Major vastu defects

Major Vastu Defects

Life is full of opportunities as well as challenges. If your life is far from abundance and wonderful feeling, then you are staying in a house which may have some serious Vastu defects.

According to the Vastu Shastra (a cosmic science of space healing), your surroundings should be productive and harmonious. Negative placements in the space create major Vastu defects. Major Vastu defects are like toxins in your personal environment. These types of serious Vastu defects create imbalance and disharmony in the home. These defects often bring many obstacles and uncertainties in life.  Furthermore, some of the defects create a serious block on your wealth luck according to Vastu Shastra.

If you are looking for a new home, you should avoid a house with the Vastu defects falling under the “Major Vastu defects” category. Such non-Vastu buildings are the most dangerous. It is not good for your health and happiness.

Major Vastu Defects with Effects

Staircase in the northeast

Effect:- Serious stress to the owner of the house

Toilets in the northeast

Effect:- Financial losses, Job – career issue, surgeries

The toilet in the South West

Effects:- Negative energy, Short life, a Relationship  issue

The toilet in the centre of the house

Effects:- Serious bad luck, health, wealth & also a relationship may be affected

Kitchen in the northeast

Effects:– Quarrels, Misfortune and, almost serious bad luck.

The door in the south-west

Effects:- Accident, Serious bad luck

Staircase in centre of the house

Effects:- Serious bad luck for entire family affecting health & wealth

Basement in the south-west

Effects:- Either the head of the family or elder son will suffer

Slope towards the south-west

Effects:- Unwanted expenses, short life

Hill or mountain in the northeast

Effects:- Financial losses. A person will be staring at a mountain of debt in spite of your higher income.

The higher road at a northeast

Effects:- Loss in business, loss of job

Underground water tank either at south-west or south-east

Effects:- Damage to owners of the house

Bedroom in the south-east

Effects:- Divorce, Quarrels, Health issues

A pole in front of the main door. An electric pole, telephone pole or also a tree opposite the main door are the obstructions.

Effects:- As a result, it creates obstacles in the all-important work of the inhabitants.

Extended South-West corner

Effects:- As a result, a financial loss  & troublesome  life to a senior  female member in the house

Missing North-East corner

Effects:- Bad impact on an Upcoming generation, chronic health problem and, physical deformity. It required strong Vastu remedies.

Missing South-West corner

Effects:- Unwanted expenses, Litigation, Health issue and, also  Financial losses. A person will experience mental as well as physical fatigue.

What should you do to protect yourself and your family from the major Vastu defects?

Any major Vastu defects required immediate attention to avoid major calamities. As a result, Vastu defect left unattended creates a serious problem in the personal as well as professional life. Many defects can be easily modified or corrected by using Vastu remedies under the guidance of an expert Vastu consultant.

A living example of defective Vastu ” Indian Parliament Building”


In spite of good leadership and governance, India has a carnival of multiple political issues.

The Indian parliament building is in a circular shape. Since there is no orientation to the particular direction, it has many negative impacts according to Vastu. Continuity and stability are always missing in the circular shape constructions. Indian parliament building does not possess any positive Vastu element. Ideally, construction should be made in a rectangular shape. It symbolizes upward progressive development and offers a protective environment through its strong positive vibrations.

indian-parliament-vastuThe entire parliament complex is on a triangular shape plot. Triangular is a highly destructive shape according to Vastu. Triangular plots are disoriented and unbalanced, which does not create a good working environment. In such a building, the government can nevertheless create a workable situation. India can not afford to have a flickering and unstable centre which in turn causes civil unrest, political riots and instability.

In order for a government to be powerful, the building that conducts its daily functions must have a strong Vastu arrangement. Also, their offices should be oriented in true directions.

According to The Telegraph “Hong Kong has admitted to spending millions of pounds in order to rebalance the feng shui (Chinese version of Vastu) of its construction projects.”

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Nitien Parmar
Nitien Parmar