Vastu Surgery – Space healing techniques

Vastu Surgery – Space healing technique

Vastu creates a surrounding that protects & supports. It is believed to advance the lives, vision, and goals of the people who practice vastu in their home and business locations. Vastu surgery or some call it space healing techniques is a new approach to cutting off the negative space virtually. The sole purpose of Vastu surgery is to make an irregular shape of the premises back rather than a harmonious shape.

Your surrounding determines your future, nothing else. To succeed, you have to unlock the door of possibilities in your own surroundings.

Different places have different vibrations- some are positive and some negative or even neutral. A few spaces are called “stuck” spots which need Vastu corrections. Bad energy in your space can bring a significant problem in your life and you probably won’t even be aware of the correlation.

With space surgery, you can instantly shift the energy of any space in the desired direction.  Due to this such corrections does not require any demotion or breakages.

Few  Vastu surgery Techniques recommended by experts

Fixing strips either on the ceiling or under the floor.

Making a pyramid wall on the boundary.

Fixing Vastu bricks either inside the wall or under the flooring.

Finally, there is a long list of techniques that can be conducted under the supervision of expert Vastu consultant.

Vastu surgery is effective for following  defects

  • Extended corners.
  • The irregular shape of the plot
  • Corrections for cow face or lion face locations.
  • Corrections for wrong surroundings.
  • Bed-sharing a toilet wall.
  • Kitchen faces the toilet door.
  • T junction house.
  • Veedhishoola (Dead end road).
  • Geopathic stress.

Vastu surgery tools

  • Vastu copper partition strips
  • Brass partition strips.
  • Crystal dividers.
  • Crystal walls.
  • Copper/Crystal bricks.
  • Shift arrows.
  • Energy Plates.
  • Energy grids.
  • Geomancy pyramids.


  • Your space will be more coherent with peaceful feelings.
  • It enhances your space with the quality of vibes you want, as a result, you will feel blessed.
  • You can disconnect past influences that cause bad fortune, hence you can concentrate on more important things.
  • You get protection from the negative influences of vastu defects., therefore there are no severe obstacles in your life path.
  • Simple corrections using less expensive remedies yet highly effective.

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Nitien Parmar
Nitien Parmar