Space Healing – Energize & Harmonize Your Personal Space

Space Healing – Advance Vastu Techniques


The environment that we live in can contribute to our success, health, and harmony.  Having a healthy and balanced surrounding can bring an abundance of growth and opportunities in life.  Living in a poor environment could be a reason for struggle life. Space healing is a  unique combination of ancient and modern energy alignment techniques. These techniques are practiced to make your body and mind more clear &  awaken. Disease or disharmony strikes, when the energy around you is highly polluted.

You need Space Healing. If you experience following things:-

  • Frequent sickness or illness in the house
  • Disobedient, rebellious, and  unmotivated children’s or Kids
  • Financial worries
  • Misunderstanding and Quarrels between Husband and Wife or between siblings
  • Obstacles and Blockage in the Career
  • Feeling Fatigued, Dull, and Lazy.

Benefits of Space Healing:-

  • Invites healthy energy into your personal space
  • Creates a personal relationship between you and your environment
  • Removes negative influences from your surrounding
  • It creates a happy and  prosperous atmosphere
  • A great benefit is – you can identify opportunities, capitalize on them and, also fulfill your true potential.
  • The feeling of the comfortable, restful, rejuvenating, and energizing environment
  • A secured and protective environment 

Advance Analytical & Evaluation tools:-


Your space is analysed by using Vastu zone charts, Element Charts, Strength Index table, Door Grid, Centre Grid etc.

We also use map dowsing  techniques for long-distance space healing. We use the Lecher antenna, dowsing rod and  dowsing pendulums  as a scanning tools.

Space Zone

Every premise can be divided into five energy zones. These five zones are  Tranquility zone, Liquidity zone, Stability zone, Networking zone, and Balancing zone. Every individual room should be further divided into five sections. To enhance and realign a space, we need to purify and enhance a sector that is affected by negative as well as polluted energy.

space healing Vastu 

Premises healing techniques

Based on the analysis, we use different techniques for space healing for homes or offices.

  • Natural crystals, rocks and, also gems. Crystals are the new environment medicines. Crystals are the bone of mother earth. Crystal has the ability to amplify, transform and balance the flow of life force in your body as well as the surrounding.
    Crystal is the living language of mother Earth. Moreover, they have been used for millennia to heal the mind and body. It brings harmonious vibrations to your personal space. For example, Simply placing a smoky quartz crystal between you and the source of electro-stress can calm the harmful vibrations.
  • Element Paintings, Artwork & Objects.  Artwork or paintings in your home or workspace brings inspiration, coolness, creativity, and also comfort to your personal and work life. A painting around us influences us on a daily basis, whether you realize it or not.
  • Colors (enhances every aspect of life). Colour surrounds us, and each type of color gives off subtle vibrations. For example, If you walk into natural surroundings, you most often feel at peace because there is a balance of colors. However, when you walk into a dark lobby, you feel scared and alone because the color is absent. Negative energy can be cut off by using proper colors. Mostly it is based on the personal element of a person staying there.
  • Plants.  Plants bring nature to your environment. For example, the Bamboo plant can ward off negative thoughts and promotes as well as resilience. Jade plants attract prosperity. Plant instead brings live energy to space.
  • Sound therapy tools. Most importantly, these tools maximize the healing effect of positive energy. Sound tools like Tibetan Om bells or singing bowls are wonderful instruments to bring tranquility to your space.
  • Metal cures.  By using various types of metals like Zinc, Brass, Copper, Silver, Gold, Bronze, lead, etc., space can be realigned or reset to a positive mood. For example, bronze metal in the networking zone improves the networking capabilities and business contacts.

Details for Space Healing Vastu Consultation:-

  •  A floor plan copy with an accurate compass reading.
  •  A site map of the property indicating all roads, surrounding structures.
  •  Photographs of the property required space healing.
  •  Details on surrounding i.e. water body, mountain, hill, religious place, etc.
  •  Details on life challenges, issues, and problems at the current location.
  • Google location

Our Space Healing Vastu Report will cover:-

  •  Status of vibrations prevailing in the space through remote dowsing.
  •  The area which requires space healing.
  •  A report with suggestions as well as recommendations to be implemented at your space. There will be various kinds of energy correcting methods.
  •  Vastu grade chart of your space.

Space Healing Vastu Report Fees:-

Kindly send your house or an office layout plan ( or hand sketch) with your concern or queries to get our consultation quote.

We assure you that all information provided will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.
To get our Space healing report, please contact us or call us on +91-9987140064 (India)

We have provided space healing consultation (part of Vastu consultation)   in countries & cities like Ajman, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Muscat (UAE), London (UK),  Washington, New Jersey, Indianapolis, San Francisco, San Diego, Chicago(USA), Germany, China, Bangkok, Pattaya (Thailand) , Colombo (Sri Lanka), France, South Africa and also  Japan.

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