Do’s and Don’ts (Kitchen Vastu)

Do’s and Don’ts – Kitchen Vastu Shastra

vastu-kitchen-cookingThe kitchen is believed to be your own bank of nourishment. If your kitchen setup follows the principles of Vastu Shastra, you can enjoy your health. A clean, spacious and tidy kitchen is a symbol of health and prosperity. Crafting a nurturing, joyful, organized and inspiring cooking zone almost makes it truly the heart of the home. In modern life, the meaning of the kitchen has changed very dramatically. Today’s kitchens symbolize the personality of homeowners, along with their interior features, accessibility and comfort.

A kitchen Vastu has gained importance in house design. Fire and water are two prime elements in the kitchen and should be placed in a well-balanced manner to keep fighting energy away. Where to place the stove is important to maintain the intense fire energy. Since the stove represents the element of fire, it is best to place it in a location that is compatible with the energy of the fire. Be sure to consult to locate fire energy on the map !

Check out the following  don and Don’t Vastu tips  to help you get inspiration !

Do and Don’t about kitchen Vastu

Cluttered Sink

Do not clutter your sink area (water sink). Never pill up the sink. It should be sparkling and rather unblocked. Always keep it clean to enhance the cooling experience and rather bring high vibrational frequency. Your sink should  shine with cleanness.

Dirty dishes can make you sick. Putting the dish in the sink basically sets up a living scientific experiment in which all kinds of bacteria grow.


Your dirty dishes block the positive flow of water in your kitchen. Your kitchen’s water flow is analogous to your energy’s (health, vitality, money, etc.) flow. According to study, negative forces like “entities” or spirits are attracted to these sorts of messes and are neglected… So please clear them up!

Stove Burners

All knobs and burners on the stove or oven should be functional. The health of the lady will be affected if anything is wrong with the stove or oven. Everything on the stove should be working properly.

vastu for kitchen

When fire energy is working almost in your favor, fire flows through all burners smoothly. Non working or unused burners also mean neglected techniques and may not be able to take advantage of new opportunities in life.

Trash bin

When it comes to kitchen clutter, storing your waste bin out in the open is not only unpleasant but also detracts from the nourishment of the room. If you want to keep your kitchen nourishing, keep your waste bin hidden away. kitchen-trash-bin-vastu

A bad Vastu may be created if the trash can is placed in the northeastern zone of the kitchen. The northeast corner of every room is the auspicious zone. You can put the trash in the other remaining directions or use built-in trash cabinets to keep them hidden. Perhaps always use a trash can with a lid.

Cooking under the overhead beam

Do not place the stove under the overhead beam. The stove is a symbol of wealth and hence it should not have any heavy energy pressure from the top.

People with sensitive nervous systems can be negatively impacted by spending too much time cooking underneath beams

Joy of cooking at home

Cook frequently in the home rather than outside food. According to research at Cambridge ” Your longevity increases when you cook at home more frequently.”

No medicine in the Kitchen

Do not keep medicines in the kitchen.  Else, it may cause an increase in the dose of medicines year after year. Medicine means that there is an illness or other condition that needs to be treated, so keep medicines out of the kitchen.

Kitchen Shelves- No old papers

Old newspapers should not be kept on the shelves for the purpose of keeping crockery and jars on them. Because nobody wishes to read a stale newspaper.

Chipped plats- No No in the kitchen

It is disrespectful to eat from the chipped plates. The crockery is not showing any respect for your meal and it attracts stagnant energy. When the dishes, utensils, or cooking devices are chipped or no longer function, replace them.

When you eat on cracked plates, you’ll subconsciously welcome troubles and failures into your life.

Nourishing Shades

Colors like lemon yellow, pistachio green, also orange are nourishing for the cooking zone. Since the kitchen is represented by an element of fire, red and orange can create an energetic imbalance in the room and should be avoided. Plates, glasses and cutlery do not have to be new, but well-maintained ones shed good light and positivity on guests.

Plants in Kitchen

Healing herbs are closely tied to the kitchen, since cooking occurs there. Including fresh healing energy into the space as well as seasoning the food is just one of the many reasons why herbs should be cultivated in the kitchen. Basil, lemon grass and mint are just a few of the most popular herbs. You can also create healthy meals using herbs for attracting positive energy.

 mint-plant-kitchen-vastuAvoid thorny leaves and thorny plants to minimize unfavorable energy and accidents. Thorny plants give rise to tensions in the environment and should be avoided at any cost.

If you like fresh flowers, you can put them in a vase to add energy to your room.

Kitchen Storage

Clear out  and discard old and expired items as they can be a disturbing element. Anything that is spoiled or past its expiration date can accumulate stagnant energy. 

Try adding a healthier and more organic diet, especially fresh fruits and vegetables.

Art for the inspiration

An art you choose should inspire a healthy appetite and encourage family food enjoyment by painting pictures of people planting or harvesting food, or pictures of people eating together. Abstract art featuring fruit or other healthy eating images are also great options.

kitchen-art-waallSo choose artwork that promotes a healthy appetite, or promotes a sense of unity and the concept of cooking in general.

Fire it daily

It is also important to use the stove daily. Even boiling water on the stove daily when you are not cooking will help rejuvenate and activate  your wealth as well as career.

Planning a well-organized and harmonious kitchen arrangement means investing in your family’s fitness and happiness.

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Nitien Parmar
Nitien Parmar