Realign Your Home To Get Rid Of Negativity

You may or may not be consciously aware of your surrounding energy. Negativism (negative energy) or negativity can be rather challenging. More of our time is being taken from us because we’ve allowed our bodies and the external world to govern our lives. If you are experiencing a few positive changes and more negative things in life, then something is very wrong in the place you stay.

Think in this way- There is a person smoking, would you seat there all the time inhaling the second-hand smoke? You should try distancing yourself when surrounded by negative-minded people.

Negative Space

Negativity is one kind of “downer” that should have little space in your personal surrounding & your life. Science confirms that people absorb energy from others. Spending too much time in a negative Vastu space brings events like diseases, poverty, conflict, annoying neighbors, and slow progress in life.

These are incidents or events in life which cannot be easily erased or neutralized. Avoid the company of low or negative people who interfere with your personal aura. Such energy is not good for you and your family. Avoid them in your network, and avoid calling or thinking about them. Make yourself open to change, which brings new joyful options into your life.

According to Dr. Richard J Davidson, a neuroscientist & founder of the Center for healthy minds at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, negative feeling activates a region of the brain called the amygdala, which involves processing fear, anxiety, and other emotions. This indicates that getting rid of it is critical since negativity is detrimental to your general system, health, and well-being.

Chronic negativity drags everyone down and makes the family observe unpleasant vibes. Social media also pollutes our personal environment. It makes us tempted from the moment we awake. Modern communication is like a barrier that negatively impacts our work. It is a social noise.

Constant negativity can get in the way of happiness. It will produce more stress and could damage your health.  You feel that you are out of balance. With Vastu practice, you can learn to disrupt & tame the negative cycle.

Negative Vastu symtoms

  • You may suffer from mood swings and uncontrolled emotions.
  • There are marriage and harmony problems in life
  • Your mind is always in a negative mode, thinking negative thoughts and fearing the past and future.
  • You may have a hard time falling asleep at night.
  • You may be suffering from constant pain, which can make you feel a lack of energy.

How you can switch off the negativity button and Improve positivity:-

  • Sound energy is an ancient practice used for healing and space clearing. Play a Tibetan bell, singing bowl, or a simple metal bell to attract good energy and block bad energy. Also clapping in a clockwise manner once a week to brakes a negative energy pattern.
  • Do space purification on a daily basis. Mop the floor of your premises with sea salt or Himalayan salt twice a week. This will help in cleansing negativity from the house, especially in dark corners. It also helps to remove the mental blocks that get in your way. If you want to absorb all of the negative energy from the previous owners (for resale home) or that you fear is still stuck in your home, experts advocate pouring salt into the four corners of each room.
  • Spend your maximum time with people who grow your flame and avoid people who suck your life force away. Positive people have a natural magnetism and charisma that fascinates those around them. If you are repeatedly feeling down when you hang out with certain people, maybe it’s time to engage with more positive people. According to neuroscientists “ The critical part of the brain is “Dorsal striatum “ which always wants to do what you have done in the past. So make a good habit of positivity. So if you repeat a habit of networking with positive people and stay in a positive environment, you will move in the right direction in life.
  • Generate positive emotions from your daily activities. Write a few positive sentences in a book daily to align your creativity with your personal surroundings. As a result, this will help in decluttering your mind from residue generated through daily activities and improve positivity.
  • Use nice aroma fresheners or oils towards the North-West zone (direction of the wind) of your house to generate beneficial energy in the house which improves positivity. It will wash away negative thoughts.
  • Carry a pocket gratitude rock, which is an important tool in getting rid of negativity. Gratitude is like a vaccine, an antitoxin, and an antiseptic-John Henry Jowett
  • Finally and most noteworthy, your space should be clutter-free to attract and invite stress-free vibrations.

Align your space

You can enrich your life by arranging the space you create for yourself. So that those spaces may align you and your home with the universe.

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Nitien Parmar
Nitien Parmar