Vastu for T junction property

Why T junction is considered bad as per Vastu Shastra?

Energy flow at the T junction hits the home with harmful energy. Such a plot or home can be problematic, and ignoring the situation could harm the fate of the occupant. A defective Vastu internal plan, along with a T junction location, multiplies the negative effect on the house. Such properties are constantly hit by toxic energies. The surroundings of the T junction are more polluted in the air and therefore harmful to the nearby residences. Although some t junctions are worse than others depending on vehicular movement and the size of the road.

Why did the buyer turn down the offer on the T junction property?

T junction is a 3-way intersection. It is also called a street focus or veedhi shoola (in India). Most realtors are well aware that the majority of buyers and investors almost always avoid properties located at the t junction. In many countries, people do not make good offers due to such street-focused locations. Even many Feng Shui masters advise their clients to avoid such premises. Many sellers of such properties find themselves losing a buyer even with a good offer. Buyers do not contact them again after visiting such properties.

People do not want their hard-earned money to go into bad investment choices. According to Vastu, the effect of such a road is severe, when projected from the South. According to research in Vastu, many construction projects were delayed due to their location at t junction.

Effects of T junction (street focus or veedhi shoola) as per Vastu Shastra

  • It impacts personal and professional relationships, thereby resulting in the failure of a business and personal relationships. Such property is considered a bad choice even for investment, as per Vastu.
  • It could become a cause for rejection or cancellation on the business or job front.
  • T-junctions can create barriers that prevent successful relationships and personal happiness, leading people down paths towards failed love lives or unconsummated marriages.
  • T-junction properties are not sold at good prices, even if they are in prime locations.
  • There is a frequent sickness issue at the building located at the T-junction.
  • According to Vastu,  people in such a house are found to lack patience, be tense, and be be stressed.
  • According to the study, many times you will see that a business will change owners frequently or sell out completely.  In India, industrialists never buy a plot with veedhi shoola or street focus.
  • Continuous flashing of lights from the t junction road disturbs the energy pattern of the building. It is more damaging when it goes through your master bedroom at night.
  • According to Vastu, the street focus at the east of southeast, west of southwest, north of northwest, and south for southwest has a seriously bad effect.
  • Finally, a road with light traffic has a minimum effect of street focus on the home. Therefore do not worry, if you have a small lane with very little movement. Vastu impact is minimal.

Should I buy this house at a T-intersection?- A Case Study


The following is a summary of the Vastu evaluation request we’ve received from the client at San Ramon, CA (USA). 

This was an amazing Vastu-compliant layout as per Vastu. All good features prevailed within this house’s plan. Despite the favorable score that our system gave to this home, we advised them not to buy it because there’s one major flaw in its design: a T-junction towards the northwest side of their property!

Consider the external surroundings and internal plan before declaring whether a T intersection is good or bad as per Vastu.

Do not worry, if you have a T-junction property

The following are a  few ways to adjust and offset the energy flow coming toward the house from the t junctions:-

  • Consider the door towards the other auspicious direction of the residential or business property. A front door from street focus is highly bad Vastu.
  • Do a virtual correction by using a crystal strip boundary facing the road, since this is a most simple remedy for protection from the T junction.
  • Grow bamboo plants to slow down the negative energy. Plants absorb sound and reduce the noise level. 
  • Use metal strips made of copper, brass, or lead, according to the direction of the T point. In addition to the above, you can join strips with metal wire. Vastu consultant will suggest a number of strips based on the size of the premises.
  • Build a high and thick wall facing the road. It reduces the negative impact. Consequently, it will restrict the road view at the t junction.
  • Contact a consultant, he/she might be able to help you turn the bad situation into a favorable condition for you.

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