Aiming High Career? Surround Yourself With Fabulous Energy

vastu for job & career

Job and Career opportunities are different things. The job is defined as a daily task you perform to earn money, whereas a career means your experience, education, skill and future path within a particular sector.

Skills can be developed, but they cannot be nurtured in an environment that is out of alignment. To become a top performer, you need to focus on goals but bad Vastu may distract you from achieving them.

Due to the recent downfall in major industries, job and career opportunities have shrunken tremendously.  In order to progress in your career and to achieve the desired goals that you have set for yourself, you need to surround yourself with sound energy. Actually, you need to monitor the energy you are interacting with on a daily basis.  Vastu (a science of space healing) helps you to energize your surroundings to become a magnet for new career opportunities. It will generate fabulous creative energies and whatever talent you have will burst like a river bursting its bank. The journey becomes smooth when you are in tune with nature and Vastu elements.

Someone who is reasonably talented, intelligent, highly qualified, and working hard. Why does not his life go well? 

People have overcomplicated their lives, relationship, goals, and daily schedule. A key reason is that their focus is more on goals and visions and not enough on their surroundings. If you are finding it difficult to get ahead, it could be because of your environment inadvertently holding you back in ways you don’t even realize.

Sometimes you may find that your mind automatically runs a tape of your past bad experience, rejections, suffering, failures, and setbacks. You can create an inner and outer environment that supports your financial as well as personal success. If you want extremely high and focused energy, program your space according to Vastu.

I need to move to the big city

I need to change job

A big project in my mind

In order to really succeed above, you need to follow a few simple but effective Vastu suggestions. It will help you to bring you the desired achievements in your field:-

  • When you are facing the best direction, you will usually get beneficial energy resulting in better and star performance in your field. You will be good at focusing while working on a key task.
  • If you are looking for overseas career opportunities, face west or northwest while working on the desk or having an important meeting. Carrying a crystal conch with you will enhance your luck for a good offer from abroad. Long-distance journeys and connections are certainly possible with Vastu guidance.
  • Negative-minded people around you are like energy vampires or energy suckers. Do not interest frequently with such people either personally or remotely, they can havoc on your life. Keep distance from such people and do not allow their problems to become yours. They will suck you dry if you fall into their trap. It may also create domestic problems. Surround yourselves with positive people. They have a profound impact on nearly everyone they interact with. They are like a natural magnet and charisma that fascinates every around them.

Corrections & Suggestions

  • Using some Vastu symbols around you is a powerful method for altering energy. These symbols have personal significance for you. A sun symbol, My first billion painting, phoenix statue, owl, etc. are few effective enhancers to attract successful energy for you.
  • Enhancing the north area in your office or home with metallic gold color improves the career prospect of the inhabitant. This could get you a promotion and raise.
  • Always avoid seating under the overhead beam. A beam creates a feeling of pressure that can disrupt your work as well as health. It can invite more trouble for you financially as well.
  • Surround your area with artwork or painting which keeps you inspired, creative and productive. A picture of a deep path indicates endless opportunities in a career if placed on the north wall of your working area or home.This will give you a new approach to your work.

Benefits Of Remolding Environment

  • Staying in Vastu supportive environment will uncover the path that will excite and drive you towards the goal. You will be able to find a career that lights your inner fire.
  • You can easily transform your life into the one you’ve always wanted.
  • This will attract great positive changes in many areas of your life.
  • It brings mental immunity and will be able to focus on perfection.
  • You will feel more capable or energetic than others.
  • You will find yourself better at the job. Truly takes you to dizzying heights.
  • It helps you to have a productive day.
  • According to research, the brain functions better in Vastu-friendly premises.
  • Lead you to the Lucrative field.
  • You  will be able to reinvent yourself for a new job

Social Media and  Vastu Boosters

  • Social media applications are very dangerous for your career and future growth. Frequent interaction with them could ruin your career. Social media and email are our biggest distractors, according to Cal Newport, author of Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a distracted world. Whenever you are stressed use Vastu sound tools like Tibetan bell or singing bowl to bring tranquility to your work environment.
  • There are a number of Vastu recommended energy boosters like natural crystals, memory crystals, wealth crystals, good luck charms, etc.  These are nowadays are effectively recommended by vastu experts to improve the career luck.

All this will give you a new approach to your work life. Harmful energy will be minimized and you will experience more positivity.

Remember, Vastu does not guarantee or promises a big miracle. Slowly it helps you to smooth your way in the path of success and attracting new opportunites.

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Nitien Parmar
Nitien Parmar