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Vastu Consultation – the world’s leading platform on Vastu, promotes the idea that Vastu is a form of energy and space healing.

Our Services

Home Vastu Consultation

Home Vastu provides you with specific guidelines that can be applied to any home environment. As a result, it increases your feelings of comfort.

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Office Vastu Consultation

Many companies have experienced a spontaneous improvement in their prosperity by making their location Vastu friendly.

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Industrial Vastu Consultation

An industrial Vastu consultation is designed to improve the premise’s vibrations to support the key functions of the business.

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Quick Vastu Consultation

Quick virtual Vastu consultation for choosing the right property or evaluating existing property by using a phone, skype, or chat.

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Vastu Shastra

What is Vastu Shastra?

Vastu is an alignment of cosmic forces with five key elements (Water, Fire, Earth, Space, and Wind)  of nature.

Vastu is a Vedic system of architecture and design from ancient times recorded in various Vastu texts. It consists of rules for designing and constructing buildings in a systematic manner.

Vastu has a very basic concept, that every space has a soul of its own and a flow of positive energy would exist around it if that soul is harnessed in the right way.

Nitien Parmar, Vastu Consultant

Who are we?

Provides Vastu consulting for the design and renovation of homes and commercial structures in India and abroad.

Provides assistance in the design of interior design, the evaluation of a property to buy, preparing a property for sale, to renovate or changing offices, restaurants, hospitals, and industries.

We recommend practical and research-oriented solutions to any type of premises. You will notice a fine blend of Vastu elements (Fire, Water, Wind, Earth & Space) and their directions (north, east, west, south, north-east, north-west, south-west, south-east)  in any Vastu layout done by our team.

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SINCE 1991

Why Hire Us?

Vastu Experience – Providing Vastu services since 1991- Experience of more than 30+ years with clients all over the world.

Expert Team – A Team of experts who looks after Vastu designs, Research, Marketing, IT, and Backup service

Creative and Professional – High Standard of professional services with a creative approach, value-added services

Practical Solutions – Very simple, easy to implement, and cost-effective Vastu solutions

Authentic Vastu – We strictly follow five basic Vastu element rules in any layout which is the key factor in any Vastu design

Our Vastu Consultation Process

1. Proposal

Vastu process starts with a proposal about the site.  An initial phone conversation or details via email about the site to be consulted will help us to understand your requirement and enable us to quote the fees.

2. Floor Plan & Details

At stage two, we need a  floor plan with accurate direction, details on the surrounding of the site, History of the premises with a brief on your goals & priorities.

3. Site Survey, Google mapping

On-site evaluation & compass reading of your premises will be conducted at a mutually agreed time &  day. These evaluations usually take 1-2 hours.

Skip this step for email consultation.

4. Vastu reading & evaluation

We have developed various methods & tools to evaluate any premises according to the Vastu principles.  We use dowsing charts, bar charts, graphs & grading tables.

5. Report by Vastu Consultant

A professional Vastu report prepared by our highly qualified Vastu consultant will be available after 3 days for online consultation & 7 days for personal consultations.

6. Vastu Follow up

We provide a follow-up option that monitors the effectiveness of the Vastu implementation. Free backup services for one year after consultation for the same premises.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When you want to have a Pre-purchase analysis of the property.
  • Planning an interior for a new home
  • Frequent sickness at home
  • Looking for a Marriage Proposal
  • Frequent Family Quarrel
  • New Job Or Promotion
  • Choosing a Career
  • Looking for Financial Freedom

Vastu Score is calculated for all the rooms as well as the external space of your premises.

The Simple Rule is that when Property has B+, A, or A_ Ratings, you will find more Comfort, Luxuries, and Wealth in Life.

Five Elements of Vastu Shastra can help you to balance your environment, foster personal growth, and connect with nature. By studying these five elements theory we can gain valuable insights as to why our lives are out of balance by looking at the elemental imbalances in our homes or business locations.

Five Elements i.e. Water, Fire, Earth, Space & Wind are the foundation of Vastu Shastra, and understanding them is key in Vastu Shastra. Each element represents a different kind of energy based on its directions. It is crucial to understand how they relate to each other to create auspicious or inauspicious energy in the surroundings.

According to Vastu Shastra, you should sleep either with your head towards the South or East. Never Sleep with the Head towards the North. This is a highly negative direction of sleeping. Read our full article on sleeping directions as per Vastu Shastra.