Residential Vastu Consultation

Residential Vastu

Vastu provides you with specific guidelines that can be applied to any home environment. As a result, it increases your feelings of comfort and auspiciousness. The benefits that are achieved with the application of Vastu are not the result of any magic or luck. Rather, Vastu aligns key elements in your environment in order to generate more positive vibes. It also minimizes the negatives.

Residential Vastu is all about creating a positive environment to promote wealth, health, harmony, and success. The quality of your personal environment affects your life in many ways. Authentic Vastu suggestions can assist you in improving your existing home, or help you design and build a new one. 


What do we assess during a Vastu Analysis of the residence?

  • Survey the external surrounding areas, paying particular attention to mountains, hills,
    buildings, roads and lanes, and water bodies such as lakes, rivers, canals, & ponds.
  • Determine the orientation of the house in terms of which way it faces
  • Determine the direction of the front entrance and its impact
  • Ascertain the facing direction of the compound gate, if any
  • Stimulate the good sectors & rectify the bad sectors
  • Figure out the most suitable spots for the kitchen stove, sink, dishwasher, and refrigerator.
  • Determine which members are best suited for which rooms based on the information.
    derived from the occupant’s family structure.
  • Figure out which room is the optimal one for work and where the study desk should be placed for the most effective studying.
  • Determine the good and bad sectors within the house.
  • Choose the most appropriate sleeping and bed positions.
  • Enhance the layout of the living and family rooms.
  • Determine the most suitable spot for the prayer.
  • Issues of significance to you and your family.

Vastu Benefits for Residential Vastu

The quality of your home environment affects your life in many ways. A professional Vastu consultant can assess your home’s effect on your health, happiness, career and prosperity, relationships, fertility, children’s success in school, and overall energy level. Vastu can assist you in improving your existing home, or help you find, design, and build a new one.

Using research-oriented  techniques, you will be able to harness the good energy in  the property to improve the following aspects:

  • Financial stability and enhanced wealth retention.
  • Attract lucrative Jobs as well as promotions.
  • Improvement in the health of the family members physically, mentally, and emotionally.
  • Good bonding and harmony in the relationship.
  • Find more academic success.
  • Feel more comfortable in your space.
  • Improve sleep, concentration, clarity, and decision-making

New Home

Ideally, the Vastu assessment for your home is best conducted before it is built. If you are thinking of building a new house or selecting a new house, it is best to consult us before commencement. As a result, the structure follows the key Vastu practices to harness the power of five key elements. This will automatically increase the prosperity-generating capacity of the home.

Services available for New Home

(A) Analyzing the strength of a new home before you make a purchase or rent them

There’s a lot of homework to be done before deciding to buy a home. It is a very big investment after all, and a bad purchase can leave you dealing with the consequences for years after. After lots of hunting and shortlisting all the best available homes, people often get confused about which one to choose as per Vastu. Making a rushed decision without considering a Vastu, might prove to be a wrong one in the future. You might find its impact in a few years after moving to the house.

Why is it so important to be careful about your choice of a new home?

From a Vastu perspective, your home offers an opportunity to improve your personal as well as professional life. Right space offers you a life of abundance. You will be able to accomplish more in your life.

Our Team will help you choose the best Vastu property from the multiple plans. 

(B) Provide you a Vastu plan for your new proposed apartment, villa, or duplex home

Is the floor plan of your house a good Vastu plan? What makes a good floor plan and how can you make the best with the available structure?

Vastu design helps you feel better and transform your work and home life. If you are in the very early stages of planning to build your home, do not skip the Vastu inputs in the plan.

Many decorative things that sound too good to be true are usually energetic garbage. Do not worry about whether your home décor is good-looking. The goal is to simply get the Vastu element balanced. It is time to find out what is good and what is not for your new home.

(C) Existing Residential premises

vastu benefit vastu consultantAre you experiencing bad health after moving into a new home?  Do you feel a lack of growth in your career?  Are you having frequent quarrels in the house?

If you are facing any of the above situations, chances are there might be some problems with the Vastu of your house.

When Vastu is followed in its true spirit, it will create the best possible environment for the entire family. It also helps in avoiding negative influences.

Nitien Parmar is a chief consultant at, with professional experience since 1991. He provides residential Vastu consultations all over India as well as abroad. 

We at can help you by using our results-oriented Vastu techniques. It helps to discover where the problem lies and provide the appropriate recommendations or solutions. This minimizes the impact of your problems. Recommendations will be made based on tested Vastu principles.  No major breakages or reconstruction works are involved unless requested by the client.

Contact us today to schedule your off-site or onsite residential Vastu consultation and quickly understand how Vastu can dramatically improve your home and your life.

What will happen if my house has a Vastu defect, maybe something serious?

A house with serious defects can cause frequent illnesses, loss of money, poor reputation,  relationship issues, and diminishing academic performance.