Vastu offers the following benefits:-

It invites prosperity & good fortune

It helps in finding a prosperous location to stay and work

It removes energy blockages

Helps in achieving tranquility at home

Increases business opportunities

Offers best career and job offers

Brings harmony in the relationship

When should one consult for the vastu?

  • When you want to have a  Pre-purchase analysis of the property.
  • Planning an interior for a new home
  • Frequent sickness at home
  • Looking for a marriage proposal
  • Frequent Family Quarrel
  • New job or promotion
  • Choosing a  career
  • Looking for financial freedom

Do I have to do major breakages in the home?

In the majority of the existing houses or business locations, there is no need for any major reconstruction to follow a vastu shastra.

A vastu dosha (defects)  can be easily corrected through simple changes by using vastu regulators and remedies.
Every problem has more than one solution. Similarly, every Vastu defect has some kind of remedy and this helps you to convert the living or working spaces in a particular order.
If you have your toilet or a kitchen at wrong location simply activate the missing vastu element at the desired directions to realign vastu forces.

What is marmasthan or marma points in Vastu Shastra?


Marmasthan points  are the energy sensitive centre of any premises.

Vastu Purush Mandala  is metaphysical form of man, adopted in designs of building. This VastuPurush Mandala Purush has Six main body parts such as 1.Mukha‐ Mouth, 2.Hridaya‐ Heart, 3.Nabhi ‐Navel, 4.Guda‐ Anus , 5. Stan‐ Nipples / Left & Right portion of the and 6. Shirsh‐forehead. Placement of any building load transferring bearing  elements like walls, beams, staircases, coloms, doors are prohibited over these body parts of the Vastu Purush Mandala.

MARMA VEDHA‐ Vastu grid containing 81 pada is drawn with  9 horizontal and 9 vertical lines. The meeting point of horizontal and vertical lines on the above six parts are key Vastu marma points.

What are the vastu remedies?

Any remedies applied in the home or business space act as an easy channelizing of energy flow. These remedies are in form of metals, crystals, yantras, paintings, idols, space purifying salts, sound instruments, etc. These are the techniques you can adopt to improve the Vastu strength of your space.

Does religion play a role in the vastu shastra?

Vastu is not religion specific. It does not matter if the house belongs to a Hindu, a Muslim or a Christian or a person of any other religion for that matter. Vastu is considered a pure cosmic science for setting things correctly and balancing the five elements i.e. earth, fire, water, space, and air.

How do we tune our home in modern living as per vastu shastra?

Many modern home builders & architects have found that by following Vastu they created more energy efficient homes.  A vastu suggested paintings and symbols fits easily in modern architecture.  Certain harmony crystals enhance the looks of the room in addition to its metaphysical benefits.  A vastu recommended colors helps in improving the overall energy of the premises without disturbing its beauty.

What is the importance of directions in the vastu ?

The directions play a key role in the luck of an individual. Each direction represents a certain aspiration. It also represents a certain element. This means that when the elements in each direction are in perfect harmony, the place has the potential to produce the good fortune for the persons staying there.

Vastu brings tremendous benefits when the main door is located in an auspicious direction, bedroom in the earth zone, kitchen in the fire quadrant and bathrooms in the wind elements. When the auspicious direction is affected by wrong placement, it produces a vastu defect and proves harmful for the family.

What is importance of main door i.e. entrance in the Vastu Shastra?

Your main door i.e. entrance creates the first impression for you, for others, and for unlimited opportunities to come your way. Every time you enter your home, your house either emanates a feeling of success, abundance, and progress, or a feeling of laziness and misfortune based on its location.

Auspicious location of the main entrance is known as a healthy entry. It attracts good vibrations to the house. It helps in harmonizing the personal and family relationship.

What is the benefit of Vastu compatible home?

It translates as the generation of good energy and ensures that you will always find buyers with a good offers for the property later on if need be.

In which direction we should sleep ? what should be head position while sleeping as per Vastu ?

According to Vastu, you should sleep either with head towards the south or east. Never sleep with head towards the north. This is highly negative direction of sleeping. Click here to  read our full article on sleeping directions as per vastu

Is south face shop with Veedi potu is good?

A veedhi potu towards the south of south west and centre south is a major vastu defect. Also a T-junction in any south direction is a serious Vastu defect. Click here to  read our full article on T junction

Why you should not live near the graveyard or cemetery or burial place?

Anything related to death is not the type of energy you want to live near. Health problems, as well as mental unrest, can plague the residents of homes surrounding the cemeteries. Funeral homes and mortuaries give off similar vibrations, which continuously feature the energy of death, grieving, and sorrow.

What is the role of religion in vaastu?

Religion plays no role in Vaastu Shastra. Vaastu is based on its five key elements and right directions. Religion is based on personal beliefs. Vastu is a metaphysical science and has nothing to do with religion.

Where should we place a septic tank around the house?

The evening sunrays will kill the germs and foul-smelling gasses, which can be taken by the wind so find a northwest spot as per Vastu.

Why grey shade should be avoided in the offices?

Grey is a depressing colour. Avoid in the open offices as well as personal cabins. It diminishes confidence. Grey can be used in the bathroom and storage areas only.

What is the good rating for a Vastu home?

Vastu score is calculated for all the rooms as well as the external space of your premises.

The simple rule is that when property  has B+, A, or A+ rating, you will find more comfort, luxuries, and wealth in life.

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