Reset & upgrade your house-Renovating a house-Vastu

Reset & Upgrade Your house – Renovating a House

A guest or visitor may be asking you “so, when are you going to flip this home”. Think renovation of home like a  surgery.  A true upgrade to your house means leaving the structure of the house as they are and replacing the fittings, artwork, paint, flooring, wiring, plumbing,  and also displays.

For people who stay tuned to a positive environment, their success and goal achievements are more automated and easily realized. Five Elements of Vastu i.e. Fire, water, Earth, Space, and Wind can be effectively used in aligning natural energy during the renovation. It will create a home that would nourish your soul.


Resetting is like redecorating rather than a big structural renovation. Upgrade your house is much more time-saver rather than building a new home. But if it is a very old house, a complete overhauling will transform its beauty and away you feel about the space. It is not necessary to install all new items or gadgets, simply fix up the old hardware, repaint the property and modify the furniture.

The best way to make your home more vibrant is by simple up-gradation rather than using expensive, high-end renovations.

Vastu is a metaphysical science and hence it has nothing to do with religion.

Reason to upgrade  your house

You feel like time is dragging on and nothing has changed. You might have lost motivation or energy for your goals, You feel an energy drain. Also, your surrounding may not have a positive vibration.

House may be having a major Vastu defect like bathrooms in the north-east or south-west, door in the negative zone, missing or extended corners, and negative surrounding.

A family has grown since shifting to an old house and there arises the demand for an increase in the space. You want to reallocate rooms to the grown children based on Vastu principles.

In some cases, the house may be very lucky for the first few years but may find inviting troubles in the next phase. This may be due to subsequent alteration in a negative way. You need to realign auspicious energy.

Home value is down compared to the market price of the property.

Frequent sickness is observed in the house. Sick energy due to poor Vastu needs strong corrections.

You may have memories connected to every corner of your house, but it is important that these negative ones are cleared from the space.

Over a period of time, everything wears and tears. Hence, It’s time for remolding.

Probably, you want your home to look more elegant and updated.

Our recommendations will help you adjust, fine-tune, re-energize and optimize your property to achieve your life goals.


  • The renovation and upgrading of your house will add to your comforts. Vastu compliant renovation enhances your vitality, your finances, your career, and every sector of your life.
  • Renovating a house is more efficient.
  • Upgrading your house will further enhance quality family time. It improves harmony and relationships.
  • Well renovated property gets higher rental value. People feel the positive vibrations when they visit the house for a survey. Hence it is necessary to keep property ungraded.
  • When a home is renovated, it appreciates its resale value.
  • The renovation adds more life and years to the property. The renovation adds youthful energy to the property that will make it feel new again.

Step by step

Every property has some potential for renovation, the secret is how you make a balanced plan.

A. Prepare a list of major positive or negative changes that happened in the house after shifting.

B. A list of major concerns in the house. E.g. a frequent sickness, slow career, toxic relationship and, also  business

C. A checklist of an area in which you wish to improve in life. It may be for good health, a relationship, a bigger home, foreign travel, or higher education.

D. Let a Vastu consultant evaluate the existing home and draw a new plan. Vastu Plans should be based on requirements and living areas to be addressed.

E. Finally, hire an Interior Designer or Architect to execute a plan with the Vastu recommendations provided by the Vastu experts.

Door, Windows, and Fittings

Your main door creates the first impression of your house. Get it repainted in positive colors based on the direction of the door. The main door should always be in a welcoming condition.

Install larger windows, which will make a way for natural energies to the house. According to Vastu, larger windows towards the east and north bring prosperous energy to your house.

If you are not changing the hardware fittings of your house, wipe all of them with sandalwood oil. It is used as a secret weapon in combating unfocused thoughts.

Upgrade your house with great Artwork

Placing Vastu-specific paintings or artwork enhances good luck and brings great fortune. It brings a harmonious energy pattern in the space. From ancient times, people are using sacred geometry to improvise their personal surroundings. Remember, negative art can impact the energy in your space. It is necessary that you know the direction of the wall and places appropriate Vastu recommended paintings. A painting of a tall mountain or hill may prove disaster towards the north or east wall of your house, whereas the flowing river in the north brings a tremendous amount of good luck for the house.


Colors have tremendous power over us and our surroundings. Based on directions and location, some colors fill us with joy and positivity, others may not seem so supportive. It is important to get information on which color will do brings positivity and good fortune to your house. Colors have a strong healing quality. Use proper colors according to the Vastu zones.

Flooring while renovating a house

Grey and Black colors are the worst for your building’s energy consumption. They suck up all that you want to be productive without even trying! In order to avoid this drain on resources, it is best not to use greys or blacks as flooring material within your personal environment  Earth is a  prime Vastu element. Earthly like brown, yellow and, ivory are most suitable for the flooring of the house. Avoid using white Makrana marble. Vastu experts recommend marble for religious places like Temple, mosques, and churches. There is no harm in using artificial marble or Italian marble on the premises.

Finally, your old house will shine again with the same positive memories. House will have awesome life-supporting energy.

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Nitien Parmar
Nitien Parmar