Large Spiritual Ashram Project

About project

Period: April-2012
Client: Confidential
Subject:Expansion of an existing ashram project

This large-spiritual-ashram was having a  beautiful landscape. Thousands of devotees flocking every day for sadhana, the blessing of Gurudev and pravachan.

Spirituality is an integrated part of the culture and daily life of the Indian.

An ashram is a sacred place that represents an opportunity to step away from worldly affairs and return to a simpler way of living.

Most of the ashram offers multiple activities for service seekers of all levels on the path to strengthen their sadhana and their spiritual progress.

Spiritual benefits of Ashram:-

  • Realize the evils of undivine life.
  • Advantage of leading a pure life.
  • Closer to God by praying in such a calm place for more and more strength.
  • It is a place to practice yoga, meditation, and also sadhana.
  • Ashram gives you the opportunity to escape from your daily routines and recharge yourself with divine power.
  • When a person starts a spiritual journey, it is like a rebirth, a new awakening into an unknown inner dimension.
  • It is a place to nourish your soul, deepen your spiritual practice and awaken to your true self.

Our Task Was

Existing premises was insufficient to cope with an increasing number of devotees. A new temple area, satsang hall, dining area and, also pujya guruji sthana has been proposed in new available land.

The ashram was already having an accommodation facility for the devotees who were frequently coming for the sadhana, pravachan,  and also blessing of the Gurudev. New additional accommodations were also in the expansion plan. Maximum devotees were visiting the ashram during the weekends and festival time.


A site visit was made for entire 200 acres of land with a key satsangi of the ashram. Our team has surveyed the entire layout of the 200 acres of the ashram.  They have noted each and every existing placement. This makes it easy to make a report on the evaluation of the site.

  • Location of proposed temple and Satsang hall towards the southwest zone is good as per Vastu.
  • Borewell towards the south-west which was a major source of water for the ashram is found to be a  serious Vastu defect.
  • Slope towards the southeast, as well as southwest, needs a Vastu treatment.
  • Relocation of Gurudev as well as trustees residences.
  • A map dowsing at north, northwest and temple zone mostly indicated positive vibrations.
  • A map dowsing at southwest was found almost negative. (since there was a Vastu defect).

Report on Ashram project

A detailed Vastu report has been done by team after surveying the site physically.  The layout, as well as suggestions, were prepared by applying five Vastu zones with authentic vastu.

  • Make bore well (a water body -Vastu element-water) at north-east. This is most important and always a priority for beginning any work.
  • Shift main gate i.e entrance towards the auspicious zone. Avoid using additional gate located towards the southwest.
  • Plan study room as well as library towards the northeast zone. This is most important activity of ashram. So it should be ina a tranquility zone as per Vastu.
  • Extend north east zone which improves the spiritual power of the site. So, acquire additional placed for the extension.
  • Do planning of Temple location, plantations, water body,  Satsang hall, Dining- kitchen, and also washrooms as per Vastu zone
  • Elevation and slopes are the keys in a bigger project. Follow Vastu rules to bring auspicious aura in the space.
  • Meditation is the important function of the ashram. Hence, plan it in open space towards the northeast.
  • Follow a space purification method to improve the site vibrations. Use sound purification method frequently in and around the ashram.
  • Dig more and more borewell towards the northeast zone. Do a cross bore for transferring water from the existing southwest borewell.


Good Vastu for ashram project rating A+ indicates space will be more helpful in improving the life of the devotees.

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