Vastu Residential Project Mumbai

About Residential project

Vastu Consultation Period – Nov  2014
SubjectVastu Consultation for pemium Residential project in Mumbai
Client: Confidential

A multi-storied building residential project with individual apartments on each floor located in the premium area in the heart of Mumbai.

Our Task Was

Two-stage planning of the site.

  1. Plot Vastu planning:- This covers all Vastu planning for the surrounding of the building. It includes waterbody,  fire station, boundary, site office, open space, etc. as per Vastu for the residential project.
  2. Building Vastu Planning:- This includes planning the lift, lobby, staircase, overhead tank, society office, and parking as well as internal planning.

Key Vastu Findings

Survey of the existing plot by our team for stage one (plot vastu)

  • The plot was facing north with a longer north-south length which is considered the most ideal location as per Vastu.
  • A plot shape was rectangular, a most auspicious shape according to the Vastu.
  • The location of the road towards the north indicates a good return on investment by the construction company. It also showers prosperity to the occupant.
  • The project has already offer from many investors for pre-purchase.
  • After the demolition of the old structure, make the slope of the plot towards the North-east

Plot Vastu Process

  • A borewell as well as water tank marking in the plot as per Vastu
  •  Power station location (Vastu element-Fire)
  • Site office as well as it’s internal planning
  • Construction material storage i.e. cement, steel, stores, etc.
  • Location of workers quarters
  • Calculation of building margin. Open space requirements as per Vastu
  • The height as well as the width of the boundary wall according to the Vastu principles.
  • Plantations around the site
  • Parking space

Building Vastu Process

Stage two (Building  Vastu)

  • A building elevation
  • Staircase as well as lifts
  • Clubhouse
  • Overhead water tanks
  • Flooring as well as a tiling material
  • Shades in the lobby as well as individual home
  • the shape of the apartment
  • Individual apartment planning i.e. living room, kitchen, bedrooms, toilets, and also other utilities.

Residential project Report

Our report covered two options of Vastu layout for the plot, building & individual apartments for the residential project.

  • Shift the main entrance gate towards the auspicious zone.
  • Change building elevation to cover missing corner in the layout
  • The old tree should be replanted as shown in the layout Vastu report layout.
  • Shift the Kitchen toward the fire zone.
  • Create a slope of the plot towards the northeast.
  • Do space purification before beginning new construction.


Vastu strength of the Plot is rated as ” A+” which is good for a project to complete in time.

Vastu strength of the apartment rated as “A” indicates prosperity and positivity for a residential project.

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