Vastu Plants that attract happiness and  prosperity like a magnet 

Vastu Plants that attract happiness and  prosperity like a magnet 

The Importance of Plants in Vastu Shastra Can’t be Understated

Plants are the heartbeat of any home, office, or business. They not only add a natural ambiance and a cheerful vibe but they also bring in natural energy as well. Usually, people overlook the importance of having plants in their homes but you cannot discount their presence in Vastu.

If you own a home or an office, then chances are that you would have been reading about Vastu for quite some time now. The best way to explore more about the philosophy is by integrating plants into your environment.

What is Vastu?

Vastu, a sacred architecture, also refers to the art and science of arranging objects or places with the goal of improving the flow of positive energy and preventing negative energy. The practice gained popularity all over the world in the 1990s and has since become a popular subject for everyone.

Vastu and  plants – Basic

To truly understand the concept, let us start with the basics. When it comes to placing plants in your home or office, Vastu explains which direction the plant should face, what type of plant it should be, and how big it should be. There are certain rules and regulations that need to be followed while arranging indoor plants in order to make them effective.

A lot of research has been done to understand the effects of plants in your space. The presence of natural elements in your home can help balance the flow of energy. When the energy in your space is balanced, the flow of energy becomes smoother and you are able to focus more on your work without becoming stressed.

If you want to increase your prosperity in your home, then you can choose to have a lot of green plants.

Benefits of Having Plants in Vastu Shastra

  • Good Vibes – Plant introduces mother nature’s vibrant, life-giving energy into a space, and every person needs that.
  • Prosperity – Many plants boost good luck, balance energies, and promote abundance.
  • Natural Beauty – Natural plants are far more beautiful than any artificial ones. They bring natural beauty to your home, office, or store and are a great way of showing the world that you care about the environment.
  • Health Benefits – Plants have been used for centuries for treating a number of ailments and conditions. They can be used to treat a number of issues like allergies, asthma, nausea, depression, and much more.
  • Meditation – Certain plants can be used for decoration and are perfect indoor plants for meditation.

There are many different plants that you can use in your space, so hopefully, this article has helped you gain a better understanding of this ancient practice.

Plants for Optimizing Your Space

Bamboo Plant

From indoor plants to outdoor privacy screens, bamboo can function in nearly any environment. Bamboo signifies a life of good health and longevity. The image of Bamboo gives you the resilience to succeed in anything you undertake.

Bamboo is straight and it is believed that bamboo represents modesty, and strength, and never gives up because it continues to grow taller and taller. It is believed that bamboo can bring wealth to their family if it is planted in the prosperous region.

spiral-bamboo-plant-vastuPlacing lucky bamboo in the sunrise direction can help attract amazing health for everyone in the family.

Bamboo is symbolic of longevity due to its life span of 400-500 years.

Catharanthus roseus-Barmasi-Sadabahar

Barmasi or Sadabahar botanical name Catharanthus roseus,  also known as the “ever-blooming blossom”.


Place it on your balcony or personal garden for cheerful vibes.

Tulasi or Basil

Holy Basil or ‘Tulsi’ is considered to be highly auspicious.

The beauty of the basil plant is twofold. First of all, it is a pleasant aromator that boosts the energy of your entrance door. Secondly, it is fresh and invigorating.

Basil or Tulasi acts as a tonic for the house’s atmosphere.

holy-basil-vastu-plantDaily watering of a Basil plant is said to help you achieve financial success in life.

It is also believed that growing a basil plant in one’s home or garden has a spiritual healing effect on the environment.

Mint Plant

Mint is an herb that is beneficial for discovering new levels of understanding and communicating in the love and relationship sector.

To have prosperous and wealthy vibes in your life, try using mint.

mint-plant-vastuPlace a fresh mint under a pillow to receive messages from the Divine and the Universe.

Placing a mint plant near a window in the bedroom can ward off nightmares and evil spirits.

Keep the dried herbs near the office desk to attract prosperity and abundance at work.

Mint can also keep around sick people to drive off negative energy from sickness.


lavender-plant-vastuA sachet of lavender sprinkled on the cushions of your bed ensures a more restful night’s sleep. It calms nerves and promotes health.

Lavender is used to attract love and commitment in relationships. This herb is pleasant and sensual. Place it in the window area of the couple’s bedroom.

Jade plant

Jade plants are roundish and succulent with leaf shapes that resemble coins that symbolize an abundance of wealth. It generates positive energies and activates wealth luck.


The jade plant is said to bring good fortune, wealth, prosperity, and happiness to the home. It may live up to 100 years. Jade is a perfect plant for both your home and office.

Keeping a jade plant close to the cash register or cash box is also a good idea to improve the money flow

Placing a jade Vastu plant near the business entrance is thought to bring prosperity and success to new business owners. The plant will start showing its impact in a few days.

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Fern morpanki

The fern is a great natural air purifier, as well as a great welcoming plant. Place it in your workspace or entrance area to ensure good energy. This lush species is also one of the greatest natural air purifiers.

 fern-morpanki-vastu-plantIt’s a perfect trailing plant to be placed in your bathroom or on top of a bookshelf. 

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Cherry Blossom

Cherry blossoms act as a powerful symbol that reminds us of the transient nature of life and the possibilities for fresh starts in areas such as love, well-being, and work.

For the space lifting to higher vibes, they are frequently used to represent healing, the start of a new phase in a romantic relationship, or as assistance in pursuing professional goals.


Jasmine (Mogra)

According to ancient literature, the flower jasmine symbolizes gratitude, love, and success.  Jasmine also signifies happiness in relationships.

jasmine-vastu-plantThe Jasmine (mogra) is a calm and kind luck plant that is perfect for the home. It has a wonderful fragrance and is said to reduce stress and promote relaxation

The lovely plant should be planted in a room where you will spend quality time with your family. The sweet aroma of the plant will remove the negative energy and make the room pleasant.


Vastu plants are an important part of any well-balanced space. In fact, they can make up anywhere between 10% and 30% of your environment. With proper placement and selection, they can improve the quality of air in your home, create an environment that attracts good energy, and even help you develop spiritual energy. You can even use plants to repel bad or unwanted energies and bring in positive ones! Hope this article has helped you gain a better understanding of this ancient practice.

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