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Vastu for relationship

If your relationship suffers from arguments, aggressiveness, or disturbance, your first step should be to remove those negative influences from the relationship. Your home environment shapes your personality and also your love life. Balancing a space enormously improves life in all areas of life.

A poor house Vastu plan creates a disharmony. It may cause differences, lack of clarity, and also depression, which will in turn impacts relationship negatively.

The relationship symbol enhances family interaction and provides a feeling of being together.

A beautiful pair of birds in the bedroom signifies love and infinity. Avoid using birds in odd numbers.

Using art or paintings in your own bedroom design attracts loving energy. Ideally picture When you return home, there is greenery and a peaceful atmosphere. This is very helpful after spending an entire day surrounded by crowds and noise.

In a  home environment, parents and children should treat each other with respect and work through problems together. It protects children against emotional, psychological, learning, and, also social issues later in their life. You’ll preserve trust, and your relationship will become stronger.

Loving Vibrations for a Harmonious Relationship

Many times years of repetitive emotions and incidents develop weak energy in the surroundings. Every corner of your space including various objects holds energy from those who have visited the area or touched the things. The energy of a visiting person is absorbed into that particular area or object and the same can be stored for many years. A space clearing miraculously improves your personal space. It clears stuck energy and invites sparkling vibrations to your space resulting in a feeling of abundance in life. Use a spray bottle filled with spring water, holy water or maybe a few drops of rose oil. Spray around almost all the room once a week to clear your space energetically.

The positive energy flow through your space is essential to nourish your environment. Keep windows open for few hours in a day to dispel stale energy. Most noteworthy opening a window allows sunlight to bathe the house.

The soothing music of nature sound can help create a relaxing environment in the personal environment. Music speaks to your soul in different ways.  “One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.”  Bob Marley


Colour also plays a key role in setting a mood for any space.  Most noteworthy it attracts attention, harmonizes surrounding and even spark emotions for the love. Purple encourages fertility and pink rather activates the romantic mood. A  red increases sexual desire and green symbolizes a fruitful relationship.

Finally avoid radiations emitted by modern electrical & electronics-cell phones, cordless phones, and, also computers. It creates health issues like short-tempered, tiredness, irritations, and, also frustration.  Probably increasing the distance is particularly important in the bedroom or any other place where you spend long periods.

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Nitien Parmar
Nitien Parmar