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Vastu plays an important role in apartment living and buying a home. Vastu-compliant apartments are designed to optimize positive energy flow, improve well-being, enhance prosperity, promote harmonious relationships, and boost concentration and focus

Living in a Vastu-compliant apartment can positively impact physical and mental well-being, attract good fortune and wealth, facilitate harmonious relationships, and improve concentration. When buying a home, it is essential to consider Vastu principles, such as the direction of the entrance.

A case study on an apartment plan sent by the client from London

london apartment vastu vastu consultant

Vastu findings of the above apartment in London

ParticularVastu zoneEffect
Front EntranceNE ZoneSuccess (Also -ve illness)
Principle BedroomEarth ZoneStability
KitchenFire ZoneCash rich
Centre of the houseBrahmasthanHarmony
Bedroom-2East zoneGood for kids
Bathroom South zoneImpacts fame
shape of the houseReduction in NEPeace of mind lost

About the vastu Corrections:-

  • We can debunk the common misconceptions about Vastu. The majority of current residences and prebuilt structures do not need significant demolition or reconstruction when making Vastu adjustments.
  • One of the benefits of Vastu is that it allows you to experience significant improvements in your life by making simple yet effective changes. It’s important to note that Vastu is not a religious practice. Instead, it focuses on the principles of vibrational science, specifically in relation to the five elements of Earth, fire, water, space, and air. By aligning and balancing these elements, you can harness the positive energies of Vastu.

Vastu Axis

vastu axis london vastu consultant

Health Axis- Positive

Wealth Axis-Polluted due to bathrooms

Spiritual Axis- Posiitve

Vastu Recommendations for an apartment in London:-

  • Place a water pot with fresh flowers outside the entrance (Vastu element-water) to enhance the water element. Water represents movement, and the flow of energy, and is associated with emotional well-being, good fortune, reflection and clarity, wealth, relationships, and wisdom.
  • Place 27 prosperity copper coins in the bowl near the entrance. These coins are believed to have a spiritual magnetic capacity. It is important to choose authentic Feng Shui coins and be mindful of their placement to maximize their effectiveness
  • Write your house name in a copper effect or copper shade. It can serve as a way to personalize and identify your space. Displaying a name at the entrance can create a sense of ownership and pride, and it can also make your home feel more welcoming and inviting to guests. Additionally, it can help visitors easily identify the correct house, especially in situations where multiple houses or units are located in close proximity.
  • Enhance the center of the house by placing an energy balance copper plate either under the flooring or in the ceiling of the house. The center of the house holds great importance in Vastu Shastra as it represents the heart and core energy of the home. The energy radiated from the center affects all family members and plays a vital role in creating balance and harmony within the space. Positive and life-enhancing artwork can further enhance the energy in the center.
  • Enhance the northeast and east zones of the house by placing a study desk and library. the northeast corner of space holds special significance as it represents knowledge, relaxation, contemplation, and spirituality. the northeast corner is associated with education and intellectual pursuits. It is a space where one can tap into their learning potential and expand their knowledge. By paying attention to this area, individuals can enhance their intelligence, concentration, and test-taking luck.
  • Introduce a painting of a river towards the north zone of the house. River paintings hold significance in vastu as they represent the flow of energy and life. They symbolize movement, freedom, and the continuous flow of opportunities and abundance.
  • River paintings can help maintain a harmonious energy flow within a space and create a sense of tranquility and calmness. The imagery of a river can also be associated with the element of water, which is believed to attract wealth and prosperity according to Vastu principles. [Read the article on paintings and artwork as per Vastu
  • Use green shade in the cooking zone. Choosing the green color for your kitchen can enhance the overall energy and create a positive environment for cooking and nourishment
  • Place wall units, mirrors, and study desks in each bedroom as per the directions provided in the detailed Vastu report. Mirrors play a crucial role in Vastu design, offering versatile solutions for various requirements. However, it is essential to understand that not all mirrors are equally beneficial, and using the wrong shape or placement can have negative effects. In Vastu Shastra, mirrors are also referred to as Asprin.
  • In order to create a harmonious environment, it is recommended to incorporate different colors in each room of your house, based on the color chart provided in the Vastu report. The colors used in Vastu symbolize the five natural elements: fire, earth, space, water, and wind. These elements play a crucial role in influencing the flow of positive and negative energy. Each element is associated with a specific color, and it is important to maintain a balanced combination of these colors to establish a stable atmosphere Read the article on the significance of colous as per Vastu Shastra

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