Toilet, Washroom, Bathroom, Restroom – Vastu Analysis


On a day, a person visits the washroom 4 to 5 times a day. This is a space where we prepare and groom ourselves at the start of the day. Bathrooms and toilets are associated with elimination and waste. They are linked to the body’s plumbing system. This space purifies our body as well as the mind. Going to the washroom and spending some time there is not just a function anymore but is a ritual of rejuvenating yourself.

According to Vastu, washrooms are considered to be a negative space in a few important directions. Everything has positive or negative energy based on its position in relation to other spaces and objects in a home.

Restroom – Your Personal Spa

The restroom is a space similar to the spa in your living world. It is like your private spa, where you can take a relaxing shower or warm bath to de-stress. When you add some Vastu elements to your bathroom design, it evokes a spa-like atmosphere.

Bathroom’s Layout

Proper planning and the interior of the bathroom should not be neglected while designing a house as per Vastu Shastra. It pays to invest in even a little thing that comes together for an overall good experience for the entire family. The bathroom should be considered a premium space as per a Vastu expert from India. People invest a good amount of money in these zones.

Restrooms are some of the most used yet underappreciated places in almost every home or office. There can be many Vastu flaws a floor plan can have, some are more serious than others. A poor house Vastu plan creates disharmony.

Despite its importance, the majority of people do not understand the impact it has on the overall health and well-being of the family.


We are all aware of the popular line which says “Cleanliness is next to godliness”

Cleanliness should always be at the forefront of concerns when it comes to the restroom.

Without regular cleaning, washrooms can become a breeding ground for germs that can spread disease.

No one likes to clean up the mess of the restroom used by someone else. So don’t leave it for another person to clean up after you.

Complete clean toilets with the smell of fresh aroma are a sign of good housekeeping.

The location of the restroom in an auspicious direction as per Vastu is highly challenging for modern constructions. This space can easily create and store negative energy. There are certainly better or worse locations in your home to have this space as per Vastu rules.

How to Get Rid of Bad Luck due to incorrect location of the Bathroom

Vastu Guidelines

Since the bathroom is the first thing homeowners see in the morning and the last thing they see before bedtime, it needs to be a calming space.

Luckily, there are some simple ways you can get rid of bad luck in your bathroom so you can enjoy spending time there again! Add balance to your bathroom by bringing more aroma energy into it. Think about what activities take place here most often: showering and cleaning. Try adding aroma in a different form on shelves, towels, napkins, etc.

Clean Out the Negative

Bad vibes in the bathroom could come from a variety of sources.

If the room smells funky, that could be a sign that you have a plumbing problem that needs to be addressed.

If the material in the room is discolored, that might be a sign that it needs to be replaced.

If the items in the bathroom are broken or just very old and broken down, those could be weighing down the room.

If the room is overstuffed, that could be creating an energy of clutter. If you can’t find the source of the bad energy, just clean out the bathroom in general. A good cleaning can shift the energy considerably.

Add a Mirror

A mirror is an excellent way to add good energy to the room. According to Vastu, the mirror is considered a positive element. Mirrors can reflect light, which is associated with good fortune.

If you have a small bathroom and can’t fit a large mirror, try hanging a small one towards the north or east. The mirror should not have a reflection on the toilet seat.

Add Fresh Foliage

A few plants in the bathroom can help balance the energy of a space. Bathrooms are associated with draining away energy, so including plants that absorb negative energy is helpful in creating a more pleasant environment.

Add a crystal

Crystals and rocks are extremely powerful and lucky elements in the Vastu. Anything with an earth background will help bring positive vibes into the bathroom.

Location of bathrooms and affecting life areas as per Vastu Shastra:-

North:- Career, Job, and Business

North-east:- Health and Education

East:- Social connections

South-East:- Liquidity (but acceptable in the South of the southeast)

Center:- Health & stability

South:- Reputation

South-West:- Relationship

West:- Creativity and Business Gain

North-West:- Networking (but acceptable in the west of northwest and north of northwest)

North-West and southeast corner are the possible locations for the bathroom, but the exact specific zone should be followed as per Vastu rules. They should never be on the east of the northeast or west of the south- the west. It should be avoided at any cost.

