14 inexpensive ways to improve your home energy as per vastu

When it comes to finding happiness, people seek it in different ways. For some, it may be found in better health or a more successful career, for others, it may be found in a successful relationship. Vastu, an ancient practice, has a lot to say about how to live a happy life.

What really makes a person happy: relationships with family and his surrounding environment. Happiness is nurtured at home which is enveloped in harmonious surroundings. There are simple and less expensive ways to improve happiness in the home.


14 Ways to improve your home energy as per Vastu

1. Research shows that having pleasant art can reduce cortisol, the ‘stress hormone’. A beautiful view of such art releases endorphins, a feel-good chemical that prevents stress and reduces pain. Viewing a good artwork engages you in the present moment.

A study from the University of Westminster found that participants’ stress levels decreased after a lunchtime visit to an art gallery. Participants self-reported their stress levels before entering the gallery and then spent 35 minutes exploring the space in any way they wanted. Upon exiting, they expressed being less stressed. Furthermore, they also had lower concentrations of cortisol, commonly known as the stress hormone.

2. To bring joy and motivation, you need to surround yourself with tools or boosters that are going to help you get through the day, a beautiful quote or affirmations. Place such inspiring quotes on the important place of the house, which you can see while roaming in the house. Do change the quotes at a regular interval so you do not ignore them due to repeated views.

3. Investment in a good water fountain is one of the sure ways to improve wealth flow. Flowing water is also considered to be soothing & relaxing. Place this waterfall in the tranquillity zone of your house.

4. Always surround your house with plants & trees which regulate good home energy in the surrounding. Plants bring freshness & goodness. Wherever plants grow there is ample growth in wealth & health.

5. Colour helps in harmonizing & creating good energy in the space. Each color is an expression of one of the five elements of Vastu Shastra. Colour is a universal language. It is a well-known fact that everything under the sun is affected by colors. It is a subconscious language that can be used effectively in our personal environment. A good mix of yellow and green in the kitchen creates a nourishing effect. Earth colors like brown and cream bring the quality of warmth in the bedroom.

6. A new Vastu wealth ship is highly recommended to increase and multiply the inflow of wealth by sailing it into a home or business. This ship is usually filled with money ingot, coins & precious gemstones.

7. Crystals are excellent to rebuild & support a family relationship. It strengthens the family bond. A large crystal in the corner of the living room will improve the vibes in the living area.

8. An arrangement of fresh fruit on the dining table signifies that the family has enough material wealth to eat, providing them with a sense of abundance.

9. Having a stack of books in the living room stimulates the intellectual capabilities of the family members.

10. Organize your bathroom. Keep it clean, Hygienic & smelling good. so that it can help you refresh & rejuvenated.

11. Using a chandelier is a very popular way of uplifting and enhancing positive energy in the home. You can use it in the living room or above the dining table.

12. Doormat apparently very small but one cannot deny its significance. Use doormat with something written positive like welcome or Hello and not like beware of dog.

13. The clear energy of your home frequently by using space clearing tools like a Tibetan bell or singing bowl. People have experienced good energy while walking to space purified with sound healing tools.

14. Wind element in the Vastu Shastra represents a relationship with the friends & business network. Using a wind chime in the wind zone of your house improves the wind quality & your relationship with the outside world.


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Nitien Parmar
Nitien Parmar