Any Premises Can be Vastu Compliant

Statistics show that Vastu compliant properties are sold far quickly and probably at a better price.  Most of all such properties rather adhere to Vastu principles. People are willing to pay more to invest or stay in Vastu friendly homes.

What if you could find a Vastu compliant plan which brings you the luck of billionaires. Many people are fortunate to have a property which has blessed them with tremendous prosperity and good luck year after year. Vastu compliant property maximizes opportunities for happiness and abundance.
When your space is not in alignment, balancing the five key Vastu elements i.e. Fire, Water, Earth, Wind & space can restore efficiency and tranquility in your life. A true Vastu practice recognizes and utilizes the corrections where the smallest adjustments will make the most beneficial influence.

Vastu compliant       Remark

80% compliant        Excellent as per Vastu
70 to 80%               Good
50 to 70%                Average premises with Vastu corrections
Less than 50%        Vastu compliant for a temporary period

80% Vastu compliant properties:-

Such properties are made based on Vastu principles. Most noteworthy location of the main door, kitchen, bedroom & shape of property i.e home or offices in alignment with Vastu rule make such properties Vastu friendly. Such properties are high in demand and are sold immediately on an announcement of the project itself. Such properties do not require any major reconstructions. Enhance such space with simple yet effective Vastu tools. It attracts more opportunities and  wealth luck for the occupants.
Note:- We used Vastu harmony paintings, Vastu harmony crystals and prosperity rocks to enhance the house further for great positive energy.
vastu compliant houses

70 to 80% Vastu compliant properties:-

Note:- We used Vastu copper corners, Vastu magnetic swastika for an irregular shape. Extension of the northeast was balancing the defect of counter direction.
These properties are having Vastu design made for the convenience of buyers. It has a Vastu compliance in the ratio of 3:1 ( three good placements with one Vastu defect).
vastu compliant homes
50 to 70% Vastu compliant properties:-

Such properties are “good buy”  subject to strong Vastu corrections. It can reduce the severity of some life challenges which are especially relevant to your life goal. A true Vastu correction protects such premises from either minor or major Vastu defects.

Note:- Irregular shape has been corrected with the Vastu copper corners, Vastu copper bricks, Vastu helix, crystal strips, and  Vastu paintings. It also helps in balancing the Vastu elements.
vastu compliant houses

Less than 50% Vastu compliant properties:-(Short stay)

Vastu consultant does not recommend properties scoring less than 50%. They have multiple Vastu defects and corrections to such properties rather remain effective for the temporary duration. Therefore long stay in such a premise does not guarantee any good fortune.

Note:- All major Vastu defects have been rectified with the strong Vastu remedies. We used Vastu energy partitions, Vastu wall cladding crystals, personal healing crystals, Brahma pyramids and also ceiling corners.
vastu compliant plans
Finally, our team has developed research-based Vastu methods. It helps to calm down the effects of all Vastu faults which falls under the  Major Vastu defect category.


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Nitien Parmar
Nitien Parmar