A toilet in the center (Brahmasthan) of your house is a serious Vastu defect. This will destabilize the energy of the entire space. This will create a leakage of vital energy in every direction of the house. It will bring multiple adverse effects on the life path. Try to use other toilets available in the house. Install virtual Vastu shifting arrows to reduce the negative impact due to the toilet in the center

Improving Energy for Positivity

  • Keep a few air-purifying plants in the bathroom. Plants are an excellent way to correct any Vastu defect naturally. Use plants that are upward-growing with rounded leaves.
  • Use more stone, wood, and natural materials in bathrooms. Keep a bowl of earth crystals (petrified wood, garnet, or smoky quartz) near the bathroom window or corner. Earth energy will absorb and neutralize the excess water element of the bathroom.
  • Colors like blue, grey, and black represent water elements, hence should be avoided in the bathroom. They will strengthen the water element, which is already there in the bathroom. Choosing a green theme is a great way to bring natural elements like green napkins, towels, baskets, personal accessories, curtains, etc.
  • Lighter colors in the bathrooms are more refreshing. The bathroom should have a healthy environment for a wow feeling.
  • Some pictures or objects can also inspire the energy of the bathroom. Images of trees, landscapes,s or flowers can be considered for the bathroom area. Avoid artwork related to fishes, rivers,s or ponds in the bathroom. Vastu does not recommend energizing the space but realigning it for a good experience.

Precautions For Bathroom, Vastu Alerts

  • There should not be a toilet above the bedroom. This symbolically indicates flushing vital energy downwards in your direction. The best solution is to move your bed in the other direction.
  • The front door should not have a view of the toilet door. A positive flow of energy entering the house will flush away from the toilet. Ideally, keep the bathroom door closed in such locations to protect the energy.
  • There should not be a bathroom above the kitchen. This will create sick energy in the house and ultimately lead to poor health for the family members.
  • A toilet should not share a wall with a kitchen. There will be a mixing of two energy i.e. toilet energy and kitchen energy. Vastu partition strips on walls or door frames can be used to cut off the negative flow of energy.
  • A common attached wall between the toilet and bedroom is a bad Vastu. This will cause restless sleep.
  • All the faucets including the water closet in the bathroom should be in working condition. Any leakages should be repaired immediately. A leaking tap or water closet symbolizes wasted money.
  • Avoid having a toilet above the main door, it is highly inauspicious according to the Vastu. A toilet facing the front door is also another bad Vastu location. Fix the energy neutralizer on the ceiling along with the light facing upwards.

Simple Corrections As Per Vastu

  • Keep Himalayan salt in the bathroom, which is a natural ionizer. It creates a good quality of air and energy to neutralize any negative energy created due to Vastu defects. Ideally, it should be placed in a crystal or bronze bowl.
  • This correction is very effective when you have a toilet in the North, northeast, South-east or South-west direction of your house or office. Place it on the window or shelves on walls in the bathroom.
  • Avoid energy correction pyramids inside the toilet. They may multiply the negative impact if they already exist due to an incorrect location. Pyramid strips and plates can be used externally or on the outer door frame of the toilets as per Vastu guidance from experts.
  • Incorporate maximum natural elements in the bathroom like organic fabrics, natural stones, and natural aromas.
  • Vastu is not a magical tool but some of the above ideas will move the energy as well as neutralize any negative impact due to the wrong location/facing of the toilet as per Vastu Shastra. These are general basic Vastu tips for the bathroom.
  • Vastu expert help is required if you have multiple defects in your home including the placement of the toilet.

A Little Box Of Crystals

A new way of making your private space the ultimate good vibe zone is by setting up a crystal altar. Ideally, somewhere that you can see from your shower area while you bathe. You can keep those good vibes coming while you get ready for work in the morning!

bathroom crystals

  • Amethyst Crystal – It relieves stress instantly
  • Petrified Wood Crystal – It represents earth energy and keeps you grounded. Must stone for every bathroom.
  • Rose Quartz – A stone for the heart, which, connects you to loving vibrations.
  • Dalmatian – It harmonizes the emotions
  • Lodolite – A powerhouse crystal
  • Citrine – It keeps your body organs in alignment. Also good for business people.
  • Carnelian – a stone for sexual energy.


The bathroom is a special room that is often neglected. However, it is important to take care of it because it will be used by everyone in your household. A clean and beautiful bathroom can make a big difference in your mood and it can even give you a sense of achievement.

Now that you know how to rectify, organize, and decorate your bathroom, you can start enjoying it more. Still, if you want to make your bathroom even more balanced, you can always hire a professional to rectify the Vastu fault. They have the skills and expertise to make your bathroom look amazing and beneficial.

Do not be afraid of the location of your bathrooms, but rather give your care and attention to create good energy in the space. Love, Joy, and peace cannot flourish in an energy-polluted Vastu environment.

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