Vastu Second Opinion

vastu second opinion

Long Distance Consultation – Vastu Second Opinion

If you are really concerned about your home after being consulted vastu expert for more than a year and things do not move the right way, you can seek a second opinion about your property.
Many consultants have a different solution for the same problem, but it may not have worked for all. Many of vastu experts have received their vastu skills from different institutions using a different theory. There are also many other factors which may be dominating a persons life.
The second opinion is not about comparing a vastu expert’s recommendations with an online search on google.

For the second opinion, we need the following information:-

  •   The layout of the property with right compass directions.
  •   Unsolved problems.
  •   New life challenge cropped up after the first consultation.
  •   Previous consultant report (if you can share).
  •  Vastu remedies applied during the first consultation.
    Our experts will analyze the situation & Vastu layout in detail. We shall provide second opinion report about the site and additionally recommend you an authentic Vastu solutions.
    To know consultation charges, please Contact us or call us on 91-9987140064 (India)

We also offer Online as well as Onsite Vastu Consultation Services for Home, Offices, Industries, Hotel & Hospitals. Get authentic and best services.

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