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vastu for professionalsProfessionals are experts who provide their advice to the business house, business people and, also to the general public. Most of the consultant work with different types of industries like IT, Taxation, Technical, marketing, healthcare, etc.
According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics expects the profession to grow by more than 80% between 2008 and 2018, much faster than the average growth for all jobs. These experts provide rather high-quality information on various subjects.
Most noteworthy these business consultants help organizations to improve their performance and efficiency.

Professional consultants include Chartered Accountants, Finance consultant, Architects, Engineers, Tax Consultants, Advocates, Management Consultant, Design Consultants,  Marketing consultant and, also a technical consultant. Professionals, top executives, and business consultants are very busy people.

An office environment can have a huge impact on the success of the consultant in their professional field. Incorrect vastu design of the office can drain the productivity of the people. The modern workspace is an endless stream of interruptions. To deliver efficient services, the environment of the office should be either stress-free or peaceful.

Key Vastu points while following office Vastu for professionals

Entrance to the office

main door entrance vastuThe front door is a gateway for prosperous energy to enter the office. The main door should always in a positive direction to bring success and growth in business. There should be no obstacle blocking your client’s path as they walk towards the front door. There should be sufficient space to enter and move around. When the main door is blocked by a large tree, pole, pillar, mountain, or tall building, energy is obstructed from entering the premises. Even lift as well as staircase facing the main door may impact the business.

Surrounding of the office

Energy is all surrounding us, it’s like oxygen. Vastu focuses on maintaining harmony between internal and external surrounding of the premises. Vastu is working directly with the ‘environmental energy’ around your office space. Location of door, lobby, and balcony greatly influence Vastu energy of the premises. It has a significant effect on business and the fortunes of the occupants of those houses. According to Vastu,  there are subtle forces in any surroundings that can impact business working. A landscape and shape of a building affect people working there at a  subtle level.

Reception area

vastu reception areaReception area set a theme for the first impression of your business on clients, vendors and visitors  This landing place can have a tremendous effect on those who work at the business. No matter how big or small this front entrance measures out, it may be the first direct contact someone may have with the office premises. A business name, logo and branding should be placed in the reception according to the Vastu guidance.


The shape of the office

A study of Vastu considers square or rectangular shapes as most auspicious shapes. These shapes offer a protective environment through its four surrounding elements with Brahmasthan being the fifth element. Missing corner or L shape offices are highly inauspicious as it leaves an impression of missing Vastu elements. The office having a cut in the North-east, South-east and South-west need careful Vastu corrections.

Master cabin location and  Desk direction

Master cabin location is a key location in any business premises. This can be a place of Managing director or CEO of the Company. The true location of cabin according to Vastu can improve the levels of focus, productivity, prosperity, and success. When an owner seats in a commanding zone, he or she will have effective control over all functions as well as employees of the Company. This will enhance their strength in order to develop more business and achieve greater success. In addition to the above, the direction of the working desk is equally important. Master cabin should always be bigger than any other executives cabin in the office.

Other areas:-

  • The cabin of other executives, desk direction
  • Location of the Conference room
  • Location of Pantry
  • Staff zone desk direction
  • Location of books and library
  • Location of Toilets
  • Direction of window
  • The direction of Air Conditioner, compressor and, also  other utilities
  • Colors in the office

Benefits of good office Vastu for the professionals

  • More and high paying clients
  • Satisfied clients
  • Efficient services
  • Teamwork
  • Better output
  • Fame, goodwill and, also reputation
  • High productivity environment
  • Decreases stress at work
  • Improves decision-making skills
  • Innovation and new ideas at work
  • Enhances goodwill of the business

Impact of bad Vastu in the office of professionals

  • Toilet and pantry at northeast probably result in frequent complaints from the clients about services.
  • Toilet at north and south-east reduces the financial gain. Hence many professional avoid such locations.
  • Master Cabin at south-east may creates a difference of opinion amongst the consultant and, staff and, also clients.
  • The door towards the south, south-west of the south and, also south-west of the west can be a reason for the stressful environment in the office.
  • The desk of the staff facing south could prove their performance below an average level.
  • Finally, the toilet at south-west creates a downward business trend. Because the south-west zone should be occupied by the owner of the office.

Sample Vastu Plan

vastu for professional

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Nitien Parmar
Nitien Parmar