Vastu Consultation Thailand, Bangkok

About project

PeriodMay-Sep 2015
SubjectSetting up of New Plant

A successful company has planned an expansion unit at Pattaya (Thailand Bangkok) to venture new market.

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Our Task Was

Since it was ready to rent a factory in Thailand, our task was to make a  planning according to Industrial Vastu.

A first visit was made to survey a unit personally.  This helps in understanding the existing surrounding and building structure

A second visit was about planning a layout and execution of the proposed plan.

The third visit was about the functioning of the Vastu advice, it’s effect and, also auditing.


Stage-1. Planning of Machinery Zone
Stage-2. Planing of utilities
Stage-3 Administrative office

machinery as per vastu shastra
  • Key Vastu requirements
  • Location of all heavy imported machines and its utilities
  • Flow chart for the production process
  • Location of raw material as well as finished goods
  • Area for storeroom, tool room, and also a chemical tank
  • Roof height, slope, and also  material
  • The slope of the flooring as per Vastu
  • Workers restroom as well as canteen location
  • Location of key entrances
  • Location of windows and other doors
  • Area for  prayer (very important in Pattaya, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Location of water bodies i.e water tanks, septic tanks
  • Plantation and green zone
  • Admin office with directors, managers and, also staff seating positions as per Vastu
  • Parking location

Report, Industrial Vastu

A detailed vastu report with vastu layout done by  our team has been presented to the owner.

  • Place the research section in the northeast. A north-east zone is most ideal place to perform activities related to research and development.
  • Allocate the north-west zone for the finished goods department. Also, use this area for keeping washrooms, scraps and, also a few utilities.
  • Load the south-west zone with heavy machines. Place factory incharge cabin in the southwest zone.
  • Use the south-east zone area as a raw material godown as well as a storeroom.
  • Follow a Vastu recommended process flow for the material movement as well as the production process.
  • Place workers, material,s and office entrances in the auspicious zone.
  • Provide all electrical equipment in the south-west zone including transformers, DG sets, and electrical panels.
  • Place Directors, executives and, also office staff seating positions according to the Vastu recommended zones.
  • Create a green zone in the northwest direction to enhance wind elements.


A unit has been upgraded with vastu rating A+, a vastu compliant plan. located in Pattaya, Thailand (Bangkok).

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