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While buying a new home, a sample flat may look glamorous but it comes with a few sets of issues. Vastu Certified Properties make your home appealing and inviting. Remember that Vastu alone will not help you to buy or sell your property. You need to have the right location, the right quotation, and the right estate broker. People who are buying a home want to make sure that they are moving or investing in a place with maximum Vastu compliance.

Vasu Certified Properties have the following features

Good entrance with counts for 30% of total Vastu Strength

It is very critical to have the main door according to Vastu as this is where both good and back luck enters and flows. One major principle of Vastu is that each premise has auspicious and inauspicious directions for locating the main door. A strong front entrance is important to attract positive energy into your home. The main entrance door is the transition area between your private life and the outer environment. The entrance towards the positive directions is sold faster and quickly booked by the investors during the launching stage of the project itself.

No negative location

A Good Vastu location ensures a good flow of air and energy throughout the house and surroundings. Vastu certified properties have no negative location.

Whether or not you believe in it, the principles of Vastu Shastra are good to consider for every location. Everyone strives for a bit more balance and harmony in their personal lives, so give some consideration to the surrounding location.

  • Location with more open space towards the north & east is most auspicious according to the Vastu.
  • A slope towards the north or east is a great location as per Vastu.
  • A tall building or mountain towards the southwest adds the Vastu strength of the premises. People become more successful & enjoy a higher reputation.

Avoid Serious Vastu Defects

Vastu defects are like illnesses in the body. No one wants to buy a sick property. Vastu defects like toilet or kitchen in the north-east, south-west or center, Missing North-East or South-West corner, Extended North-West, South-West or South-East Corner, Pillar in the Center, Staircase in the center or Northeast direction are serious Vastu defects. Vastu-certified properties have very few or no defects.

vastu-certified-property-1Make hidden corrections

Some vastu-certified properties come with hidden corrections. Any problem has more than one solution. There are very limited possibilities for corrections in an apartment or flat layout. Apply hidden corrections by using various Vastu remedies concealed in the wall, floor, or furniture.

At, we use Earth Healing Crystals, Brass, Zinc, Lead & copper metals, wooden pyramids, Yantra’s & Ratnas, etc. for hidden corrections during the stage of the construction or renovation.

Make visible corrections

Paintings, artwork, stones, and plants can be used to improve and make a property Vastu-friendly, providing visible corrections. Vastu recommended plants improve indoor and outdoor air quality which creates a comfortable atmosphere in any space. There are many trees and plants which are auspicious in certain directions which are helpful in correcting Vastu defects & also in improving the positive flow of energy around the location.

Paintings and symbols play a significant role in the Vastu interior of your home. A beautiful bird painting, landscape painting, wildlife, mountain, flowing river, blessing Buddha art, etc. represents universal energies. It can be placed in a home or office for inspiration & harmony

Following are the plans which are certified Vastu plans. There are plans which are 80% strength or maybe 75% strength. Ideally, plans above 75% are excellent in modern living apartments and business offices. It fits all its furniture and gadgets to its requirements

vastu certified propertiesvastu certified plans

Vastu-certified homes are more valued and appreciated by all who visit such premises. We have found significant improvement in the life of people who have settled in vastu-certified homes. Relationship flourishes in such homes. It should be noted that all properties cannot be certified but can be put under grading system A+. A. B+, B, C+ & C based on their layout.

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Nitien Parmar
Nitien Parmar