Dining Table Vastu Guidelines


The dining area or eating area in a home is a personal space that is dedicated to eating and having meaningful conversations with family and friends. Dining table- a symbol of health, nutrition, and connectivity among the family.

It is a sacred space to eat comfortably to receive the full vitality of the meal. It nourishes your mind, body, and spirit. According to Bob Ehrlich “Some of the most important conversations I’ve ever had occurred at my family’s dinner table.”

Which is the best shape for the dining table as per Vastu?

Dining tables come in different shapes like square, rectangular, round, and, oval. Each shape has a different energy. According to Vastu Shastra, dining tables should be square or rectangular in shape. Since a round or oval shape does not have a clear head, a table with four corners is the first preference in Vastu planning.  Most noteworthy, square or rectangular shapes represent harmony.

Dining Table Material

  • The glass table promotes transparency in the conversation.
  • Stone tables represent earth elements according to the Vastu and ensure stability.
  • The wood table indicates growth and ranks first when selecting a dining table. It is believed that it promotes better communication and a good appetite.
  • The metal table does not hold the energy, hence it should be avoided as a dining table.

Colors for Dining Room

  • Nourishing colors should be selected around the dining area.
  • Red brings an appetite.
  • Soft yellow stimulates conversation.
  • Green brings new energy.

Important Suggestions for dining  table arrangement

If you find that you or your family don’t really like eating at the dining table, try to refresh the space using simple Vastu guidelines. 

  • Your dining table should be free from excess stuff to promote a happy dining experience. Clutter on the dining indicates postponed decisions and the inability to move forward.
  • Keep a mirror reflecting a dining table. It is a sign of twofold success. When you have a mirror reflecting a dining table, it symbolically doubles your prosperity. Mirrors are known as the “aspirin”  of energy. They have been used to enhance or move various energies since the olden days.
  • Use the dining table more often instead of having a meal on a sofa or bed.
  • According to Vastu, the optimal place to put the dining table is in the western part of your residence or lounge.

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Art near the dining table

A painting of horses is most suitable near the ding area. A large wall canvas painting of Multi-colored, brown, and dark-colored horses is more positive, attractive, and energetic according to the Vastu Shastra.


Also, Painting or artwork of fresh fruits, vegetables, and farmland near the dining area sets the mood for a  happy atmosphere.


  • Don’t place dead plants near the dining area-it affects the living energy.
  • Avoid taking a meal under the overhead beam. You will not be able to convert food into healthy energy.
  • Avoid using chipped glass, crockery, plates, etc. for dining purposes. It does now show respect for your food.
  • Don’t display a clock near the dining area. In this way, you have a more relaxed dining environment.
  • Avoid the dining table facing the bathroom door. It may affect your appetite.

Prayer to attract good vibes during meal time:–

Prayer increases the loving divine energy present between you and your family and also adds positive vibrations to your house. All ancient traditions in the world teach us that food is a blessing from the Divine.

Many people would never consider starting a meal without saying a prayer or a grace to express their gratitude for nourishment, health, and abundance. Rightly so, because thoughtfully prepared and beautifully presented meals are sacred offerings to the family, friends, and guests on the “altar” of the dinner table.

Finally, follow these three important, simple and easy rules to enjoy a wonderful dining time:-

Turn off the TV
Play a soft music
Quit social media

In conclusion, the dining area is a symbol of nourishment and togetherness. The history behind this piece has been tied to social gatherings like celebrations or milestones as well as points in time where new understandings were created. It is a place for bonding and sharing experiences that couldn’t have been shared elsewhere.

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Nitien Parmar
Nitien Parmar