Follow this 4 steps of vastu routine every day

Vastu suggests some basic Vastu routines that create wellness and happiness in the house. You probably know what kind of feeling you have right now but have not noticed how your surroundings reflect and reinforce your feelings.

When space is free of obstacles, you feel inspired and uplifted, open-minded, and also much more energetic.

North-East corner – Your Attention, Please

The north-east sector of any premises corresponds to activities related to meditation, spirituality, and studies. According to the Vastu Shastra, this area is strongly recommended to have a prayer room or an altar.

Northeast being an energy sourcing zone, it requires daily monitoring. This direction is regarded as highly charged with divine cosmic energies.

1. Do not keep any heavy things in the northeast corner; as a result, it may obstruct your growth.
2. The dustbin in this corner could prove stressful in the home environment.

3. Meditating daily in this zone will help you connect with the universe. Offer space in the northeast, ask the universe to bless your home, and also make a visit to your home.
4. Keep water in the pot in this corner and replace it every day. As a result, it will bring a water element to your space.

Space Purification

You need to clean your premises energetically on a daily basis to improve vibrations in the house. Emotional stress and negativity in the house create a negative environment. You need to perform an almost regular cleansing of your space. You can use either a singing bowl or a Tibetan bell to generate positive vibes.

The sacred sound of these instruments can be generated by hitting the bowl and tracing the edge with the wooden stick counterclockwise. As a result, it brings healing & peaceful energy into the home. Furthermore, you will feel tranquility in your space.
singing bowl space healingtibetan bell vastu

The advantage of purifying your space on a daily basis as a vastu routine is:

Improves creativity
Improves communication
A feeling of peace and tranquility
Better relationship

Increase in vitality & energy
Sound-quality sleep


Cooking in your kitchen is a daily celebration of the infinite resources of the earth and your own health, good fortune, and abundance. It is known as a seat of your overall fortune as well as the fitness of your family.

A few simple vastu suggestions on a daily basis will improve your kitchen experience:
First of all, the kitchen should be bright, airy, and clutter-free.
All burners or knobs of the stove should be in almost perfect working condition
Do not keep used utensils in a sink for a longer time. So it does not pollute kitchen energy.


Keep the kitchen broom rather in a hidden manner.
Avoid keeping kitchen waste in the north-east zone of the kitchen.
Any broken crockery or non-working appliances should be tossed out.

Clutter-free home

How do you feel when your house is dirty and messy?

How do you feel when your house is clean and tidy?

“Pure” energy is more uplifting and blissful compared to chaotic and unclean energy, and this principle applies to your home as well.

As a daily Vastu routine, it is hard yet possible to live in a clutter-free environment. Most of the homes are full of things, indicating an excessive collection of stuff. Every day, time is lost in searching for important papers, bills, books, keys, etc. Removing extras from your environment will make way for new things that are necessary in your life.

In many households, it is common to find dirty dishes scattered and accumulating in the sink. The floors are rarely mopped and vacuuming only occurs when there are noticeable dirt or food particles on the ground. Dusting is not a priority for them either. To put it simply, their house is quite unsanitary.

When we tidy up our living space, both physically and energetically, our home and our mood experience a significant improvement. We often express this by saying, “The atmosphere feels so pleasant in here.” This is because cleanliness carries a lighter energy compared to dirtiness, and it is true that cleanliness is closely connected to a sense of spirituality or divinity.

Make a habit of clearing drawers, wall units, cupboards, etc. and consequently, you will find yourself more refreshing and cool in the home

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Nitien Parmar
Nitien Parmar