Commercial & Residential Project

About project

Period Dec 2015
SubjectResidential & commercial  project in Kalyan

A newly proposed shopping commercial building with a residential apartment on backside.

Our Task Was

A plan was made on the plot with irregular shape. Company have give us a job of project vastu.


We have surveyed the plot to analyse the vastu applications at the proposed location.

  • Shape of the plot was triangular.
  • Plot was more on north-south length which was good as per vastu.
  • Entrance location marked on the project layout.
  • Level of the plot was lower than the road level.
  • Plot was a lion face at front which needs a vastu corrections.
  • Triangular top zone has been used for workers acccomodation during a construction period.
  • A site office at south-west has been marked on the layout.


A report has mainly focused on the shape of the plot which was against the vastu principles.

  • Install a Vastu boundary using copper strips for the irregular shape of the plot. Such shape may cause many difficulties during construction. They should be rather corrected with the suitable Vastu remedies under the supervision of Vastu experts.
  • Dig borewell as well as underground tank towards the northeast as per marking provided in the Vastu plan.
  • Fix door energizer to activate the front gate (main entrance).
  • Make construction material godown towards the southwest. Keep cement as well as heavy steel material towards the southwest.
  • Construct a site office towards the southwest of the plot. Provide the same in open space left around the proposed construction.


Project compliance as per vastu 75%

Vastu Grading of the projecct “B”