Paintings, Artwork, and symbols as per Vastu Shastra

Paintings, Artwork, and symbols as per Vastu Shastra

Do you have pictures that depict vitality, force, liveliness, spark, tranquility, and harmony?


Do you have pictures that portray grief, isolation, instability, and exhaustion?


Vastu paintings are a great way to add life and color to your space. Balancing the five elements is a fundamental principle of Vastu Shastra. This concept can be exposed through paintings or symbols, either at home or in the office. These paintings guide the energy flow of space and promote different frequencies to enhance feelings.

During our consultation, we noticed that there are correlations between what is going on in a person’s life and what is on their walls. Many symbols originate from ancient cultures as well as traditions passed down through generations—all signs of great history!

Importance of paintings

The wall art was hardly ever noticed or utilized a few years ago. It was the last alternative after all the home accessories had been taken care of. The importance of wall art has risen significantly lately. Because wall art is one of the best home design items, interior designers are emphasizing its use to improve the appearance of the house.

The artwork is super-important in Vastu because it helps attract a good flow of energy and can anchor your intentions when you place it with care in the proper direction.

Most people live in a very stressful environment, and artwork with a positive element promotes space healing. It improves the overall energy in your home or office. Many people have experienced the benefits of artwork. It adds joy and love to life. Even paintings in the children’s bedroom can improve their academic performance.

A beautifully designed painting touches your heart very deeply. It influences your mind and your personal surroundings. A wall without inspiring and valuable art is like an artist without creativity.

Message in the picture

Painting your home should convey a positive message. Most importantly, the pictures on your wall actually speak to you. When you are closer to that painting, your subconscious mind picks up the message from the picture.

A wall with a beautiful and life-enhancing picture transforms the energy of your living or working space. Painting promotes a happy mood in the people around it. The interaction of art provides a break from the pace of the daily routine.

Display artwork that makes your heart happy and energizes a specific area of your life. Furthermore, artwork that embodies the Vastu Shastra theme can do wonders for your luck. Many artworks have an auspicious meaning. Similarly, Idols, metal and stone handicrafts, wooden carvings, home decorative items, etc. have multiple different meanings based on their location and their element. It can be placed in the living area, bedroom, study room, as well as dining area.

Why would you want to have a boring wall?

An empty wall signals depression and anxiety. It gives soul to your wall.

White-walled sitting or studying rooms create an oppressive atmosphere that is hard to live in.

We are receiving numerous queries on:

Which is the best painting for a home?

Which painting is good to hang in a bedroom or living room?

We have provided some guidelines, Vastu tips, and suggestions to follow in your home as well as a business location.

Benefits of Paintings as per Vastu Shastra:

  • It reduces stress.
  • It relieves depression as well as low mood.
  • Some paintings in the patient rooms are vessels of healing. Many hospitals seek help from a professional art therapist.
  • It provides deep relaxation and peace.
  • Painting improves the positive energy level.
  • It aids in better sleep when placed in the main bedroom.
  • Painting connects you to a much deeper level.
  • Artwork and Painting as per Vastu bring harmony, tranquility, and goodness to your house and your life.
  • It can heal the family issue.
  • It can change the mood of an entire room with its simplicity or inspire someone to take action if their work lacks ambition.

Painting and Vastu Zone

Painting of Sun

The artwork of the sun celebrates the endless beauty of this globe and connects deeply with nature.  It emits light and warmth, or solar energy, enabling life on Earth. Plants need sunlight to grow. Animals, including humans, need plants for food and the oxygen they produce.

The sun is without a doubt one of the most celebrated and appreciated symbols across all cultures. The artwork that celebrates this glorious symbol fills homes with additional personality, making them feel as if they are in nature themselves. The great sun is all-universal, shining from the heavens upon land and sea, its rays reaching out to all, and it is the supreme source of all life.

vastu-sunrise-paintingAccording to Vastu, artwork or painting of the sun is a useful correction for homes having a washroom towards the east and southeast. Painting with beautiful sun or green vegetation improves solar and fire energies in the east and southeast zones. This is an excellent painting for the living room, as per Vastu.

Painting for Friendship

The concept of Vastu revolves around the flow of energy and improving one’s life through their living space. Therefore, it is only logical that Vastu paintings can be utilized to attract and nurture all types of relationships, including friendships.


Vastu painting can certainly assist in various aspects of friendship, such as attracting new connections, enhancing existing relationships, or repairing fractured bonds.

Friendship is a precious gift even in a child’s life. Having beautiful artwork in their bedroom not only helps them combat bullying but also attracts more positive friendships.


North Direction: A Zone of Money

The north zone of your space is related to money aspirations in your life. A water-related painting enhances earnings, either through a job or business. Also, a painting of a deep path on the north wall is believed to bring endless career opportunities.

deep-path-vastuPainting for North East – a zone of tranquility

The peaceful northeast is a good place to place spiritual objects and waterfalls. Such paintings become a channel of communication with the source of God.

A beautiful canvas painting in the right color can transform your space into a tranquil atmosphere. Even painting with a vibrant shade of ocean blue or turquoise will bring water elements into your urban dwelling. Emblems of the river—shells, conch, etc.—are associated with fluid, which signifies water. Water has a traditional link with regeneration and prosperity.

