Industrial Vastu Consultation

Industrial Vastu Consultation

An Industrial Vastu consultation is designed to improve the premise’s vibrations to support the key functions of the business.

The goal of Vastu planning in the industries is to enable the business to utilize the best available Vastu elements. It ensures that each production activity is well supported. Vastu design will provide you with the blueprint of the design. It also covers the internal layout for your plant, including optimal support for each function.


Vastu system is found very important to any location because it improves the flow of energy. As a result, it increases productivity and performance. It guides you to enrich your business venture by utilizing natural elements and resources on one hand while you are focusing on your goals and targets. Vastu provides an all-weather super expressway to bring all-around prosperity to your business.

If you engage in an activity in the Vastu zone which is believed to be suitable for that activity, you will experience incredibly successful outcomes. On the other hand, if you do the same activity in an inappropriate Vastu zone, your results may be futile or even have a negative effect. Additionally, the natural power of the zone will be weakened because of the wrong activity.

Process of onsite Vastu consultation:

  • Site selection and site inspection. Select the best suitable plot for the quick commencement of the project.
  • Finding the strengths and weaknesses of the property.
  • Personal meetings to establish the needs and requirements of the business.
  • Understand the nature of business activities and process flow.
  • Identifying the best locations for various manufacturing functions.
  • Assessment of the proposed plan and arriving at the fine-tuned final plan.
  • Detailed Vastu report with structure layout that outlines ideal entrances, sections, and machinery placements.industrial-vastu

In Vastu consultation report covers:-

  • Best overall layout for a complete industrial plant.
  • Analysis of plot surroundings i.e. roads, rivers, hills, nearby buildings, etc.
  • External Vastu planning i..e main gate, waterbody, power stations, utility area, security, and ETP plants.
  • Machinery layout.
  • Location of various sections i.e raw material zone, tools room, storeroom, finished goods warehouse, etc.
  • Administrative office,  canteen, and conference rooms
  • Parking as well as dispatches.
  • Beneficial trees as well as plants around the location.
  • Valuable recommendations and insights to create the best environment for your business
  • Written instructions, guidelines, charts, tables, and also diagrams

After the onsite visit, you will receive a 30+ page-detailed Vastu report. It will cover all placements as well as recommendations based on Vastu. This will help you to design your new project setup or expand the existing one.

Alternate consultation option

Off-Site Remote Corporate Consultation

With a Remote Vastu Consultation, you have the unique opportunity to get professional business analysis anywhere in the world.

This can now be done with the help of Google Map location. With this, we can view the surrounding structure and landforms. It also helps us to get the exact magnetic compass orientation of your place. This goes into the calculation of Vastu strength with help of charts as well as graphs.

Remedies and Corrections

Any remedies applied in the business location should act as an easy channel of energy flow. Vastu techniques help in strengthening business goals.

Vastu fine-tunes those areas which are not in harmony with our goals. Effective and relevant remedies equate to good fortune and more business opportunities.

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  2. Share your current or proposed layout with an accurate google location

Upon receiving the above information, our team will contact you with the details on the Vastu process and charges for the same.

We are looking forward to balancing your manufacturing space!

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Our Industrial Vastu Expertise

As a Vastu consultant, we have provided our services to many industries located in GIDC, MIDC, RIICO, Boisar, Palghar, Ankleshwar, Surat, Vapi, Silvassa, Umbergaon, Valsad, Ahmedabad, Sarigam, Vadodara, Bhiwandi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Odisha, Goa, Pune, Solapur, Gulbarga, Baddi (Himachal), Surendra Nagar, Indore, etc. We have also done overseas onsite consultations in Amata (Thailand) Hamriyah and Sharjah (UAE).

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