Office Vastu Consultation

Office Vastu Consultation

In the world of reality, you do not get results based on the work you put in. You get results based on a combination of your hard work and your work environment. You can improve that last factor by getting your working space space aligned with the Vastu guidelines.

Vastu guides you on concrete action steps and practices which can lift your business to a higher experience of wealth. Without making your space energetic and aligned, the talent of your people will eventually fail quickly. New opportunities are on the horizon for the people who are well aware of their surroundings and taking care of the same. It will bring a bigger flow of beneficial energy to your location. Many companies have experienced a spontaneous improvement in their prosperity by making their location Vastu friendly.


What we assess during a Vastu analysis of business location

  • Survey the external surroundingĀ areas paying particular attention to mountains, hills,
    buildings, roads and lanes, and water bodies such as lakes, rivers, canals & ponds.
  • Shape as well as the size of the premises
  • Determine the orientation of the office in terms of which way it faces
  • Determine theĀ direction of the front entrance of the property and its impact
  • Ascertain the facing direction of the compound gate, if any
  • Stimulate the good sectors & rectifying the bad sectors
  • Figure out the most suitable spots for the office pantry along with the location for the stove, sink, dishwasher, and refrigerator.
  • Determine the good and bad sectors within the premises.
  • Determine the most suitable spot for the prayer.
  • Determine the ideal places for desks and optimal seating arrangements for important executives based on their rank and duties.
  • Key positioning i.e. CEO and directors
  • Seating layout of staff looking after administration, HR, Billings, and accounts
  • Decide on the optimal spot for the conference room where business deals and negations are discussed.
  • Identify theĀ best location for theĀ money zone.
  • Locations for servers and electrical rooms.
  • Colors, artwork, and paintings in and around the cabins as well as workstations.
  • Additional essential factors that are most significant to your organization.

The better your surroundings, the better your business gets.

How Vastu can help you?

  • Vastu helps you bring the best out of the people you lead, manage, or collaborate with.
  • Increase profits as well as goodwill
  • You will be fortunate to surround yourself with people who value building a real relationship that is mutually beneficial.Ā 
  • Strengthen business partnerships and client relationships
  • Employees will become more expressive, creative, dynamic, and self-confident.
  • Improve employee efficiency as well as productivity
  • Improve health and reduce sick time
  • Make spaces more inspiring and energetic
  • Increases the quantity and quality of your clientele. There will be opportunities to meet new business people.
  • Create an environment conducive to the realization of your business goals

Vastu Services Offered:

A. Evaluation Assessment or planning of new, prepurchase, or leasing office

B. EvaluationĀ  or Assessment or replanning of your existing office

Off-Site Remote Business Consultation

With a Remote Vastu Consultation, you have the unique opportunity to get a professional office Vastu evaluation anywhere in the world.

This can now be done with the help of Google Earth map, with which we can view the surrounding constructions and landforms. It also helps us to get the exact magnetic compass orientation of your location, which then goes into the calculation of the Vastu compatibility.

How to get a Remote office Vastu Consultation

We need the following information:-

  1. Your Office location
  2. Proposed plot or plot plan
  3. Proposed office layout
  4. Photographs of the external and internal areas of your site
  5. List your requirements

Contact us today to schedule your on-site or off-site consultation and quickly understand how Vastu can dramatically improve your business quickly and efficiently.

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