North-west, A zone of wind

A zone in the northwest helps connect you to people in life. A beautiful painting of the wind element brings auspicious and positive energy to this corner.

Painting on the south wall

The south sector symbolizes name as well as reputation.  Ideally, the display of awards and certificates in this corner improves the goodwill of the person. A Vastu painting of running horses on the south wall indicates speed and strength in career and business.

Earth Paintings

vastu-paintingsOne of the strong elements of Vastu is the earth. A painting of a solid rock mountain or a tall building improves the earth’s energy. This is a highly beneficial painting for the main bedroom in the southwest when placed according to the advice of a Vastu expert. A rocky gray or dark brown painting helps to bring a mountain retreat feeling and earth element qualities in the desired direction. The wrong location for mountain painting invites trouble in personal as well as professional life.

West, A zone of profit

In the West, a zone of monetary gain can be energized with a display of beautiful camel paintings or artwork. People looking for overseas opportunities must use camel paintings in their bedrooms as per Vastu. This is also a highly recommended painting for offices and cubicles. The camel is believed to safeguard your business, leading it out of troubled times and away from bad fortune.


Paintings in hospitals

Fine art is good medicine. People often find hospital environments dull and uninviting.  Artwork of natural landscapes and animals (not wild) makes them feel warmer, more positive, and less painful.


Research indicates that spending time in nature with a view of the scenery is good for patients’ health. In hospital studies, patients who are exposed to natural scenes have been found to recover from their illness more quickly than those without such an experience.

During our Vastu Consultation for hospitals, we have recommended healing and natural paintings in the waiting room, lobby, and patient rooms.  Such artwork plays a key role in improving the patient’s response to medical treatment. It helps reduce depression and stress.

Paintings  in hotels & restaurants

Artwork and paintings are the first things, guests notice upon entering the hotel. A study shows that art on the wall certainly helps to make their visit or stay memorable. Positive Vastu paintings make them feel welcome.  It creates a brand and identity for the hotel or restaurant.


For many hoteliers, art is the key to making their hotels stand out. In order to provide a creative and exclusive experience for customers who pass through their doors, they use eye-catching artwork in hallways or lobby areas that will make staying there more memorable. Artworks can be found not only in luxury hotels but also in smaller cafes or restaurants that still want to provide their guests with something special, like art.

Decorating with different elements Paintings in the hotel as per Vastu create a “Wow” effect in the space. Paintings of rock (the earth element), a flowing river or waterfall (water element), flowers and trees (the wind element), etc. generate wonderful vibes around the premises. Ultimately, it leads to more footfall and increased turnover.

Business Vastu  Paintings  for  Offices

Sometimes negative thoughts cloud people’s minds and distract them from their work. The best way to combat this is to add artwork to your workspace that is both motivating and inspirational. It is like a reminder to stay focused and positive throughout the day. Invest in art, paintings, and pictures to beautify and harmonize your office environment. Properly executed, art energizes and personalizes a work environment.

In business, it promotes new connections and networking opportunities. Images that are visually appealing and enhance your surroundings are the best things to display. Prosperity paintings are found in many corporate and small offices.

Virtual Vastu paintings

Modern homes are designed in such a way that there is a limited scope of physical changes. Also, every house is not fortunate to have its entrances, windows, courtyards, etc. in auspicious locations.

Virtual correction is the most scientific and reliable method of Vastu correction at any location. The use of various Vastu paintings creates positive vibrations and reduces or nullifies the negative effects. A virtual door painting can be placed when the entrance of the house or office is in the negative zone. By keeping this painting, you will create an auspicious Vastu entry into the home. Similarly, virtual window painting can be used to create a dummy window.

Main Precautions

  • Do not hang prosperity paintings on the bathroom wall, beam, or pillars.
  • It is unwise to hang sunset paintings in the bedroom of an elderly person.
  • Avoid placing a painting of a water element in the main bedroom in any direction. Such paintings should be considered for the northeast corner of the house.
  • Avoid placing any painting behind the main entrance.
  • Keep in mind that the size of the painting should be proportionate to the size of the room.
  • Images of solitary people should not be displayed in the bedroom.
  • Violent pictures should not be displayed in the bedroom.
  • Avoid black paintings in the bedroom, or you will oversleep and stay up late because the room will look depressing.

Too many paintings or pictures create confusion and conflicts, hence, it is better to consider the importance of painting, directions, and its elements. Your focus should be on simplicity and positive vibrations. For example, a cool painting with watercolor-like blue will enhance the water element in the northeast corner of your premises.

Other paintings

Other beneficial paintings to hang are blessing Buddha, medicine Buddha, birds in pairs, flying birds, and many more.

Finally, paintings should be according to the element and its associated colors. The specific type of artwork and different wavelengths of various colors promote harmony in the desired zone. This helps in creating a healing environment. The best rule of thumb is that your artwork, photo frames, and paintings should be meaningful, inspiring, and food for your soul.

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Article by Nitien Parmar, Chief Vastu Consultant,

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Nitien Parmar
Nitien Parmar