Vastu for Bungalow at Lonavala

Vastu for Bungalow at Lonavala, Vastu Consultant in Lonavala

A Case Study

Being part of the Sahyadri hills, Lonavala offers an exciting and exhilarating experience of nature’s most gifted region. Lonavala is a popular hill station close to Mumbai and Pune with lots of hotels and resorts. It has always been a popular destination for weekend and second homes because it is accessible either by expressway, bus, and train.

More and more families are choosing Lonavala as their new home, since it provides a high quality of life and excellent transportation to Pune, Mumbai, and Navi Mumbai.

A client of ours just purchased a magnificent 4-bedroom bungalow in a villa development built by a renowned developer with a beautiful landscape and design by a well-known architect.

Ground floor plan key findings and  effects:

  • The apartment has a diagonal direction. As a result, it reduces the Vastu strength of the home.
  • A map shows the bathroom in North East which is  a Major Vastu defect (Indicates stressful home environment)
  • The door in the South-East zone is acceptable as per Vastu.
  • A layout shows a staircase in the East zone (missing social connectivity, solar energy blocked)
  • Kitchen in the South, South-East zone (strongest and positive fire element)
  • The drawing shows the seating arrangement in the living area towards the northeast  (facing the wrong direction)
  • A design shows an extended north-north-west zone (limited friendship networking)

Vastu suggestions:-

  • Remove the bathroom from the Northeast zone(Ishanya corner)  or use Vastu  helix (H-302), water pyramids & Vastu Kalash as a  remedy
  • Place sun made in brass or copper above the door from the inside (solar energy correction)
  • The seating arrangement should be made in such a way that while using a living area, family member faces north-east
  • Keep aromatic plants with wind pebbles on the northwest balcony, so as to correct the wrong extension. Read the article What are the effects of extended and missing corners as per Vastu?
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First-floor layout key findings & effects:-

  • The map shows bathroom-toilet towards the  North East (Indicates stressful home environment)
  • The design shows an open terrace in the south-west zone (captures harmful rays)
  • The drawing shows an extended north-north-west zone ( limited friendship networking)

Vastu suggestions:-

  • Remove the toilet from the Northeast zone(Ishanya corner)  or use the Vastu pyramid strip (B-101)  as a  remedy
  • Keep natural earth pebbles on the balcony with Prithvi spiral blocks
  • Keep natural earth crystals in the bedroom towards the southwest so as to enhance the earth element.
  • Place aromatic plants on the northwest balcony, since it has the wrong extension in the NW direction.

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