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Knowing Vastu When Buying A Home

When buying a new home, many people are excited about the prospect of moving in and making it their own. But for those with little experience in real estate, buying a home can also be an intimidating prospect. Thankfully, the principles of Vastu can help you find a house that is not only beautiful but also aligned with your spiritual needs. With so much at stake when buying a home, knowing how to implement Vastu principles is essential to ending up with a home that lifts your spirits and your luck.

We’ve received a plan and a site layout from a new client, who wants us to evaluate a property in Thane.

We usually rely on the following checklist:-

  1. Element balance
  2. Location of the front door
  3. The shape of the house
  4. Various Vastu zones in the house
  5. Remote energy audit of the house.

Vastu Report Card of thane home- authenticate way of evaluating the property


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