Resort Vastu Project at Boisar

About resort vastu project

Subject:- Consultation for resort Vastu project with marriage lawn and restaurant

A proposed resort has been located close to Chinchani beach with swimming pool, Bar, wedding destination and a private resort rooms.

resort vastu

Our Task Was

We have been assigned to draw a Vastu plan covering all requirements of the owner.

Requirements for resort Vastu:-

  1. Plot planning as per Vastu including slope and elevation
  2. Swimming pool for the resort as well as day visitors.
  3. Marriage or party  hall, stage and, also  lawn
  4. Kitchen as well as pantry location
  5. Storage for the kitchen
  6. Most auspicious location for the Borewell
  7. Location of power transformer, DG, and  also electrical room
  8. Zonewise plantations as per Vastu
  9. Staff quarters location as well as orientation.
  10. Administrative and receptions area
  11. Suggestions on the compound wall
  12. Bar area placements as per Vastu
  13. Planning of 16 rooms for the resort
  14. Parking space as well as
  15. Septic  tank location
  16. Watchmen as well as security


A site survey we conducted to check the accuracy of the direction as well as the shape of the plot.  We have used Dowsing Pendulum to find out the energy of the space in various locations.

Findings of Resort Vastu:-

  • Entrance to the project from the south-west zone needs a strong correction. Prosperity flows where the front entrance is in a positive location. If not, it should be corrected with strong Vastu remedies.
  • The irregular shape of the plot needs to be corrected with Vastu tools. The plot has cuts and extension mostly in all directions.
  • Relocated the proposed swimming pool from the southeast to the desired location.
  • Close down the borewell located at southwest. Bore well at the southwest causes delays, losses, and frequent obstacles.
  • Extension of the plot towards the northeast is found very positive and good for the growth
  • The proposed hotel, as well as the bar at the eastern zone, should be relocated.
  • Remove debris lying towards the north immediately. It may cause a delay in the project due to funding.
  • Careful planning is needed as per Vastu for the south-facing hotel, cafe, resort, restaurant, or bar.
  • We have already done Vastu for hotels, restaurants, and also resorts in India as well as abroad, hence we have been asked to utilize our Vastu experience in this project by owners.


A project Vastu report based on resort Vastu in detail has been submitted to the owner with two Vastu options. Our Vastu report covered detailed  Vastu Zone planning as well as key Vastu Elements balancing.  Our team follows authentic vastu since 1991 based on space healing techniques.

  • Do space purification before beginning the project
  • Do plantation of the natural bamboo on both sides of the entrance passage to reduce the impact of South zone access.
  • Install lead block with a lead helix towards the southwest zone of the property.
  • Place the restaurant in the fire zone with an accurate location of the main door, bar, kitchen and, also guest seating.
  • Make a huge swimming pool along with a bore well towards the northeast zone at NE1 or NE3  zone.
  • Locate administrative office in the South-West zone (SW 2 or SW 3).
  • Make a marriage lawn in the east zone (zone for social gatherings as well as connectivity)
  • Create a higher boundary at the south-west zone by concealing a lead metal in the wall.
  • Locate all important doors in the auspicious zone.


Good Vastu for resort project rating “A “ indicates space will bring a tremendous amount of guest with repeat visits.

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