Vastu Onsite Consultation

Onsite vastu consultation

Onsite Vastu Consultation

Experts at will provide you with high-quality, authentic, reliable, professional onsite Vastu consultation service. Our services include an in-depth assessment of your space based on traditional Vastu combined with modern space healing techniques. Vastu directs the energy in your home toward the spaces so that it will enhance your intention and reinforce your vision.

Personal site inspection helps us to understand the build and unbuilt environment. During the survey, we walk around the property to understand the external as well as internal placements.
We use various tools during the consultation which include dowsing rods, pendulums, protractors, a professional compass, element, and bar charts. Thanks to our thousands of clients who have graciously been inviting our experts into their homes and businesses for more than two decades to do Vastu consultations for them. Every home, business, and situation is unique and therefore needs a unique application of Vastu during a site visit consultation. Consequently, all of our consultations are tailored to meet the needs of the individual case.
You will receive a personalized professional Vastu report within 7 days after the consultation.

On-Site Consultation Process

  1. On the first visit, our expert will make a site visit. He will survey the entire location for the Vastu assessment.
  2. Assessment is based on the main door, the shape of house, bed and bedroom location, kitchen and also bathrooms.
  3. We send a detailed report within 3 working days. 
  4. Move-In date is provided for more auspiciousness.

Our report will include:-

A. Vastu design with two alternatives. This includes the plan without making breakages.
B. Vastu index of the space. This will show the strength of the premises.
C. Vastu corrections for Vastu fault, if any
D. Improving the premises for good fortune by using space healing methods.
E. Internal planning as per Vastu for home or office
F. External planning as per Vaastu.
G. Empowering specific area requiring a more attentiveness like the bedroom, kitchen or kids area.
H. Marma Zones, Bar chart, and  Zonal occupancy Chart. Charts are especially relevant in the evaluation of the property.
I. Using colors for space lifting.

A detailed report will also highlight:

  • How to attract  positive energies for the entire family in the house for personal growth and well-being;
  • How to avoid activating negative influences;
  • Ideal colors for every room;
  • Ideal furniture arrangement for each room;
  • Auspicious rooms for each person in the house  with specific functions
  • Defects in the house and its Vastu remedies;
  • Analysis of  external layout and its impact
  • Activating and aligning all five key elements of Vastu.
  • Energy test with the dowsing techniques
  • Location of the energy as well as power spot  including how to bring this into the home;

Each Vastu consultation includes a detailed written report and follow-up phone and also free email support for the property consulted. team provides confidential onsite Vastu consultation services covering many areas of India. So if you would like to discuss your requirements for a consultation, please feel free to call us or write to us in detail.
To know consultation charges, please Contact us or call us at 91-9987140064 (India)

Our Vastu Report

During the consultation, you will receive a 15+ page detailed Vastu report. This will cover placements as well as recommendations. This will help you to design your dream house. Forward our Vastu design recommendations to your architect or interior. Most important, incorporate all key suggestions into the final design. Click to know more about Residential Vastu

Vastu Consultation Fees

Charges for an onsite consultation vary depending on the size of your premises, location and traveling time.

 Vastu Element Occupancy Chart & Vastu Bar Charts

Onsite vastu consultationOnsite vastu consultation

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