Stagnant energy in your space damaging your life- Vastu view

Stagnant energy

Energy is like water. When it flows effortlessly, it moves freely. Our space is very similar to the body. When we have accumulated stagnant energy around us, we feel exhausted, drained and sick. It creates a negative field that occupies your mind and body.

How stagnant energy is generated according to Vastu Shastra?

  • Your home can hold the energy of all the events, emotions, people, and activities that have taken place in the space. Some negative conversation or incidence may have taken place during the course of time. Space is now considered as a new medicine.
  • Some people are like a carrier who brings bad vibes with them from an energy polluted space. Such people are highly negative and jealous. To avoid them installing their bad vibes, simply disconnect with such people to avoid a series of a problem in your life. They like to put others down. Many sensitive people immediately feel tense and unhappy around them.
  • If your house is located in a heavy traffic area, it may cause your space to be a non-healthy home. Research has linked traffic to negative mental health outcomes, including stress and frustration. Many people will consider such noise to be negative, so the price will be lower especially in the residential zone. Pollution level in such an area is very high which contributes to stress.
  • Stressed homes are always full of clutter. Messy and unorganized homes contribute to stress. You should realize that unnecessary stuff is holding you back as opposed to bringing you happiness.

Sign of stagnant energy

  • Do you feel tired or lethargic?
  • Stand still career
  • Negative thoughts
  • Unmotivated or unfocused
  • Easily triggered by others emotions or reactions
  • Headaches or dizziness
  • Pain or aches, particularly in the back and shoulders
  • Weakened immunity
  • Stress and anxiety
  • A lack of energy or constantly hungry
  • An inability to make a decision
  • Your libido is weak or insatiable
  • Irritability or erratic emotions
  • A tendency to repeat the same mistakes
  • Ascension symptoms
  • You feel unsettled at your place

These are all signs of energy blocks which can manifest in and around your body due to stress, fear, negative thinking, and illness. This energy robs you from your vitality and wellbeing

Stagnant energy affects immune systems that lead to illness and sabotages our growth in any area of our life. Over 70% of illnesses are related to stress.

Vastu corrections for stressful space


plants vastuPlants have a greater contribution to a healthy human life apart from the source of oxygen. We all love to be surrounded by a healthy green environment.  The energy of plants is associated with freshness, fertility, nutrition, and growth.  It refreshes your mind.  Plants, trees, and happy animals have high levels of positive energy. You should surround yourself with nature as much as possible in order to release excess levels of negative energy. It makes you feel happy and rejuvenated.

Growing a number of trees, plants and flowers around your house increase the positive energy levels, the larger the trees the higher the vibration. Especially, aromatic plants in the North-West zone of the house gives good Vastu benefits.

Recently. Researchers published a study showing that living near lots of trees or other vegetation can actually extend a woman’s lifespan. The authors of that study cited three potential reasons green spaces might improve health: they provide inviting places to exercise, create opportunities to socialize, and they reduce stress.

Water element

Water fountains, as well as running ponds, create a positive atmosphere which attracts Birds, butterflies, and little animals to your garden increasing the positive energy around your house.  It is the best tool to get relaxation from harmful stress.


Vastu paintings for homeChoose to display positive paintings or objects in your personal as well as working surrounding

A study conducted by the University of Westminster reveals that participants’ stress levels decreased after a lunchtime visit to an art gallery. As reported by participants their stress levels before entering the gallery and then spent 35 minutes exploring the space in any way they wanted. Upon exiting, they expressed being less stressed. Furthermore, they also had lower concentrations of cortisol, commonly known as the stress hormone.

Paintings of Green Mountain, fishes, flowing river, birds, etc. improves the flow of positive vibes in your space.

A room hung with pictures is a room hung with thoughts. ~ Joshua Reynolds quotes.

How it will benefit us when it is cleared?

  • It cures serious leakages of vital energy.
  • Clearing stagnant energy will transform your life as well as your relationship with your family.
  • It will help you to bring more positive circumstances into your life.
  • You feel wrapped in a natural environment.
  • It helps you to start every day well inspired.
  • You will have a focused and productive day.
  • Your stress level will be lower
  • You will minimize the scatter in your life.
  • Makes life much easier, more productive and more enjoyable.

Stress-free environment rejuvenates and keeps you in a state of joy, happiness, and good health.

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Nitien Parmar
Nitien Parmar