Vastu for Showroom and shop-Give best shopping experience

Retail business is considered a profitable and lucrative opportunity not only in metro cities but also in small towns. The Indian retail sector has emerged as one of the most attractive and fast-paced industries due to the entry of several big players.

Have you walked into any big retail showroom or shop and felt positive vibes all around?

Good Vastu layout helps the retail business to become a leader and successful in their segment. It makes the world of difference to your buyers, but only when they are designed to drive in the proper environment. In case you are remodeling or opening a retail store and want to guarantee success, you should research Vastu concepts for your space.

It adds value to your customers. As a result, you form deep customer relationships when you have hundreds of customers to manage.

Following are the key location that helps in the success of the retail store or showroom. Adhering to these pointers will attract positive energy to your store and help you to attract more buyers.

Front Door in a Successful Direction

Taking a few extra steps to make sure that your entrance is easy to navigate and that it feels welcoming will go a long way toward attracting more customers. Place a Vastu bell on your front door handle so that each time the door is opened or closed, the bell rings.

Plant a planter on either side of the outside entrance and fill it with round-leaved plants and flowers. Jade and palm are the best plants near the entrance.

Ready stock in the wind zone

In the Vastu theory, products are considered to have energy – positive or negative. To increase the number of sales in your store, you need to arrange the products in a way that maximizes their positive energy. Thanks to the laws of Vastu, you can easily achieve this.

Display location

A  display of products or samples can be placed in the northeast zone. This attracts quality buyers to the store. Visual appearance accounts for 90% of purchasing decisions.


A cashier or a store office in the stability zone helps the owner to have a  good command over the store. It should never be positioned in such a way that your back is to the entrance.


Colours based on elements and directions help to attract potential buyers like a magnet. Between 60% and 90% of the initial impression is determined by color. If the store’s environment is not appealing, 40 to 50% of shoppers will not return.

Are you aiming for female customers? Blue, purple, and green are your best colours.

If you’re targeting males, you’ll do well with blue, green, and black, but not with brown, orange, or purple

Vastu Case Study of Car Showroom

This was a wonderful challenge to offer advice to the running car showroom. We had the pleasure of working in many business establishments where few simplest adjustment has proved the positive result in a very short time.

vastu for shop

Vastu Findings:-

There was a curve shape elevation towards the west direction of the showroom.

Effect:- Curve shape towards the west impacts profit and gain from the business.

The location of the toilet block in the southeast zone was falling under the “Major Vastu defect” category.

Effect:- There was a lot of hard work from the sales team but target fulfillment was found to be always below the average level.

A server room in the north zone needs relocation.

Effect:- Pressure on the finance

Main Entrance towards the north-west for the customers and employees

Effect:– North West entrance brings a large number of buyers to the showroom

Mirrors were used so as to display the showroom as a large area on the southeast wall.

Effect:- Reflection of the main door in the mirror at the southeast wall impacts on few inquiries turning into sales.

Our Vastu Recommendations:-

  • A curve shape has been rectified by using a Vastu copper pyramid strip boundary to make premises in the square shape, a simple but effective virtual correction.
  • The bathroom block towards the southeast has been rectified with Vastu plants and a mountain salt.
  • A server at the north zone has been neutralized by using wooden sriparni pyramids.
  • The mirror facing the main entrance has been blocked by using a large promotional display as a simple correction.
  • The Earth zone has been strengthened by shifting the owner’s cabin towards the southwest from the existing south, and southeast zone.

vastu showroom vastu consultant


As a result, the conversion ratio of inquiry into sales has increased tremendously.

More space was needed for expansion as customer footfall has increased many folds.

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