Commercial & Residential Project

About project

Period: December 2015
SubjectResidential and commercial projects in Kalyan

A newly proposed shopping and commercial building with a residential apartment on the backside.

Our Task Was

A plan was made for the plot with irregular shapes. Our team has been assigned the job of implementing Vastu.

Vastu findings

We have to make a physical survey of the plot to analyze and evaluate the possibilities of incorporating the maximum Vastu elements into the available plot at the proposed location.

  • The shape of the plot was triangular.
  • The plot was more north-south in length, which was good as per Vastu.
  • The wrong location of the project entrance needs to be shifted.
  • The level of the plot was lower than the road level. A negative slope as per Vastu.
  • The plot had a lion face (Sher-mukhi) at the front, which needs strong Vastu corrections.
  • A north zone was proposed to be used for construction workers’ accommodation during the construction period. These need relocation.
  • A site office is planned for the project.

Vastu Report on Residential and Commercial Projects

A report has mainly focused on the shape of the plot, which was against Vastu principles.

  • Install a Vastu boundary using copper strips for the irregular shape of the plot. Such a shape may cause many difficulties during construction. This should be corrected with suitable Vastu remedies under the supervision of Vastu experts.
  • Dig a borewell as well as an underground tank towards the northeast as per the markings provided in the Vastu plan.
  • Move the entrance and install the door energizers to activate the entry point(main entrance).
  • The earth zone has been marked for the site office to conduct and operate day-to-day administration work.
  • Construct a site office towards the Earth zone of the plot. Provide the same in the open space left around the proposed construction.


Project compliance as per Vastu 75%

Vastu Grading of Project “B”

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