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Home, your private environment should support the love, joy, success, and peace that you desire in your life. These are the best vitamins in life gifted by universes. Living in harmony with yourself is a lot easier than you think.

Vastu fine-tunes those areas which are not in harmony with our goals. Vastu offers several approaches to making these alignments in our life aspirations. Your physical environment affects you continuously in all sectors of your life.

A case study on an apartment plan sent by the client from Moscow, Russia

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Vastu findings of the above apartment at Moscow, Russia

ParticularVastu zoneEffect
Front EntranceSEE ZoneRichness
Principle BedroomEarth ZoneStability
KitchenTranqility zoneTranquility zone
Centre of the houseBrahmasthanImbalance
Bedroom -1WindzoneGood for guest
Bedroom-3SEE ZoneGood for girl child
Bathroom Kuber ZoneImpacts finances
shape of the houseWind zoneEarth Extension

About the vastu Corrections:-

  • Let’s dispel the big Vastu myths. Most existing homes and prefabricated buildings do not require extensive demolition or reconstruction for Vastu modifications.
  • The advantage of Vastu is that by incorporating simple but effective changes, you can reap the benefits of Vastu that can make a huge difference in your life. Vastu is not a religion. Setting things right and balancing these five elements of Vastu is pure vibrational science. i.e.Earth, fire, water, space, and air.

Vastu Axis

vastu vastu consultant

Spiritual Axis- Posiitve

Health Axis- Positive

Wealth Axis-Positive

Vastu Recommendations for an apartment in Moscow, Russia:-

  • Use more wood material instead of metal at the entrance
  • Place 27 prosperity bronze coins in the bowl near the gate. Ancient coins are traditional magnets that are considered good to attract wealth and prosperity. According to Vastu, the house entrance is the right place to keep the bronze coins. This invites wealth luck to travel and flow into your home.
  • Write your house name in a copper effect or copper shade.
  • Rectify the center of the house by fixing a bamboo painting in a cork material.
  • Enhance the southeast with the fire crystals to activate fire elements.
  • Introduce endless path painting on the north wall to remove defects related to the bathroom. One of the easiest ways to create harmony and positive vibes around you is to introduce Vastu artwork and paintings into your home. Vastu paintings utilize various energies through the images they represent and their placement within the home. Read the article on paintings and artwork as per Vastu
  • Use silver or white shades in the cooking zone to reduce the negative impact of the kitchen in the northeast.
  • Place mirrors and study desks in each bedroom as per the directions provided in the detailed Vastu report. Mirrors are incredibly valuable in Vastu design, as they can be utilized in a variety of ways to meet a variety of needs. However, it’s important to note that not all mirrors are equally effective, and using one of the wrong shapes or directions could potentially do more harm than good. In Vastu Shastra design they are also known as Asprin.
  • Use colors in each room of the house as per the color chart given in the Vastu report. The colors used in Vastu represent the five natural elements: fire, earth, space, water, and wind. These elements control the flow of positive and negative energy. Each represents a specific color. Therefore, it must always be balanced to create a stable atmosphere. Read the article on the significance of colous as per Vastu Shastra

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