Shifting to a new home -Vastu guidelines


Shifting to a New Home

How can you create supportive energy for your new home? A new home means a new chapter in life. It will be beneficial to implement Vastu when moving to a new home because is simple and extremely effective to start off a new home with the right elements in your space.


What we all want is great energy, joyfulness, harmony, love, abundance, prosperity, and lots of opportunities in life. A home, on the other hand, is the place you retreat to after a long hard day at work. It is a place you want to be because it comforts you and you are proud to be its owner. It is the place that you want to keep well maintained because deep down you know if you take care of your home it will take care of you.

If you are buying a home from a reseller it is necessary to clear space from the negative vibes of the previous owner.

Why Clear Space while shifting to a new home?

When a person or his family stays at a particular premise for a longer period of time, the vibes, feelings, and energy of the person will be adopted by the space. It is almost necessary to freshen up a premise before it is occupied by a new owner. It may be possible that the previous occupant may have suffered from illness, bad fortune, or relationship issues.

Some Simple Vastu guidelines

On the day of shifting, do not quarrel, be angry, cry or scold children as this action symbolizes a lack of happy moments in the new home.
Place an idol of goddess Annapurna with a red pouch in the rice jar which symbolizes the abundance of prosperity for the family.

Do not use old brooms and mops in a new house. It may carry a residue of any negative vibes of an old house.
Enter a new home with a carrier containing fresh fruits, vegetables, precious ornaments, and currencies which symbolize good health as well as good fortune.

Colour signifies cheerfulness and family togetherness in a new home. Using a vibrant color like yellow, blue, white, or orange brings liveliness to the environment. Using excessive black, grey, or red creates sick energy in the home.
Avoid taking guests with you on a day of moving. Family first is the rule to follow. You can invite guests later on the day of the housewarming ceremony.
On a day of moving to a new house, setting up a shrine is the top priority.
Make a noise i.e. use a metal bell, singing bowl, or a Tibetan bell to start with fresh energy. The idea is to draw good luck to the new home by knocking all channels of prosperity.

Have the first meal together with all family present in the new home. This meal should be cooked in the new house. It indicates family bonding and harmony forever. Also, do a housewarming ceremony. According to research, children feel loved, safe and secure when such practice is followed in the new home.


 While entering a new home, children in the family should carry their books, flowers, and school trophies with them.


Modern life is not so different, as ritual and procedure in many families continue to harbor very similar traditions while shifting to a new home or apartment as per Vastu.

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Nitien Parmar
Nitien Parmar