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Why green zone is key for corporate landscaping?

The significance of landscaping and garden design is not just about aesthetics. It is also about balancing our energy, which in turn helps to improve our quality of people working in the business environment.

Business premises are comprised of buildings and their surrounding space. A new broader view of the green space is recently been emerging. A green zone must be a key consideration while designing commercial and industrial premises. Building with green space has also great benefits to the surrounding. It’s a healthier environment.

Vastu and landscape

Vastu is an ancient practice that analyzes the flow of energy in an environment to determine how certain elements can be arranged to create a harmonious flow. In ancient times, this practice was used to determine how a person could create harmony between their home, land, and self, which is something we still do today. This is done by using various landscaping techniques to design outdoor spaces, including lawns, pathways, and gardens. Landscaping is a great way to add value to your property.

The Green zone concept is an affirmative approach to reducing and preventing air pollution. According to Vastu, any pollution-affected area creates negative energies in the surrounding.

Open green space is like a breathing space for the business or industrial surroundings. According to Vastu for business, compact business locations with very little open space limit opportunities and growth for the business or industry.

The way buildings and their surrounding area are designed affects whether or not it is easy for people to work, walk, move and remain positively active throughout the day. Your landscaping is the first thing that visitors or clients will see when approaching your location. A good landscape gives an impression of professionalism.

Access to green and open space in the organization is not only associated with the health of the people but also with the growth of the business. According to Vastu for business, untidy space cannot pull the energy of prosperity.

The natural landscape is vital to make space more positive and attractive. It creates an energy-efficient environment and makes space more attractive and viable.


Vastu benefits

Trees and plants filter the pollutants as well as dust from the air. Also, they provide shade and lower the humidity around the location.

A landscape with a soothing fountain gives a feeling of relaxed space and attracts prospective buyers. Water is a key element in Vastu and  it attracts wealth and fresh energy.

Key plants for corporate landscape

Jade Plant

Did you know the jade plant can help you bring harmony, and balance into your space? It does so by bringing prosperity, good fortune, and abundance.

If you want to attract wealth into your business, then a jade plant is a good cure to place in the Southeast area of your premises. The Southeast area is where you want more money energy to flow into your business.

Bamboo Plant

Cultivating and maintaining a thriving bamboo plant in your landscape environment is a great way to introduce positive vibes into your space. These plants have many benefits including air purification, humidity control, and natural noise reduction.

bamboo-vastuBamboo plants are also believed to remove harmful chemicals from the air like formaldehyde, xylene, toluene, and benzene. This is a great way to naturally improve the air quality inside as well as outside of your office.

Palm Tree

In many cultures, palm trees are seen as a symbol of victory, good fortune, and triumph, which is why they are often used to decorate lobbies, pathways, and parks.

 palm-tree-vastuAre Palm Trees Good as per Vastu?

It is not uncommon to find places of zen and relaxation surrounded by palm trees. Palm leaves will cushion against harsh, negative energies and draw soft, positive energy into a living space.

Plum blossoms

Plum blossoms are renowned for holding firm against the coldest winter weather, even as the plant and its branches appear to be dying. Thus, It is also a symbol of success through adversity, nobility, and longevity.

plum-blossom-vastuThe plant was considered “the flower that welcomes spring” during ancient times since it blooms magnificently during the transition period from late winter to spring. A positive association with hope, purity, and change is created through this seasonal behavior in business.

Peace lily

The peace lily is a favorite plant. It is said to keep the exterior as well as the room’s energy positive and upbeat. The leaves are said to attract wealth, and the flowers bring good luck, in addition to keeping the energy positive and upbeat.


A survey in a shopping mall parking lot in Hunts Ville, Ala showed a 31-degree F difference between shaded and unshaded areas.

Properly planned trees reduce the temperature in summer allowing air conditioning plants to run 2 to 4 percent more efficiently.

A beautiful lawn can be 20 to 25 degrees cooler than asphalt & 10 to 15 degrees cooler than bare soil in the summer.

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Nitien Parmar
Nitien Parmar