Vastu Centre of your home- Brahmasthan

brahmasthan-vastuBrahmasthan, A center is the “heart of the house. It is the main power spot where energy is strongest in the house.  The Vastu center of the house is also called a distribution point from where energy spreads to all directions in the house.  Many people perform meditation in the center to connect themselves with a  cosmic orbit, hence it is a breathing space within the premises.

Brahmasthan – Cosmically connected 

Energy flows out from the midpoint to all directions and influences the energy in all eight directions. Each constructed space is a small universe connected to the cosmic universe. The life force moves from the middle of the structure to outer space and back again. It is necessary to keep this space free from any obstructions. 

center-square-selected-in-layout-gridThe centre of the house relates physically to your navel (nabhi-neval). Many issues related to health (weight gain, constipation, etc.) and wealth (instability, balancing, etc) are associated with the central zone of your house.

A brahmasthan is a real power spot

  • The Centre of the house nourishes other areas of your house. Hence it is necessary to have this area open and clearly visible. It is a Marmasthan (center) of the Vastu. Vastu strictly prohibits any heavy structure in the center (Brahmasthan).
  • If there is a pillar, toilet, or kitchen in the center, the occupant of the house tends to have a life with lots of struggles. The Centre of the house is unfavorable if it is blocked by the bathroom, staircase, or kitchen.
  • A lot of current buildings have a secret column built into their dividing walls towards the centre, which can be a source of a serious Vastu defect.
  • When the center of a house is missing in the layout, it invites lots of trouble for the owner and his/her family.
  • A staircase in the middle of the house is like having a hole pierced in your heart and it may result in a stressful life.

Centre, Open to sky

Many homes have their central area open to the sky. Openness is a key in the house as per Vastu. Such homes enjoy maximum Vastu benefits. It also helps in correcting or neutralizing any defect inside the home.  

brahma-pada-vastuImportant tips on the Vastu Center of the house:- 

  • Avoid the borewell, and underground water tank in the middle of your premises.
  • It is not advisable to place bedrooms in the middle area.
  • Stay away from the power plant, electric framework, or principal circuit breaker located at the Vastu center.
  • Never plan the basement in the center of the premises.
  • Avoid the toilet, staircase, kitchen, or pillar in the Vastu center of your house. The center stairs that connect the upper and lower levels of this house create a sense of instability, as one moves from up to down.
  • Central space open to the sky is highly beneficial. Ideally, the central area should be a living area or passage in the home.
  • Avoid plants or rock gardens in this zone.
  • Avoid painting a mountain in the central area. Such a painting will symbolically create a load in the middle.
  • Refrain from placing a fish tank in the middle area.
  • Refrain from placing any bulky objects such as cupboards, money safes, or couches in the middle of the residence.
  • Industries should stay away from keeping machines, materials, or implements in the middle area of the workspace. Otherwise, intensive Vastu remedies must be implemented.

Check before you buy

While buying a new house, get your plan checked as per Vastu before buying a new house. This will help you to avoid any major Vastu defects in the new house.

Remember, the Universe is cosmically connected to the central part of your place. Do not ignore any defect in the central zone. Keep this zone open and full of light to bring joy into all aspects of life, from relationships to finances.

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Nitien Parmar
Nitien Parmar