Corporate Vastu- creating a work space that works for you.

Vastu is a science of space. Thanks to wide coverage in media, the world is significantly attracted to the Vastu.  The road map to success is paved with tremendous workloads and a 24 x 7 busy work schedule. Life in the corporate world can be exhausting. Business, Long-term or short-term success does not come only from hard work or working extra time. It comes from having the right environment. Your productivity goes more smoothly when your workspace has a better Vastu arrangement. It delivers profound ways to increase wealth potential by exploring five Vastu elements. Vastu analysis helps in identifying the key “power spot” in your office.

It is essential to create an energetic, mood-elevating but relaxing atmosphere in the office space. If your company wants to attract good people, good fortune, more prosperity, and lucrative business opportunities need to work in your working space.

Vastu has played a major role in the success of many richest businessmen in India as well as abroad. Many successful businessmen have their own rituals and beliefs on how Vastu Shastra can bring good fortune, money flow, and success into their business. Vastu makes your path to abundance. You can also minimize the turbulence and other conditions distracting your path to achieve business goals.

Many people ask us why business people request our corporate Vastu services.

Our answer is “they are paying more attention to their energy flow in their business environment in addition to making a more profit.”  If your space is truly aligned, you are now ready to attract new opportunities in business.

Buying a New Office

corporate vastuThere are many things to consider when buying or renting a new office for your business. Is it convenient for your employees, customers, and clients? Does the layout suit your needs? Is there enough parking? But in addition to these considerations, you may also want to ask yourself, “Does this location have good Vastu ?” If you’re an entrepreneur or industrialist, you can’t afford to be without good Vastu.

Fortunately, with authentic Vastu, you can use the principles of these ancient techniques to help you draw more customers or clients to you, create a harmonious working place that attracts business, and build a financial foundation for your life that gives you more control, greater flexibility, and feeling of wonderful achievement.

Renovating or remolding an existing Office

renovating office vastu

According to recent research, the ability to focus is a real challenge for today’s employees. Remodeling your business place and giving it a fresh look will always boost the energy of the owner as well as employees. If people in the office remain happy and energetic, the performance of people will also automatically improve. your business is bound to show an increase in growth.

If you want to improve your business, then it is very important that you give your employees a good and energetic environment to work in. A good workspace improves the working capability and working quality of the employees. A few changes in your space can really make a big difference in the energy of your business location. It brings a harmonious working environment that supports everyone in the office. It brings balance to the natural environment around the entire space.

Vastu-compliant space has the following benefits:-

  • Maximizes opportunities for growth and success.
  • The productivity of employees can skyrocket.
  • Key employees will be super productive.
  • They will be able to focus on all creative, innovative, and challenging work.
  • It will help you to produce innovative ideas.
  • They will be able to work more efficiently with less effort.
  • With Vastu energy, you can perform at your highest every day.
  • It removes barriers from blocking new opportunities.
  • Better Office Vastu Plan has the power to attract even new business clients.
  • It can prevent decision fatigue.
  • It will restore motivation.
  • Happy and optimistic employees are the product of a joyous environment.
  • The company will be able to attract true success instead of chasing success.
  • The company will be fortunate to do the right things at the right time.
  • Good office Vastu arrangement strengthens the bond between people.
  • It helps people to complete the project faster.

Impact of defective Vastu:-

  • It takes lots of time and attention even in a smaller project.
  • People will always miss the deadline for an important job.
  • The employee will find a problem with comfort and productivity.
  • People in the office will feel that their life is out of tune with their goal as well as passion.
  • Employees will feel disconnected from the company goal.
  • The feeling of a tired brain, which can’t generate fresh ideas.
  • There will be more negative work politics at all levels.
  • It could lead to chronic illness and burnout among employees.
  • Difficult co-workers and gossiping.

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Important suggestions  on Corporate Vastu

  • Square and rectangular shapes indicate wholeness and stability. Ensure that the shape of all furniture and cabins is in harmony.
  • Avoid seating arrangement under the overhead beam.
  • Surround your office space with objects and symbols which makes them creative and working happily. A blessing Buddha, table crystals, good luck charms, etc. are called a new energy medicine of the modern-day.
  • Use paintings that depict vitality force, liveliness, spark, tranquility, and harmony in the office environment. A painting of running horses, a water stream, a rising sun, rocky mountains, etc. is a wonderful energy enhancer in any working environment. Specific types of painting and different wavelengths of various colors suggested by Vastu experts influence the mind as well as personal surroundings very positively.
  • Plants produce positive vibrations in any environment. A working environment is a place of productive energy, creativity, and innovation. According to Vastu or even Feng Shui, Jade or spiral bamboo plants are like a money magnet. These plants can be placed in the lobby, reception, and money area of any business location, which are believed to attract prosperity and abundance. They also remove obstacles to financial growth. Placing the right plants at the right location is of utmost importance.  According to scientists, keeping one plant near each computer, Wi-Fi router, and server absorbs harmful radiation.
  • Productive energy cannot flow if there is clutter in your location. It blocks creativity. Messy offices make employees lack direction, less productive, low performance & become physically weak. The old saying” Cluttered desk, cluttered mind” is really true. Clean office and desk makes people more productive & more creative.
  • Sound can be used to improve concentration and focus at work. It is essential for people who are handling multitasking activities. Music brings their mind, body, and soul into harmony.  Read an article Uplift yor space with sound energy

This way you can optimize your space for ultimate business success.

Small things-if, not corrected-become big things, always.

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Nitien Parmar
Nitien Parmar