Choose the Best Colours (Color) for Your Office

Choose the Best Colours for Office As Per Vastu Shastra

Have you ever wondered how color affects your performance?


Choosing the most suitable shade for your professional space can be tough when there are few alternatives. It is essential to pick a balanced color palette for your workspace layout, as it can encourage people to work productively.

The shades and hues of the working environment are known to have an influence on feelings, opinions, and emotions. As a result, selecting a proper palette of colors can be just as significant as finding the ideal staff members. Studies have shown that the correct color scheme can keep your employees inspired, lively, and encouraged. Furthermore, it helps them remain calm but imaginative when tackling fresh tasks.

Setting up the working area with the right layout and color palette is essential in order to create the right atmosphere. It’s important to choose the correct colors to not only boost productivity but also make a good impression on clients and other visitors.

When creating a space, it is important to take into account colour combinations as they can significantly influence the atmosphere of the entire area.

Vastu Elements & Colours For Office

According to Vastu, each of the five elements – Water, Fire, Earth, Wind, and Space – is assigned a certain color and direction that can have a profound impact on the atmosphere in your workspace.

1st Element – Fire

Fire is an incredibly powerful Vastu element, signifying immense energy and velocity. Shades of red, purple, and pink are associated with Fire, and are perfect for use in office settings. Such vibrant hues can be a great choice for the accounts, IT, and design departments to enliven the atmosphere.

Use Fire colors to add a spark of vitality and passion to your business.

2nd Element – Earth

The colors related to the Vastu element of earth – yellow, gold, and tan – signify firmness and nourishment. These hues are suitable for the offices of the CEO, Managing Director, and important members of the team.

Earth colours are also appropriate when the going gets tough and you need to steady your business nerves.

3rd Element – Wind

North-west is the direction of the wind element. This element represents traveling, networking, and marketing activities. Its color are blue, silver, and white. These colors are especially important when you’re making a marketing push to increase your product’s visibility.

Did you know that blue is the favorite colour for offices? No wonder so many office designs incorporate blue into their schemes to gain success in their marketing efforts.

4th Element – Space

Having a space element at the core of any space and using white as its color is viewed as a symbol of centralized control. It is believed to create a balance between the other four elements that are in the area.

5th Element – Water

The northeast corner of any room is typically where water elements are placed. This is believed to represent the flow of money and the creative spirit. It is also considered a symbol of calmness in Vastu. The colors typically associated with water are dark blue and silver.

Watercolors are wonderful if you’re in a creative field where ideas need to flow freely.   So it’s a great colour to utilize when you need to get your creative juices flowing.

Therefore, before finalizing the colour it is important to understand the size of the office, various functions, departments, and also the organization’s culture. It should not make people feel unwelcome.

Orange – Color of nourishment

Orange is associated with food and warmth. It is the best choice for the pantry and dining area in the office. This is an energetic colour as it invokes a feeling of warm and sunny days.

Grey – Depressive Colour

Grey is a depressing colour. Avoid this colour in open offices as well as personal cabins. It diminishes confidence. Grey should be strictly limited to bathrooms and storage spaces.

Red – Stimulating Colour for office

Red is believed to increase brain activity. It is commonly used in the design and development of new products, but it is important to be aware that too much of it could be overstimulating. Red is well-suited for places where there is a lot of physical activity.

Green – A Creative Colour For Office

Another calming, popular colour for workspace design is green. Use green in various shades throughout the office. Green increases creative performance. It inspires innovation and brings fresh ideas. It reduces eye strain when you are working on the computer for a longer period of time. Use green shade where maximum computers and servers are installed.

Green is a colour of nature. It offers tranquility, rejuvenation, and new life. It sparks creativity in an organization. Green along with lemon yellow are the best colors when you are working on new projects or design portfolios. Incorporating green into the workplace can be advantageous because it counteracts the harsh reflections from digital screens, which can cause visual fatigue. Additionally, it can help to alleviate stress.

White – A Colour Of Freshness

White is a sign of purity and holiness. It also symbolizes neatness, freshness, and plainness. It is a great choice for both dark areas and ceilings.

Use white to make rooms seem larger and more spacious. Good colour for the conference room and lobby.

Yellow –  A Colour Of Money

The colour yellow is often associated with financial matters and accounts, as it is believed to stimulate money-related activities. In addition, it is known to bring joy and radiance, making it a truly delightful colour. Yellow should be used in moderation. Whilst it promotes optimism and innovation, due to its association with emotion, too much yellow should be avoided as could provoke unwanted anxiety.

Purple – Female Energy

The colour purple is seen as having a feminine energy. Most suitable in a place where large numbers of female employees are working. This colour indicates richness and royalty.

Blue – For Communication

Blue is an excellent colour for brainstorming spaces like marketing and business promotion areas.  It supports clear communication in the organization.

Black – Colour Of Grief

Black represents depression and grief. It dampens the mood. Avoid this colour in the office environment. Since black absorbs light, it is a low-energy colour.

Brown – Colour For Hardwork 

Brown is a colour of the structure. It relates to the hardworking, industrious, and reliable. Use brown colour in the key people zone.

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Nitien Parmar
Nitien Parmar