Good vastu vs Bad vastu in home

Good Vastu vs Bad Vastu

Vastu shastra exclusively dealt with the surrounding landscape, directions, and internal layout. Every property should be examined that how much score a  house gets by way of good vs bad Vastu. If Vastu luck is in your favor miracle can happen.
Good luck or poor luck caused by harmony or disharmony in the home does not last forever. Vastu guidelines based on directions and elements offer simple techniques to enhance dwelling & workplaces. A bad Vastu placement could cause illness, losses, and serious misfortune.

Why do people suffer from bad Vastu?

Ancient Vastu practice suggests that when a person has bad luck or misfortune in life, he or she may be living in a space with a bad Vastu plan.

An experienced Vastu expert is the one who truly understands the interaction of five elements in the home. He will advise authentic Vastu remedies or enhancers based on a proper evaluation of the property. Vastu analysis indicates which direction or corner of the home becomes lucky for the person. It is absolutely necessary to understand the meaning of Vastu sectors and also its effects. So that negative  Vastu can be nullified and transform bad energy into good energy.


Following are the key requirements to have a positive  Vastu in your home:-

  • Locating a main door or entrance in the auspicious zone.
  • Kitchen (other fire equipment) in the fire zone.
  • Children’s bedrooms in the East or west sectors & its internal arrangements.
  • Prayer area in the tranquility zone.
  • The true location of windows, doors as well as  Ac units.
  • Open space as well as lobby  towards the North and east zone
  • Proper shape of the premises.
  • Master bedroom internal arrangements
  • Bathroom & toilets, its locations as well as  internal arrangements

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The true indicator of Positive Vaastu prevailing in the space:-

  • Lots of great opportunities
  • Promotions & growth in career
  • Excellent sound health
  • Happiness all the time
  • Children being a star performer in their studies
  • Harmony & Love in a relationship
  • Financial freedom
  • More investments and hence more gain
  • Flourish without pause
  • Refreshed as well as rejuvenated
  • Fortunate to do the right things at the right time

Poor Vastu indicators:-

  • A water tank or bore well in the southeast or southwest.
  • Toilets in then North-East, South-East or South-West zone.
  • Master Bedroom in the South-East.
  • Kitchen in the North-East or South-west.
  • Kitchen or Toilet in the Center of the home. A center is the heart of the home will cause serious bad luck.
  • Septic tank in north-east, south-west or Southeast
  • Pillar in center of the home
  • Missing corner towards the  north-east or south-west
  • Extended north-west, south-west or south-east corner
  • Mountain or hill towards the east or north direction of the property.
  • T junction or dead-end road property
  • The prayer room in the south-west
  • Staircase in Northeast
  • Staircase in the center- As a general rule, a staircase in the center is not a good location and needs a bit of immediate attention.
  • Bed under the overhead beam

Effects of Bad Vastu:-

  • Sleeplessness
  • Frequent illness and hospitalization
  • Depression
  • Lack of motivation and Unproductive thoughts
  • Negative energy
  • Financial worries as well as losses
  • disobedient children, also falling school grades.
  • Children would because of worry
  • Troubled Relationships
  • Medical emergencies
  • isolation, loneliness, and a touch of sadness.
  • Zero money in a bank account.
  • Work-related issues
  • There will be challenges and crises.

Finally, Bad Vaastu in the house or office requires immediate attention and corrections. Any defects, if not attended may harm your fortune. If you are inflexible and rigid, you will make no progress in life. When there is a problem in your life, it is necessary to realign, recreate, remold and replan your home environment.

Transform bad luck into good luck

With Vastu changes, you will find progress and stability in life and you will be capable of doing hard work. It brings unexpected windfall luck. You will find money pouring in with new work and new opportunities knocking on your door.

The role of luck in life’s success is far greater than we realize. When you are struggling with something for a long period of time, you need to start looking at your space.

It is a secret of many people that luck and opportunities have played a greater role in their life than any other factors. People have experienced themselves luckier when they have aligned their home with Vastu elements.  It is true that luck is not everything. Hard work, talent, skill, mindset, confidence, and intelligence are also the main contributors to success.

Be well prepared to capitalize on an opportunity created by good luck.

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Nitien Parmar
Nitien Parmar