How to buy a home that would bring a good fortune?

 How to buy a home that would bring good fortune?

If you are in the search of buying a new home or you are desirous of upgrading your existing home to a bigger home, you know you have an important job at hand in the form of a house hunt.

Everyone deserves great things and happiness in life. Whether you believe it or not, every area of life is influenced by Vastu.


Experience the feeling when visiting a property

Those who are attuned to their surroundings are sure to have experienced either a comforting and strong feeling when stepping into a house and they might also have felt anxious or off-balance when entering some other property.  It is pretty common to say, “oh god, this house gives off bad vibes” or “Wow, I love how homey & comfortable this house feels”. Well, this energy you feel is all related to Vastu shastra, which differs from property to property, regardless of price and unit type.


If you are a first-time homebuyer, it is necessary to look for the property that can bring you the utmost comfort, and invite good fortune to the household.

External Surrounding Vastu

External Vastu refers to the external of the house and includes the surrounding open space, water body, and man-made structures such as roads, parks, powerhouse  etc.

park-river-vastuA water feature, like rivers, lakes, swimming pools, fountains at a lower level towards the north and east are considered a strong prosperity booster for the property. Wealth energy is much stronger at such locations. The flow of the surrounding river matters too. Based on the facing of a house, water flowing in or out from a certain direction relative to the house is auspicious.

Park and gardens are breathing space in the urban jungle. Consider buying a space closed to open space with lots of greens. If your garden employs the right Vastu principles, you’ll attract even more positive vibes your way – and it’ll be a beautiful place where you’ll enjoy spending quality time.

The more fresh air you get, the more oxygen you will breathe which will increase the amount of serotonin-a happy hormone you inhale, consequently making you happier.

Front Entrance

Often, the key to good Vastu lies in the location of the front door. Any home gets its energy nourishment through its main door, so you want it to be strong and balanced.

You’ll get the most benefits from auspicious energy when it comes in through the front door located in the auspicious direction. There are 32 zones for the front door, so get the true location of the entrance checked by your expert.

A front entrance that opens clockwise inwards seeks to promote good energy rather than a door that opens anti-clockwise inducing slow progress.

House Layout

According to Vastu, ideal shapes for the house are rectangles or squares. Yet over 75 percent of the modern homes are not perfectly rectangular or square.

The irregular shape creates missing or extended corners in the house. It is important to define and study the impact of the same before making a buying decision. Missing corners can be energetically anchored by using plants, artwork, symbols, or space healing crystals,

House with an extension towards the northeast attracts multiple opportunities in life. Those staying in such homes have experienced tremendous growth in their lives.

The kitchen in the house represents nourishment and prosperity. Well-balanced five elements (Fire-stove, Water-sink, Wind-Plants, Space-Centre of kitchen & earth-heavy storage) in the kitchen create balanced energy.  When the kitchen is in the auspicious zone, you lift the energy of the house— and everything you cook — in the most prosperous way.

A location of bedrooms in the house should offer peaceful, relaxing, and balanced vibrations. The bedroom is one of the most private spaces in the home. You spend a great amount of time sleeping in bed.

A spacious room with large windows creates balanced & harmonious energy. A new home should be designed in such a way that the sleeping directions are followed according to Vastu. Head towards the east or south while sleeping is considered relaxing and healthy directions.

The master bedroom should be located in the southwest zone of the house, as this is considered a place of dominance. It brings strength and stability for the house owner.

The location of the bathroom in the specific zone is highly challenging for modern constructions. This space can easily create and store negative energy. There are certainly better or worst locations in your home to have this space as per Vastu rules. Bathrooms should be avoided in tranquility, prosperity, and stability zones.

Get a sunshine vitamin- A house with exposure to early morning sun rays helps you to increase your happiness, achieve better sleep, boost your immunity, regulate your hormones and improve your bone health.sun-vastu

In addition to the above, a kid’s room, study area, prayer area, etc. should be considered while making a plan for a new home.

Hence, the property’s surroundings and its external environment, as well as the layout of the house, are key factors in determining the energy of the property.

Everyone wants a little extra luck in their life and Vastu is a positive force inviting great luck.  It enhances your vitality, your finances, your career, and every sector of your life. It is impossible to live a great life without positive forces.


Vastu score of a house

The simple rule is that when the Vastu rating of the house is B++, A, or A+, you will find more comfort, luxuries, and wealth in life.

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Nitien Parmar
Nitien Parmar