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Create a fortunate business place with Vastu

Whether you are an entrepreneur, expert, professional, or CEO, your surrounding is either empowering you to achieve & succeed, or deferring and holding you back.

For people who stay tuned to a positive environment, their success and goal achievements are more automated and easily realized. Good Vastu practices are as important in the space of your business as they are in your home. The importance of Vastu for business space has been acknowledged by many successful individuals, consultants, also large corporate.

At a time when the world desperately needs to energize people and produce positive results at all levels, Vastu provides empowering energy-lifting techniques.

Vastu and Workspace environment

Vastu forces are universal and have a magnetic frequency. Your environment has a magnetic frequency too. When these two frequency is in harmony, it results in tons of great achievements in business. It attracts new business opportunities to improve or change your business.

You need an immediate Vastu makeover if your workspace has the following symptoms:-

  1. Losing track of things or missing deadlines because they fail to capture commitments and ideas
  2. Spending too much time on the wrong priorities
  3. Being surprised at the last minute by tasks, appointments, or deadlines they’ve forgotten
  4. Appear busy but fail to get the important jobs done
  5. Lately, you have been having a streak of misfortune since completing the construction of your interior space.
  6. Going through an unanticipated streak of misfortune since the commencement of the year?

Taking better care of workspace surroundings means people are likely to be more productive, creative, also alert. Our feeling, emotions, professional success, and happiness level are all affected by our space.

What are the key benefits of positive Vastu at Business locations?:-

  • Vastu helps you to bring more positive news to your business adventure.
  • It ensures trouble-free performance year after year.
  • It creates more wealth without delay and escalation in cost in the completion and commission of a new project.
  • People will find themselves more focused and productive throughout the day.
  • A business will attract everything it needs to grow, naturally like a magnet, and repel anything else.
  • Stress levels will be much lower in the office environment.
  • You will be fortunate to attract the right things at the right time.
  • It will shave away negative energy from your location.
  • Vastu will help you to gain unlimited access to all the good things in the business journey.
  • Employees will find themselves starting to refill with ideas and their creative juice will be overflowing.
  • You will be fortunate to surround yourself with people who value building a real relationship that is mutually beneficial.
  • It will put your people in achievement mode.
  • New opportunities are on the horizon for people who invest in themselves and their surroundings.

What are the impacts of bad Vastu?:-

  • Repeated failure in business ventures
  • A poorly designed environment may create a health issue for employees and executives. There may be a frequent absenteeism issue in the office.
  • Employees are prone to lethargy and indiscipline.
  • People will miss their priorities which will drag them away from becoming top performers.
  • There will be more challenges as well as crises.
  • The key executive will become a victim of decision fatigue.
  • There will be a serious leakage of vital energy.

Vastu is all about the arrangement of Five natural elements to create connections that are most likely to produce a new experience.  These elements are Fire, Water, Earth, Space, and Wind.

According to David Strayer from the University of Utah “Now, we are seeing changes in the brains and changes in the body that suggest we are physically and mentally more healthy when we are interacting with nature. “

Key locations for assessing Vastu strength of premises:-

  • Shape and size of the premises. The irregular shape of the plot creates a missing corner Vastu defect.
  • Location of key executives in the office and their desk direction. True location helps them to take result-oriented decisions.  This will also help them to have effective control over the employees.
  • Location of Finance and accounts section and their desk direction. A correct location is key to experiencing minimum pressure on finance.
  • Marketing and promotion area in the wind zone. It leads them to put their effort in the right direction.
  • Location of Administrative and HR executives and staff and their desks.
  • Washroom, canteen, and dining area locations.
  • Location of staircase, reception, and conferences.

Plants – Living Energy

Plants represent life. They bring vitality to your office environment. Having plants around the working environment gives a dose of purity and growth. It gives a feeling of connecting with nature. The plant creates a soothing and calming environment & brings positive energy into the space.


The stress and strain experienced in the work environment can have a detrimental impact on the health of individuals. A way to make your workspace more inviting is to put some plants in or around your desk or cubicle. Space with lots of Vastu-approved plants will feel more alive and vibrant.  They bring a more natural atmosphere to your premises.

Opt for youthful, vigorous plants with a lot of visible fresh growth. Varieties with wide leaves are great picks for gathering an abundance of energy.

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Paintings and Symbols – Connecting with Nature 

Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Space, and Human Life are a product of the great cosmic design.  Every element will possess characteristics and symbols based on its intrinsic nature, and these can be applied in a variety of ways in an area. Artwork, symbols, or objects of art representing the element can be utilized in accordance with Vastu guidelines.

Paintings and artwork are very useful and inspiring when placed around your working environment. Images in the surroundings keep people inspired, motivated, creative and productive. Just by gazing at an aesthetically pleasing image, you can immediately sense the positive energy and pleasant vibes.


A painting of a beautiful landscape, flowing river, mountain, rising sun, etc. harmonizes Vastu elements in your space.  Choose a painting that speaks about prosperity, teamwork, harmony, and success. It rather balances and harmonizes your space. For example, the painting of Buddha can greatly reduce stress and brings tranquility to the space.

According to Japanese philosophy “Building a space that deepens relationship (wa), generates new knowledge (ba), connects to the world around us (Tokoro), and allows moments of quiet and integration (ma) can enrich our experience of the world and that of those around us.

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Finally, channeling the energy flow around the work environment can bring huge changes to the flow of business. Business is all about money. Vastu helps you to bring more business, more money, and, also more profit.

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